Thursday, 18 January 2018

Dynamite Dames Photography Interview



Model: Flossie Carmichael.


LC: Laura Clemons

DD: Dynamite Dames Photography



LC: What drew you to pin-up photography?

DD: I've actually loved pinup since my teens. I used to collect books, cut them up and decopauge everything! (Furniture, wall hangings, you name it!) I've also been living a vintage/retro lifestyle since I was 18 or so. From music, to clothing, to housewares, etc. The love for the culture has always drawn me to pinup.


LC: What kind of camera/film do you use?

DD: CANON! I do love Film too ;)


LC: Are you self-taught or did you go to school for photography?

DD: Both. I have taken classes in highschool, and college, but mostly film. I converted over to digital in 2007.


LC: What are your visual obsessions?

DD: Hmmm. Thats a tough one. Really, anything that just catches my eye or appeals to me. It tends to be various things.


LC: Do you touch up your photos?

DD: Yes, but not extensively. Being trained mainly in film I have always been drawn to things as they are. However, I am all about getting rid of the unwanted things (scars, bruises, etc).


LC: Who are your inspirations?

DD: I have many... I love love love Bernard of Hollywood, such an amazing photographer. I also love the work of 666 photography, Roy Varga, Shannon Brooke, and so many other modern photographers. There is so much talent floating around! It's awesome!


LC: Is there a certain model you would like to work with?

DD: Honestly, theres a lot I would love to work with, but no one in particular.


LC: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to models?

DD: Being on time. Being respectful to photographers and makeup and hair. The way you treat them will reflect in the end product. And, makes for folks not wanting to continue to work with you.


LC: Have you been able to maintain a living from photography or is it more of a hobby?

DD: It is my living ;) I have been blessed enough that I keep busy and also get to travel with it!


LC: Do you have a website or any photography packages? If so, please tell us about it.

DD: I have a website that is under construction, hopefully due up in a month or so. Also,


- Laura Clemons
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