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Sinical May 2016 Issue is now available!

Photo by Moritz Maibaum
Model: Luciana Lou


Sinical May 2016 Issue. Featuring: Luciana Lou, General Leigh, Dorian Dane, Marion Massacre, Sara Scarlet, and Troys-Seducement.

PRINT EDITION. 44 PAGES. - $19.99.

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Luciana Lou cover edition.

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General Leigh cover edition.

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Model, Makeup & Hair/Model - General Leigh
Photographer/Styling- Jellyfish Jones
Latex- Vital Vein Fashion


Model, MUA: Dorian Dane
Photographer: Mentel Candy
Wardrobe: Syren Latex & Ellie Shoes


Model: Marion Massacre
Photo by Shannon Brooke
MUAH: Jennifer Corona


Model: Sara Scarlet
Photographer: Paige Addams
Styling: Vollers Corsets


Model, MUA, Hair, Styling: Troys-Seducement
Photo, Editing: AnathCemetery Fotografie
Location: Klettwitz Antik
Assistants: Troclate Art, Hartmut Hennig
Lingerie: Lise Charmel
Corset: Royal Black Couture
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana


Sinical April 2016 Issue is now available!

Model, make-up, hair - October Divine
Photography - Magic Owen Photography
Hair Colour - Kevin Murphy Pink Colour Bug
Bra - Carapace London
Ears harness - Fleet Ilya

Sinical April 2016 issue. Featuring: October Divine, Miss Miranda, Emily Astrom, Olivia Dantes, Elodie Hernandez, and Sexploration column by Kimber Fox.


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Miss Miranda cover edition

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October Divine cover edition

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Photography by Richard Marz
Model, Hair, makeup and wardrobe styling by Miss Miranda
Lingerie by Agent Provocateur, gloves by Lux Tenebrae


Model: Emily Astrom
Photos by Ricardo Reyes
Latex by Pandora Deluxe
Lingerie by Wellfitting


Photo & Hair by Marilee Caruso
Model, Make-up by Oliva Dantes


Model: Elodia Hernandez
Photographer : Villainess Photography
MUA : Lena Doryn


Sinical March 2016 is now available

Model: Annalee Belle
Photographer: Tolga Katas
Assistant: Phil Edelstein
Hair: Candice Marie
Makeup/Hair: Keely Zelanka
Wardrobe Stylist: Angela Ryan
Latex: Vital Vein, Renee Masoomian, Jessamyne Rose
Leather: Mother of London
Location: Dapper Industries


Sinical March 2016 issue. Featuring: Annalee Belle, Roxi D'Lite, Evilyn 13. Goldie Golden, July Shine, and Pandalie.


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Annalee Belle cover edition 

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Roxi D'Lite cover edition 

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Model: Roxi D'Lite
Photographer: www.dmrdepictions.com  
Lingerie: www.Babylikestopony.com



Model: Goldie Golden
Photo: Shannon Brooke
Makeup and Hair: Jennifer Corona



Model/Muah/Wardrobe: Pandalie
Photographer: Nathalie Holmberg of Fractal Fashion Photography
Corset: Viola Lahger


Model: Evilyn 13
Image by Seductive Lens Photography
Black bra/panty set by Bondinage
Red catsuit by Libidex


Model: July Shine
Photo by Peter Czernich
Make-up by Angi Delrey
Outfit by Bondinage


The Hose Knows: Nylon Fetishism


Hair and make-up/Model: Roxy VyxSins of Her Sins Burlesque and Cabaret
Photographer: Steve Dement Photography

This article was featured in Sinical #21 in Kimber Fox's Sexploration column.


Imagine being able to put on a piece of material that is able to transform the wearer all together; something that can give you a silky, smooth look to your body. Most scars, bumps, wrinkles, marks, or any type of flaw normally visible, vanishes when this magical material is applied. What is it you might ask?! Sit right down, and let’s begin the story of Nylon and fetishism.

Stockings, thigh highs, pantyhose, tights, encasements, sheer, opaque, lined, colored, reinforced, peep toe, fully fashioned stockings, the list goes on and on, but these are the main forms of corrective garments popular not only in today’s fashion culture but in the fetish culture as well. Even though Stockings and Pantyhose are very similar, they have slight differences. According to Webster Dictionary, a stocking is a closed fit knit that covers the feet and legs but leaves the genital region exposed whereas pantyhose are a one piece knitted garment that covers the feet, legs, and waist and has direct contact with the genitals. Smithsonian Magazine notes that stockings first came about in the 15th century when Englishman William Lee created the first knitting machine. The first stockings were made of cotton, lycra, silk, wool, or a combination of some sort. During this time period, it was very common for men to also wear stockings with their outfits. With centuries of design work behind it, the world of hosiery changed forever with the invention of Polymer 6.6, better known as Nylon, in 1935 by William Carothers. A few years later in 1939, a chemical company, DuPont, started production on the first nylons stockings to be sold in 1940. On the first day, 72,000 pairs were sold, which doesn’t compare to the 64 million pairs of stockings sold that first year! Unfortunately, during WWII materials were so scarce, the production of stockings had to stop so the Nylon could instead be used to make parachutes, ropes, and more. Between this and the creation of pantyhose and tights in the 1960s, stockings seemed to be making their way out of fashion cultures, but if you look around today, nylon hosiery is hotter than ever.




Nylons in themselves are a fetish but are also closely interwoven with other fetishes. Some of the other fetishes that can involve the use of nylon hosiery may include, but are not limited to, sissification, humiliation, foot play, encasements, cross-dressing, exhibitionism, body worship, shoe worship, and BDSM! It is hard to resist the silky, smooth, look and feel of nylons. They can make almost any flaw vanish, shape the wearer’s body, and provide a healthy glow for any gender. With so many ways to enjoy nylons, it’s easy to find something arousing for you and your partner to enjoy, but first, try exploring nylons alone to really get comfortable with them. Try them on, wear them under clothes, masturbate with them, admire yourself in them, cook in them, or whatever you feel inclined to do!

There are so many different ways to express a nylon fetish. Footsies in public are a cute way to play without anyone noticing. Rub your leg or foot up and down your partner’s body so they can feel how smooth your body is in the hosiery. You can really get heated in public this way. If you are interest in humiliation, making your male partner buy hosiery in public can be arousing as well as making them walk around in public with the hose on. These are also great ideas for exhibitionist! Another fun thing to do if you’re interested in nylons, as well as feet, would be a foot job. Stimulating your partner by rubbing the nylons against their member creates a very pleasant response! The smoothness of the nylons help your feet glide up and down with ease while the silkiness provides light sensation play. If both parties are feeling even more adventurous, you can add sensory deprivation to the list of fun. If you have extra nylons near by, that you don’t mind stretching out, you can blindfold your partner, then tease them by rubbing your nylons all over them. This will heighten your partner’s senses as they patiently wait in anticipation for you to caress them with your nylons. Looking for even more spice? Try using the hosiery as bondage restraints and/or a gag! Female Tops can also incorporate nylons into the bedroom. If you use a strapless strap-on to penetrate or peg your partner, try cutting a hole in your pantyhose to provide a little extra support to help keep everything in place. There are even nylon body encasements that are fun to play with. Encasements create light sensory deprivation, add pressure to the body, can restrict movement, and more. Depending on the level of experience, comfort, and consent, you could also shower with an encasement on to add airplay to the scene.
Even though nylons are meant to be corrective in a flattering way, Dominants may use nylons during a sissification or humiliation scene to alter their submissive’s body in a degrading and consensual way. The fun doesn’t stop when a release occurs; it can be just as exhilarating watching bodily fluids seep through the nylon material! There are so many wonderful ways to explore the fetishism of nylons so don’t be afraid to try out new things. Each person with an interest in nylons will express it in a unique way so remember to stay open to communication to find a happy medium.




When owning any type of hosiery, it’s important to know how to properly care for and clean your garments to prolong their life. A fun and easy way to make sure your stockings and hose get washed would be to incorporate washing them into a ritual of some sort: washing them after every scene, on every Tuesday, on every full moon, etc. If you’re the Top in this situation, decide when and how your submissive will clean and care for the hosiery to implement this ritual. Test a few things out to see what way works best for both partners.


1. Wash by hand! Yes it is tedious but your hose will thank you for it.
2. If you have gloves, use them. Remove any jewelry on your hands and wrists. Also trim your nails; fingernails can cause snags and ladders. Oh no!
3. Place your hosiery inside out in luke warm water with a mild detergent.

4. Swirl the hose around to submerge them all the way. Try not to rub the hose together too much, as it can cause runs and tears. Let them sit for a few minutes before rinsing them out with cold water.
5. Place the hosiery on a towel to pat dry before hanging them onto a drying rack or your shower rod. Trying to ring them out can cause your nylons to lose their shape.
6. Make sure to store your hosiery in a safe, dry place to help avoid snags and other rips.


1. Don’t be afraid to spend money on your hosiery! You will get more wear out of them than cheap hose.
2. Apply lotion or a smoothing cream to avoid snags from dry skin! Also wear gloves when putting your nylons on to reduce tears.
3. Most stockings are made with 52-guage and 60-guage knitting machines. The higher the gauge, the tighter the knit, the higher the quality of the nylon piece.
4. Buying hosiery with a lower denier count means having a more transparent hose. 1
5. Try not to stretch your hosiery; it can cause it to lose shape! Roll them on.
6. Improper washing can damage your hosiery so make sure to take the extra time out to care for them to get more than one use out of them!

Play at your own risk. Remember to communicate with your partner about what you desire, remain open to play that is safe, sane, and consensual, and most importantly have fun with each other!

1 Webster Dictionary states that a Denier is a unit of fineness for yearn equal to the finess of the yarn weighing one gram for each 9000 meters. This means that the smaller the denier count, the more transparent and delicate the hose will be. It’s important to be mindful of this to help extend the life of your hosiery.

Article by Kimber Fox

Continued Reading can be found at:

“Stocking Series, Part 1: Wartime Rationing and Nylon Riots.” Smithsonian. Web. 7 Dec. 2015.
Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster. Web. 7 Dec. 2015.


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