Thursday, 23 November 2017

New iPad App for Cats

I always heard that NECESSITY was the mother of invention.

MOGULite dishes out the whole fishy story: "Nestle Purina Petcare CEO Patrick McGinnis may have just solidified his legacy. After his company nabbed the top spot for Best Work-Life Balance, according to career analysis group Glassdoor, it’s now unveiled what may be, hands-down the world’s cutest collection of iPad apps (okay, this is our subjective opinion, but still). The three games that Purina brand Friskies has unveiled are designed for cats and mostly involve swirling images and colors. While this may not seem particularly remarkable on its face, the video of cats actually enjoying the games is not to be missed and may cause a cutesplosion. Amazingly enough, Friskies is the first cat food company to unveil this type of iPad app, according to Mashable — although we’re sure that numerous clones will now proliferate."

I believe that elephants should have an iPad app too.


Anti-retroviral drugs "help reduce" HIV transmission

There's nothing funny about AIDS... Now it's time to start raw doggin' again! Yee haw!

BBC had this to say: "An HIV-positive person who takes anti-retroviral drugs after diagnosis, rather than when their health declines, can cut the risk of spreading the virus to uninfected partners by 96%, according to a study."

I know everyone expects mindless derision and satire from me, but seriously... AIDS is no joking matter.

Drugs can reduce the risk of HIV spreading.

BBC means big black cocks... There it is!


Paying for it: a comic-strip memoir about being a john

Finally!  A comic worthy of becoming a movie.

NPR turns the trick: "It's not that getting dumped by his girlfriend soured Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown on the notion of romantic love, exactly. Because to sour on something, one would have to, at some point, feel strongly about it. And given the facts on evidence in Brown's latest autobiographical comic, the guy's not much for strong emotion. No, the Chester Brown we glimpse through the tiny black and white panels the artist arranges with such exacting precision is a creature of intellect. His approach to sex, in the wake of his girlfriend's rejection, is one of cool logic, dispassionate conclusions — and some very literal cost-to-benefit ratios.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say "price-to-benefit" ratios, as Paying For Itis a memoir of Brown's experiences with prostitutes over the course of the last 14 years. There are a great many of these trysts, each one making up a separate chapter. Brown alternates these explicit but entirely unerotic depictions of sex with scenes of himself in conversation with his cartoonist friends about his prostitution habit."



Happy endings here!


Internet Pirates Beware! Biggest BitTorrent case in U.S. History!

John Rambo says, "They drew first blood."  My friend Steve says, "Fuckin Stallone... they should pay us to watch the new Stallone flick!"

Wired reports: "At least 23,000 file sharers soon will likely get notified they are being sued for downloading the Expendables in what has become the single largest illegal-BitTorrent-downloading case in U.S. history.

A federal judge in the case has agreed to allow the U.S. Copyright Group to subpoena internet service providers to find out the identity of everybody who had illegally downloaded (.pdf) the 2010 Sylvester Stallone flick — meaning the number of defendants is likely to dramatically increase as new purloiners are discovered. Once an ISP gets the subpoena, it usually notifies the account holder that his or her subscriber information is being turned over to the Copyright Group, which last year pioneered the practice of suing BitTorrent downloaders in the United States.

Subpoenas are expected to go out this week."

Schwarzenegger has better one-liners anyways.

Read the whole sad story here.




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