Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hex Hypoxia Interview

hex 1


Hex Hypoxia is a gogo dancer, fetish performer and alternative model based in Houston, TX. This interview was featured in issue #6 of Sinical. Photography by M. Bradley.


Laura Clemons: How did you become interested in alternative modeling?

Hex Hypoxia: I sort of got thrown into it, I was attending a promotional photoshoot for a gogo group I worked with, and the photograher took a liking to me and got me my started. She set me up with a portfolio, showed me the ropes so to speak.

Laura Clemons: What has been your favorite outfit to wear?

Hex Hypoxia: That varies with my mood. While I love my normal torn up thigh highs and paint splattered distressed tops and bottoms, I also love getting all dolled up in some fabulous latex!


Laura Clemons: What are your obsessions?

Hex Hypoxia: Shoes, thigh highs, penguins, cheese graters, latex, medical instruments, sushi and vodka.


Laura Clemons: Do you have any vices?

Hex Hypoxia: More than my share.


hex 3 

Laura Clemons: Have you ever had any bad experience with a photographer or models?

Hex Hypoxia: I've had a few, but im sure everyone has. As with any job its going to happen. You just need to brush it off, get past it and move on.

Laura Clemons: What magazines can we see your work in?

Hex Hypoxia: Petite Alt, Giuseppina Magazine, Scars Magazine, and upcoming magazaines are Alternative Model Magazine and Gorgeous Freaks.

Laura Clemons: Is there a certain photographer or designer you would love to work with?

Hex Hypoxia: Theres a lot! Dastardly Dave, Gas Oven , J-chan Designs, J. Isobel de Lisle, Danger Ninja. There's tons of people I would love to work with and hope to someday!


 hex 4


Laura Clemons: If you could live anywhere in the world, Where would it be at?

Hex Hypoxia: The U.K... I love it out there. The weather, the towns... the countryside.. it's beautiful!

Laura Clemons: What do you think makes a photographer or model legitimate?

Hex Hypoxia: I think everyone has their own idea of what's "legit". I feel if you love what u do, and love to create, then keep at it.

Laura Clemons: You have hips for days, Do you think it gives you more of an advantage or disadvantage in the fetish modeling industry?

Hex Hypoxia: Actually as much most people think it would be an advantage, it's really not. Getting designs that fit me right, not being able to put myself in a size catagory, and sometimes even loses me jobs. I've even had photographers remove them before. It's ok though. No on is ever going to be everyone's cup of tea. I love what I do and am so very lucky to work with such amazing people.



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