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Kendra James Interview



Kendra James is a fetish and bondage model, fetish pornstar, and Dominatrix.This interview was featured in Sinical #12. Print copies can be purchased here.

Photography by Danny Stygion.

Sinical Magazine: Where are you from and where are you currently located?

Kendra James: I grew up outside of San Francisco, CA. I’ve moved around a lot and currently live in Miami, FL, but will always consider San Francisco “home”. I also travel a great deal to Los Angeles and consider it my second home.

Sinical Magazine: When did you first realize you were into kink?

Kendra James: I think I was about 15 or 16. The guy I was dating pulled out leather cuffs and a flogger one night and suggested he tie me up. I was nervous, but it sounded like fun and oh boy, was it!. After that I got in touch with my pervy side and would seek out others to play with! The goth clubs were full of people wanting to explore their fantasies as well, and within a couple years (after turning 18), I found a local dungeon to work in where I learned from some of the best dommes San Francisco had to offer.



Sinical Magazine: Do you remember the first fetish magazine or book you came across?

Kendra James: Yes! At 14 a friend of mine gave me Story Of The Eye to read. It was so graphic and disturbing and yet so incredibly sexy and erotic. I believe that book had a major impact on how I viewed sexuality and fetish and looking back it was my door into kink. Then when I was about 17 a friend of mine worked at a comic book shop. I’d go in after school, hang out, harass customers and browse through all of the books and magazines they had. One day I came across Skin Two Magazine. The cover was a woman in an incredible latex catsuit grabbing her inflatable boobs and winking at the camera through a hood. I wanted to be her! I wanted skin tight slinky outfits like that! Soon enough I discovered where to purchase latex and my wardrobe quickly grew. My prom dress was actually latex! A while later my roommate turned me onto Anais Nin and I still think her books are the most erotic literature out there.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in fetish modeling?

Kendra James: Like I said, I found a local dungeon in San Francisco to work in and some of the other women there also modeled. I was introduced to photographers, models and the beginning of kinky websites. San Francisco was such a mecca of kink in the late 1990’s and there were so many fantastic people to work with. It wasn’t difficult to get in touch with amazing photographers once you were in the goth/ fetish scene. The scene was still pretty intimate.



Sinical Magazine: How did you fetish modeling evolve into fetish video work?

Kendra James: Everything changes and evolves. Photographers moved from film to digital photos to video as the demand for it rose and as websites started to take off. Of course one of the largest and most influential fetish companies in the world is based in San Francisco and they were on the forefront of video and the digital age. Working for years ago I didn’t realize how ahead of the time they were. From the beginning they primarily shot video and I guess I thought everyone did it that way. The way they did/ do business influenced me a great deal and I learned a lot working for them. Most people don’t realize that I not only was one of their models, but I was also an employee for a couple years. If you look back at pictures from hogtied, wiredpussy and whippedass between 2000 and 2003 they were taken by me and much of the video was edited by me.

Sinical Magazine: When did you first launch

Kendra James: It was launched in 2007. I wasn’t sure if I wanted one, but figured if nothing else it was a good promotional tool. I love doing it, but it’s definitely a challenge and a beast to keep up with sometimes!


Sinical Magazine: How much content is on your site?

Kendra James: I have no idea! I rotate older videos and photo sets out, but at any given time there are 20+ videos and 30+ photo sets available. I also have a couple clips4sale stores which are separate fetishes and categories than my site. My site is very glamour, latex fetish, bondage and sexy girl/ girl based whereas my clips stores are femdom and super heroine based.

Sinical Magazine: You’ve appeared in both bondage and female domination videos. Are you more submissive or Dominant?

Kendra James: I like them both. When I sub, it’s not really subbing, but more bottoming. I’m very strong willed and opinionated and don’t play submissive very well, but I do like the sensations, being bound and giving up control once in a while. The difference between subbing and bottoming to me is physical vs mental. I don’t mentally or emotionally submit, but I do like getting tied up and spanked and physically experiencing that. I also like topping and feeling like I’m completely in control...especially with men!


Sinical Magazine: Do you offer private Domination sessions?

Kendra James: Not so much anymore. My first job in the adult industry was as a pro dom, but as time has gone on I find I prefer to be in front of the camera. Having done sessions and experienced being a pro dom definitely gives me an advantage when shooting fem dom videos. I learned a lot from the other doms I worked with and have real life experience which many video doms do not. Once in a while I take double sessions with my friends, but one on one I don’t offer much anymore.

Sinical Magazine: You have shot material for What was it like working with the Jim Weathers?

Kendra James: The first couple times I shot with Jim I was really nervous and intimidated. He’s so iconic in this industry and such a fabulous rigger and photographer. I didn’t know what to expect and I’d heard he was really picky. Now he and his wife are great friends of mine and when we shoot it’s very relaxed. I know Julie (his wife) will make me look beautiful and Jim will capture something special with is photography. There are days I want to scream at him (and think I have) because he doesn’t think his light is perfect enough or he doesn’t care for the makeup so we have to spend time changing and fixing things, but the result is always stunning.




Sinical Magazine: How do you think the fetish scene has evolved since you started modeling?

Kendra James: It’s so much more accessible! People are much more open about their fetishes and parties and events pop up all over the place. Even wardrobe - latex, corset, leather - is much easier to find. A few years ago there were only a handful of designers making it and you had to know where to go to find it. Now you can search etsy for latex and a million interesting and unique designers pop up. Modeling is also much easier. Cameras are cheap, web design is cheap and photoshop can turn a so so picture into a great photo. The internet has opened the door for anyone to join. That probably makes me sound so old, but really when I started there were fewer companies, models and designers and if you didn’t live in a large metropolitan area it was hard to find out who to contact and work for or where the events were held.

Sinical Magazine: Why do you think certain models last in the fetish modeling industry while others just seem to fade away?

Kendra James: You have to enjoy it. You can’t get tied up constantly, subject your mind and body to something like this, pay for all of the fabulous clothes and shoes and deal with rejection unless you really enjoy it. It’s more difficult than people realize and some girls don’t find that out until after they’ve started. It’s not just a quick buck, it’s time and  effort and constant work. Some girls get tired of it quickly and some realize it’s just not for them.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your clothing fetishes?

Kendra James: I love latex! It’s tight, shiny and feels so good! Lately I’ve also been really into pantyhose, I’m not sure why. They’re just so sexy. My pantyhose collection has grown a little bit over the last few months.

Sinical Magazine: Are you working on any new projects or will you be appearing at any events in 2014?

Kendra James: I’m forever shooting for my site and working on my super heroine clips store. So far I have no events planned, but that seems to change very quickly. Of course I’ll be at Fetish Con Tampa August 2014 and hopefully Comic Con San Diego, but those seem so far away! I’m also DanniGirl of the month right now on and get a Penthouse necklace. Being primarily a fetish model, I’m really excited to be recognized by a much more mainstream site! 


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