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Fabulously Fetish - Cos K Interview

Model: Miss Miranda.
Photography by Anna Swiczeniuk.
Shoes: The Debutante.

Cos K is the master shoe-maker behind Fabulously Fetish. This interview was featured in Sinical #11. 

Sinical Magazine: How long have you been making shoes?

Cos K: I was born into a shoemaking family, so you could say I’ve been making shoes my whole life. I officially began my adult career as a shoemaker when I joined my father in his Hand Made To Measure shoe shop, ”The City Cobbler” in City Road, London in 1983. I first became involved in Fetish Footwear around 1985/6.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become involved in the fetish industry?

Cos K: We were first approached to make Fetish Shoes by Roger and Sarah Adams, who had the idea of making slender 5 ½ inch stiletto shoes with an extreme pointed toe. Prior to this, all my shoemaking experience involved making sensible day wear and work shoes for men and women working in offices in the financial district of the City of London. We knew of “The Little Shoe Box” and the type of footwear he was making but had no involvement with him other than a minor acquaintance with someone in the same industry. We did in fact suggest to Roger and Sarah that they approach Kypros of “The Little Shoe Box” to make the shoes for them. They told us they and that he refused as they could not be made. Being a stubborn character and always prepared to take on a challenge, I persuaded my father we could and should make them. I had no idea at the time what a new world this was to open up to me. This eventually introduced me to such legendary names in the fetish scene as Skin Two, Demask, She n Me, Ectomorph, Zeitgeist to name but a few. It was very exciting for me at the time to work in such a creative and open minded market where boundaries and limitations are only in peoples imagination.


Shoes: The Lady's Maid

Sinical Magazine: When was Fabulously Fetish first established?

Cos K: “Fabulously Fetish” was established in June 2009. The success and rapid evolution of the internet and e-commerce, created new possibilities for fetish footwear manufacture to reach a wider and expanding market. With more young people becoming interested in the field and bringing fresh new ideas with them, it gave me a renewed sense of excitement and belief that it was the right time to get back to what I enjoyed doing most.

Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us what makes your shoes unique?

Cos K: Our shoes are unique because they are hand made to a very high standard. We source and use materials and components to our own specifications, to meet the demands of such extreme footwear. We have a respect and understanding of our customers needs that comes from almost 30 years experience in this market. Many agonising hours of thought and development go into each product within the Fabulously Fetish range, to make sure we satisfy the needs of the market. 

The actual making process, which includes cutting, stitching, lasting, finishing and packing takes anything between 5-10 days depending on the type of footwear. In addition to this however, there are several weeks of preparation for each pair. Especially for boots which are usually made to the customers leg measurements and special orders which are designed to the customers specification. We do not just manufacture shoes, we engineer them. For this reason the complete process from receipt of order usually takes several weeks to dispatch to the customer. This will also vary with each order depending on the customers requirements and the challenges faced with each pair.


Shoes: The Painted Lady

Sinical Magazine: what is your most popular requested shoe?

Cos K: Popular at the moment are the “Ringmaster” and the “Vivian” boots. Also doing well is the “Ladies Maid”, a court shoe on a rounded toe shape with a slightly thicker looking heel. These have an authentic vintage look to them with a beautifully arched instep.

Sinical Magazine: Some people have stated that London is the fetish capital of the world. Is this true?

Cos K: I’m not sure if this is entirely true. London certainly has been and is still at the forefront of fetish design and creativity. However there are many great fetish designers and artists all over the world, who are having a great influence on the market. In fact I think the market has become richer and more adventurous and diverse than ever before.



Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about your latest collection?

Cos K: Our latest collection is divided into three sections. We have the “Classic” collection, which is a reworking of many of the traditional designs, which many of the seasoned fetishists will recognise. You could say it is a re-mastered best of collection. It will appeal to those who can no longer find these classic styles, except as either used collectors items, or cheap, badly made imitations. Now they can once again buy the real thing and made to an even higher standard than ever before.

The “Exclusive” collection has been designed to fulfil the ultimate shoe fetish experience. Special attention has been given to the finer details, with the emphasis on extreme curves, arches and heel heights. This collection also allows the customer to be involved more in the creation of their shoes by giving them greater choice in materials and trimmings, with the ultimate prise in boot buying, Made-To-The-Customers leg measurements for a truly perfect fitting boot!

We also now have a collection of accessories, which we are adding to regularly with many new and exciting items, that complement the footwear.

Sinical Magazine: The Fabulously Fetish website has recently been re-launched. What are the new site features?

Cos K: The main focus of the new website has been to improve the customer experience, both aesthetically and functionally. It is a constant aim to make the site as user friendly and pleasing to the eye as we possibly can. Of course we have also added to he product range by including some new shapes with more boots and platforms. Product development however is a perpetual task and there are many more ideas and concepts which are at various stages of development. We aim to introduce new products on a regular basis. However this is very time consuming and we must try to accommodate this within very demanding production schedules. We are a team of perfectionists and will introduce new products until we are completely satisfied.


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