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Ludella Hahn Interview


Photos by Evan Smith.
Corset and ruffle panties: What Katie Did
Bra and garterbelt: Kiss Me Deadly
(All available at
Gloves and Neck corset: Karen Von Oppen

This interview and pictorial was feature in the 2 Year Anniversary Issue of Sinical Magazine. Print copies can be ordered here. Later this year, look for Ludella Hahn on the cover of our first fiction book release.

Sinical Magazine: What was the first magazine or image you saw that made you want to start modeling?

Ludella Hahn: I can't specifically remember the image that made me first want to model, but I do remember the model that made want to take modeling seriously. I remember seeing multiple beautiful images of the deliciously curvy Jami Deadly online. Seeing someone who was not the typical tall and thin fashion model creating such gorgeous images and modeling for various retro clothing designers opened my eyes to the opportunities that a girl with curves actually had. I never thought I could be a model because I’m only 5’2” and have a voluptuous derriere, but when I saw her making it, I realized that I could too, potentially.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in modeling?

Ludella Hahn: I started with fetish modeling at the end of 2006 as a source of income in between jobs while I was in college. I remember making a modelmayhem account, but I honestly can't remember how I discovered that site. I was only modeling once or twice a month at most the first couple of years as it was just for some pocket money, but in 2009 I started building and focusing more on my portfolio. I kept getting requests to do pinup, so that was around the time I decided to take modeling more seriously with pinup as my niche. I was still in school and still working, but after graduating and the lease on my apartment in Portland, Maine ran out, I moved down to Boston in April of 2011 with my now husband Evan Smith and began modeling full-time.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

Ludella Hahn: Creativity and personality. I think people have a greater impact when they are honing in on their own strengths instead of trying to replicate someone else's.


Sinical Magazine: What do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Ludella Hahn: Emotion. Art should arouse some kind of feeling from the viewer.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to working with photographers?

Ludella Hahn: A lack of manners is generally a pet peeve.

Sinical Magazine: You have travelled quite a bit for photo shoots and performances. What is the most interesting that has happened during a trip?

Ludella Hahn: As far as travels go, I was once locked inside a basilica in Italy by accident. I was with my sister and a friend of hers and they didn’t notice we were still in there when they locked up for closing. Luckily the caretaker hadn’t left yet and we were able to get out.


Sinical Magazine: What has been your favorite city to visit?

Ludella Hahn: Rome, though that was for my honeymoon. It’s incredibly romantic, and there is so much history to be absorbed. I am a Classics Major though, so perhaps I have a biased opinion.

Sinical Magazine: You often wear girdles and stockings in your shoots? Are these some of your clothing fetishes?

Ludella Hahn: Yes, I have a fetish for legwear. I love shiny pantyhose, knee and ankle socks, legwarmers, ff stockings, girdles, garterbelts, and high heels. I also have a thing for bodysuits.

Sinical Magazine: who are some of your favorite designers?

Ludella Hahn: I adore working for Heartbreaker. They carry such a variety of vintage-inspired clothing from cute and sweet to more glamorous looks. I am also a major fan of Vengeance Designs and Dawnamatrix for their innovation in latex design.




Sinical Magazine: When did you become interested in performing burlesque?

Ludella Hahn: I first became interested when I was in high school and first saw Moulin Rouge to be perfectly honest. I didn't pursue it until 2009 when I discovered that there was a burlesque scene in Maine, where I was still living at the time.

Sinical Magazine: How much preparation goes into your performances?

Ludella Hahn: It depends on the performance. I've done some improv-styled shows where you can't really prepare outside of costuming because you don't know how the music will sound, and I also have my "set" acts that have a lot more prep and time involved, usually do to the costuming. Most of my costumes are never finished because I keep wanting to add more rhinestones and embellishments and am constantly upgrading. Acts can be the same way. You learn what works and what doesn't work the more you do them, and then make modifications accordingly.

Sinical Magazine: What is the burlesque/fetish scene like in Boston?

Ludella Hahn: There are a couple of regular fetish nights. I haven't had a chance to attend too many of them due to my erratic schedule though. As for burlesque, there are a few prevalent troupes in Boston, but not as much opportunity for solo performers such as myself, so I tend to perform more in NYC.




Sinical Magazine: Congratulations on landing the covers of several magazines in the past year. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

Ludella Hahn: Thank you. My advice would be to be yourself. Learn your strengths and cater to them. Also, remember to be considerate and respectful. Professionalism goes a long way.

Sinical Magazine: What's up next for you, this year?

Ludella Hahn: A lot of travel. I have more features and projects in the works, but I keep it a policy to not peep until complete. Once completed, and will be the first places I'll post said mysterious projects.


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