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Emily Marilyn Interview


Photography by Eric Razo. This interview/pictorial was featured in issue #10 of Sinical Magazine. Print copies can be ordered here

Emily is a fetish fashion model. She has been on the cover of virtually every fetish magazine including Skin Two, Marquis, Secret, Bizarre, DDI, etc. She is based in Los Angeles and travels often to Europe. She prefers shooting in Europe because she believes fetish (in how she views it) is appreciated and understood better in cities like London, Paris and Berlin.


Sinical Magazine: When did you first realize you were into kink?

Emily Marilyn: It all started with the yellow rubber kitchen gloves I used to wash dishes. The texture, scent, sensation fascinated me. Soon after I discovered latex clothing (Michelle Pheiffer as Catwoman!) and begged my mother to buy my very first rubber dress. I can also put blame on Wonder Woman with her red boots and lasso of truth. I dreamt to be dominated by her!

Sinical Magazine: What was the first fetish magazine you came across?

Emily Marilyn: As a teen I was gothic and incorporated fetish into my style. It was through the goth scene I discovered all the fetish magazines. I bought my very first issue of Skin Two and <<O>> (Marquis) at a book store on Melrose. It’s nice to have landed the covers of both SkinTwo and Marquis years later.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become a fetish model?

Emily Marilyn: The very first latex fashion photoshoot I did when I was 16 years old. In fact my parents had to sign the model release. The week I turned 18 I jumped head first into a life long career as a fetish model. How amazing to get paid doing what I love most.



Sinical Magazine: What do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Emily Marilyn: The lighting has to be just right. If the lighting is off it will make for a bad photo. I’ve always appreciated photos more than video. I find photography to be more mysterious and interesting. You can create your own story using your imagination.

Sinical Magazine: You have shot many nylon-themed photo sets and it appears to be one of your main clothing fetishes. What is your fascination with nylon?

Emily Marilyn: Silky smooth thin material covering my long legs from the tips of my toes to the very tops of my thighs held on by sexy little garters. I just love it! I’m a bit of a sensation slut and I adore the feeling of stockings adorning my legs. A naughty backseam is a nice addition where my lover can follow the seam up to heaven with his tongue.

Sinical Magazine: What is your favorite brand of stockings and what isyour favorite brand of pantyhose?

Emily Marilyn: I wear Agent Provocateur stockings because they fit my legs quite nice and end high on my thigh. I have long thin legs which makes it difficult to find the perfect stocking. When it comes to pantyhose it is always Wolford. When I am in Paris I enjoy shopping for stockings and pantyhose at the Chantal Thomass boutique.



Sinical Magazine: One of your sites is and you have stated in the past that you are a “foot freak”. What was your first time with a foot worshipper like?

Emily Marilyn: From a very young age I knew I was into shiny clothing and bondage games. My foot fetish didn’t start until I was 16 years old and enrolled in cosmetology. I was the only student in the entire school who enjoyed giving pedicures. Through that I discovered my own feet. I already loved wearing kinky fetish boots and sky scraper heels but never paid much attention to my bare feet. I started playing with them discovering different sensations that turned me on. When I started fetish modeling I hooked up with a company who shot nothing but foot fetish videos! I experienced so many firsts and captured it all on video. Mutual foot worship, dirty foot worship, bastinado, all with hot young models!

Sinical Magazine: How much content is on your main site:

Emily: Marilyn: My main site features my obsession for dressing for pleasure. It has been online since 2000 and has tons of high end photos and video. I rent out beautiful locations and shoot with my partner Eric Razo. Putting the fetish wardrobe together for each photoshoot is half the fun! I’m such a nut when it comes to erotic fashion.

Sinical Magazine: Another one of your sites is Can you talk about your interest in bondage-themed shoots?

Emily Marilyn: I love to be tied up. I have a lot of followers from over the years shooting bondage for other producers so I finally opened my own bondage site. Of course it has my own twist combining it with fetish attire.



Sinical Magazine: You are well known as a fetish performer and headliner at fetish events. When did you start performing and can you tell us about some of your routines?

Emily Marilyn: When I was 18 until I was 22 I was a showgirl at a gentlemen’s club in Japan. This started my love for performing! It was so fun being teasing all the men while seductively stripping off sexy layers or tying my girlfriend up in a kinky domination show! When I moved back to the states and decided to concentrate more on my career as a fetish model it only made sense to take my passion for kink onto the stage at all the various fetish events. I have performed all over the the US, Japan, Canada, Australia and all over Europe.

Sinical Magazine: How much do you rehearse?

Emily Marilyn: I rehearse often right before an event. I like to choreograph my moves precisely to the beat of the music. When I’m blocking a brand new show it can take me a day or two just to get the first minute down.

Sinical Magazine: How much do you think the fetish scene has evolved since you started modeling?

Emily Marilyn: The Internet changed everything. When I got into fetish you had to seek it out. Now you have google in the palm of your hand.



Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about your experiences working in gentlemen’s clubs?

Emily Marilyn: Feature dancing at gentlemen’s clubs is really a wonderful experience. The audience is more awestruck by my shows compared to the crowd at a fetish event. It’s really hard to impress the fetish crowd as they have seen it all but take it into a gentlmen’s club and even something so simple as a stocking and leg tease gets the crowd roaring. It is such a high! The typical Joe has never seen anything even remotely fetish and it is my job to educate all the men out there in the world how fun & sexy fetish can be, heehee.

Sinical Magazine: What projects are you currently working on?

Emily Marilyn: I am gearing up for the next batch of fetish events I am hosting and performing at and booking my latest fetish strip tease act to tour all the gentlemen’s clubs. |


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