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Virtual Reality: New Age Sex - Article by Kimber Fox


Virtual Reality:
New Age Sex

Model: Kimber Fox
Photographer: Brent Anthony of Calico


This article was feature in the April issue of Sinical Magazine.

Reality is defined by the humans' ability to perceive their surroundings/situations as real life. If any of your senses are invoked by sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch, it can be easy to conclude your moment is real. The idea of Virtual Reality used to be science fiction, but as technology advances, Virtual Reality will be the next big thing to hit the consumer market! The possibilities are endless when it comes to virtual gaming, virtual learning, virtual role reversal, virtual friendships, and more. In fact, one of the biggest advances in Virtual Reality will be Virtual Porn and the use of Apps to bring this type of entertainment to the masses.

Virtual Reality development began in the 90s, but unfortunately technology and other resources limited the advancements VR could make. Luckily, companies have started working towards developing new Virtual Reality products that are cutting edge! According to Webster’s Dictionary, Virtual Reality is the computer-generated stimulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment. Virtual Reality works by putting you in a scene that arouses your senses which ultimately tricks your brain into thinking your surroundings are real. The purpose of Virtual Reality is to create an experience unlike any other! The creation VR glasses that are compatible with applications on smartphones make it easy to enjoy a scene anywhere at anytime! Imagine being in the United States then instantly being transported to Australia! The sky ís the limit with the experiences that can be had with Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is filmed from a Point of View angle with the computer-generate object or person looking directly at you, and it usually takes several takes before getting the right view. Monitors that record the entire scene are placed on the person--in Porn’s case, the penetrator ís--in order to get the most legitimate experience possible.

Virtual Reality Systems

With Virtual Reality being the next big thing in entertainment, there are multiple advanced technology companies that are trying to take the lead on this huge task. Mark Zuckerberg bought the Oculus Rift; Sony created the PlayStation VR; Samsung created Gear VR; HTC Thrive collaborated with Valve (said to release in April 2016); Microsoft created the HoloLens; Fove VR is an eye-tracking device; the Zeiss VR One lets you enjoy Virtual Reality on any iOS or Android device (great for adult applications); Avegant Glyph is one of the smallest device available; and Google Cardboard is made from cardboard and designed in a way it will be more readily available than it’s counterpart just to name a few. Each company is in the process of developing or adding apps to their Virtual Reality line to make VR more appealing and accessible to buyers. Virtual Porn will literally be at your fingertips! Most VR systems cost between $100 and $3,000 depending on how advanced the system is. It may seem like the more money you spend, the higher the quality of a system you’ll get, but most companies are trying to make Virtual Reality as affordable as possible. This affordability will put Virtual Reality in the hands of more people across the world!

Virtual Reality Websites is a Virtual Reality viewing site that works with most iOS/Android devices, Gear VR, Oculus VR, and Mac/PC computers. offers 3D 180-degree and 360-degree views, exclusive content for their site, impressive binaural sound, non-interactive scenes that let you experience the scene without taking an active part, and the capability of viewing Virtual Reality without your headset. is in the process of developing the Virtual Reality section for their website. The thing about that makes it stand out is that it is paving the way to fetishism in Virtual Reality. offers the naughtiest, kinkiest videos online for males and females! has even developed their own cardboard Virtual Reality goggles they send to you when you sign up for their site! is also compatible with most VR systems available! Whether you want to be serviced like a king or played with like a good submissive, offers a variety of Virtual Reality scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat. is the latest company to join the VR game but one of the first companies to offer a free section on their website that contains virtual porn in the 180- and 360-degree formats, with videos for women as well! The videos on also give viewers a chance to partake in role reversal if they decide to take on a role typically foreign to them. has one of the largest adult audiences, with hundreds of thousands viewers a day! partnered up with to create new content for the release of their website’s newest section. Users are able to download the content to whichever compatible device they have: Oculus Rift, Gear VR, or their Smartphone. Both sites also contain VR scenes that are from a voyeuristic viewpoint as well! This lets you experience the scene with a new element of tease.

One of the biggest competitors in the adult Virtual Reality industry is the partnership of FleshLight and They have meticulously put together a teledildonics1 sleeve that is completely different from other forms of Virtual Reality. From scenes with the hottest porn stars to interactive sex games where you create your own animated scenario and character and virtual sex clubs FleshLight seems to have a wide variety of products. With the Vstroker the user decides the scenes (up to 8 with 1 climax scene), the position, the speed, the girl in the scene, and they even have access to view stamina building videos to help last longer. While Virtual Reality glasses are not required, it may be helpful to turn off the lights to minimize distractions. You connect the Vstroker to your FleshLight (or FleshJack since they also have videos for gay men) then place the USB into your Mac or PC, download the content, and enjoy! Stare into the eyes of your partner on the other end as each thrust of your FleshLight is a thrust into her. The user is able to speed up the scene by moving the FleshLight faster and slow it back down by doing the opposite. If you pull out of the FleshLight the girl will beg for you to keep going! gives you the ultimate control when it comes to their Virtual Reality! They are even in the process of launching one-on-one cam sessions where your FleshLight controls a sex machine that penetrates the girl on the other end of the connection as you move!

Most of these companies have made their content available through applications on mobile phones. Companies that are doing this will benefit from being able to reach a broader audience that will be interested in using Virtual Reality Porn at an effectively low price. A company that can create a fully immersive Virtual Reality Porn application that connects with teledildonics and a VR headset would be unstoppable.

The Good and Bad of Virtual Porn:

Like all technology, there are pros and cons when it comes to Virtual Reality Porn. Some of the disadvantages that come to mind include:

  • less interaction with other humans,
  • product development is expensive and needs more development,
  • dizziness or motion sickness,
  • a decline in the adult film industry,
  • the risk of underage users getting their hands on this technology
  • the fact that it’s not real.
  • women aren’t the target market

While these disadvantages seem extreme, each disadvantage provides a learning opportunity for each company to overcome these obstacles, which will make their products even better. The possible advantages to Virtual Porn outweigh the disadvantages though! Some of the awesome things that come with making Virtual Porn more mainstream by developing websites and applications dedicated to VR specifically include:

  • extreme convenience and accessibility,
  • a potentially lower STI rate from not having as many partners,
  • fewer unexpected pregnancies,
  • help disabled patients be intimate again,
  • help people explore their sexuality in new, safe ways,
  • help increase stamina
  • might even help those with sex addiction take control of their addiction by directing in a less destructive manner.

It would be wonderful to see female sex toys incorporated into Virtual Reality Porn. Although expensive, this untapped market would create a whole new niche in the Virtual world. As Virtual Reality, applications for VR Porn, teledildonics, and the Internet keep expanding, there will be an increase in toys developed as well as overall scenes in the upcoming years. The world of sex is ever evolving; if you don’t stay ahead of the market you will soon find you’ve been left behind.

Check out Kimber’s Website at  and follow her on Instagram @Kimber_Fo

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1 Teledildonics are sex toys that can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and be controlled by someone or a program on the other end, even across the globe!


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