Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Marcy Horror Interview

Photo by: Jade Noir
Wardrobe by: Jupiter Moon 3

Name: Marcy Horror.

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida.

Current Location: San Antonio, Texas.

Height: 5’3’’ 


Bust: 34.

Shoe Size: 7.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Eye Color: Green (most of the time.)

Current Hair Color: Blonde. 


LAURA: How did you get the name Marcy Horror?

MARCY HORROR: I have an undying love for all things creepy, scary, ghoulish, dark, morbid… etc!

LAURA: You have been modeling for a while now. What got you interested in modeling?

MARCY HORROR: Seeing that alternative women could be models fueled my desire to look into the industry. Being fairly timid and shy, I was fortunate enough to have a boyfriend (now my husband), who saw my potential, pushed me, and gave me great encouragement to pursue this desire.

LAURA: Who is your favorite photographer?

MARCY HORROR: Oh dear… this could take a while... to be short, Redrum Collaboration, 666 Photography, and Danger Ninja Productions are all some I highly admire and would one day love the opportunity to collaborate with. Locally, I have been blessed to work with the fabulous Jade Noir, and recently Stretch Photo and Raven Red Photography.


Photo by: Raven Red.

LAURA: Have you ever bad experience with a photographer?

MARCY HORROR: YES. I’ll leave it at that. 

LAURA: What are your obsessions?

MARCY HORROR: Horror (movies, literature, memorabilia), McDonalds’ sweet tea, hearses, clothes and the color pink. 

LAURA: Do you have a favorite designer?

MARCY HORROR: Just like photographers, there are SO many amazing designers that have created clothes I have drooled over, but Jupiter Moon 3 ( is my number one pick. Not only is she a very talented designer, but she has also become a good personal friend.


Photo by: Stretch Photo.
Wardrobe by: Jupiter Moon 3.

LAURA: What magazines have we seen you in?

MARCY HORROR: My first publication was a small group photo in an article about The Dallas Burlesque Fest in Pin Up Perfection Issue 6. I have also been published in Bella Morte Issue 4, and a few Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets advertisements.  There are also a few other publications that will be released over summer, and that are in the works!

LAURA: What are your goals to achieve in modeling?

MARCY HORROR: I just want to play dress up, meet amazing artists, and have fun.

LAURA: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

MARCY HORROR: Thank you for ALL your support! XoXoX

LAURA: Do you have a website? If so tell us about it.

MARCY HORROR: Facebook is what I use most often! Like me at:

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