Monday, 19 February 2018

Morrigan Hel Interview


Photography by Murder Mile

Latex by House of Harlot


Morrigan Hel is a fetish model, professional Dominatrix, and a vocalist in the band Nemhain. This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical Latex. Print copies can be purchased here


Sinical Magazine: What was the first fetish magazine that you came across that made you want to become a model? If not a magazine, what inspired you? -

Morrigan Hel: As far as magazines go, I used to collect Ritual and Skin Two, I still have the first ever edition of Bizarre Magazine and Redeemer. Marquis Magazine is a firm favourite of mine too.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alt/fetish modeling?

Morrigan Hel: I went out to my first Fetish event when I was 15 years old. I was completely awestruck and I soon became a regular on the scene. I was asked to model in Fetish fashion shows and shoots, and it all went from there.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand apart from others?

Morrigan Hel: For me I’d have to say attitude, charisma, and a sense of humour is definitely a plus! I also admire people that do their own thing, carve their own way and don’t just jump on the band wagon.



Sinical Magazine: From a model’s perspective, what do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Morrigan Hel: I wouldn’t say that there was only one aspect. I think a good picture is made up of lots of different factors. The position of your body, the outfit, how comfortable the model feels, what is being conveyed in the models eyes and obviously lighting, angles and perspective. It’s a bit like a recipe or potion, when all of the ingredients are just right... bang! there you have it.

Sinical Magazine: How do you think the alt/fetish modeling scene has evolved since you started?

Morrigan Hel: The scene has evolved massively since I started out back in the dark ages. I remember when having tattoos, piercings and crazy hair was still seen as pretty unacceptable. I was among one of the first UK alt/fetish models to put a modelling web site up, there were so few of us around back then. You used to have to physically take your portfolio to castings, or send physical copies of pictures to magazines, everything is much more instant now due to the internet and the scene is positively thriving.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what are your fetishes and why?

Morrigan Hel: I absolutely love leather, the smell and feel of it. I used to ride horses as a child so it may have something to do with that. I also adore latex, particularly catsuits, the way it feels on your body. I got some of my first corsets from Vollers and Velda Lauder.xI started corset training when I was very young so that’s another one, and of course beautifully crafted high heeled shoes and boots.



Sinical Magazine: You are also a Dominatrix, can you talk about this aspect of your personality?

Morrigan Hel: I used to tie my brothers friends to trees when I was growing up in Wales, so I started out pretty early. Films like Preaching to the Perverted and Personal Services also influenced me as a teenager. I’m absolutely fascinated by the psychological aspect of it all. I use Psychodrama in a lot of my sessions.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in a career in professional Domination?

Morrigan Hel: I took the plunge when I was about 20 years old on my first trip to NYC. I was shooting for the cover of a tattoo magazine and the photographer gave me the contact details for a dungeon in Manhattan. I’d never engaged in a professional session before then, only within my private life. It is very instinctive, though. I just threw myself into it and haven’t looked back

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your specialties?

Morrigan Hel: I enjoy most aspects of BDSM, but as far as specialities go: Ritual initiation, mind control, foot worship, sensory deprivation, CP and bondage.



Sinical Magazine: Do you have any favourite BDSM devices or toys?

Morrigan Hel: I think there are far too many to mention, but I’ve just acquired a new inversion rack which I love! My bondage wheel is pretty awesome. I have various smaller items like my snake whip, dragon cane, latex deprivation hood and remote puppy training collar which gives out little shocks when your puppy misbehaves! I also have a straight jacket, which I like to use before I lock my slaves away in the prison cell.

Sinical Magazine: What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

Morrigan Hel: It really varies, there is no typical client. Every session is different. I always offer a consultation before the session starts to go through limits, interest and any health issues.

Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about some of your various websites?

Morrigan Hel: I have my website which promotes me as a Domme. I then have which is my Fetish photographic/filming studio and dungeon for hire. I set this up five years ago and everything has been built from scratch. It was a pretty big project, but very rewarding. We have everything in from music videos, band shoots, fetish films, private sessions, couples hire, aerial studio, alt modelling groups, parties and even an (un) convention. So it’s a pretty flexible space. We also offer photography and makeovers, the pictures for Sinical are taken by Murder Mile Photography. I then have which is my rock band and last but not least Hel & Sophia, my fire performance duo.


Sinical Magazine: What type of videos are on your Clips4Sale page?

Morrigan Hel: Fetish and BDSM clips. There are solo clips of me enjoying my latex outfits & clips where I am dominating my slaves. I also do custom clips, I was commissioned to film a fantastic clip last winter where I ate cheese and crackers & wiggled my toes in tan pantihose.

Sinical Magazine: The fetish clothing focus of this issue is on latex. What do you like about latex fetish clothing?

Morrigan Hel: I love the way it hugs the curves of your body, it’s a cliche but it really is like a second skin. The lubing up process is pretty enjoyable, especially if you get a friend to help.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects or events you will be appearing at you would like to mention?

Morrigan Hel: I’d like to say thanks for the interest and support. I will be shooting a brand new cover with a certain legendary Fetish magazine this month, so keep an eye out for that. I will also start filming for a new horror movie called Blue Noon next year in Capri, other than that I am working on finishing the second album with my band Nemhain and expanding Murder Mile. |


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