Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Chevvy Piston Interview


Photo by: David Denofreo. Dress: Trunkshow by Misty Greer.


Name: Chevvy Piston

Birthplace: Quesnel, BC

Current Location: Vancouver, BC

Height: 5"8


Bust: 41"

Waist: 33"

Hips: 41"

Shoe Size: 9

Ethnicity: Native and Russian

Eye Color: Hazel

Current Hair Color: Black

Online portfolio:


Laura Clemons: How did you become interested in Alt. Modeling?

Chevvy Piston: I became interested in modeling by pure chance. My interest began with Suicide Girls. I shot sets purely for them, and through those experiences began to cultivate a reputation with local photographers.


Laura Clemons: What has been your favorite outfit to wear?

Chevvy Piston: I love anything designed by Trunkshow by Misty Greer. She knows how to make curves look good! She's custom made me many outfits for shoots and other outings. I can't say enough about quality and her unique designs. She's amazing.


Laura Clemons: What are your obsessions?

Chevvy Piston: I have a pretty big collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer paraphanlia. I began watching the show when I was 11 years old, after having watched the orginal movie a billion times! I have everything from comics, actions figures and limited edition stuffed animals to graphic novels and t-shirts. BIG fan!




Photo: Simona Henry.


Laura Clemons: Do you have any vices?

Chevvy Piston: Coffee. All the time. I also have a thing for purchasing lingerie or latex. I can justify it in the oddest ways.


Laura Clemons: Have you ever had any bad experience with a photographer or models?

Chevvy Piston: I think everyone has had poor experiences when they've had many experiences. I've had a few, but I felt like I learned a lot about myself and others through those experiences and have become a more solid person because of it.




Photo by: Tiffany Ireland.


Laura Clemons: What magazines can we see your work in?

Chevvy Piston: I'm very excited to say I'll be featured in Viva Van Story's new solo book, "Sheer" which will be out this Spring. But you can also find me in Retro Lovely Magazine (Taboo Edition No. 3 as of late), Rabid Magazine, Radiant Inc. Magazine, Outlaw Kittens Magazine and many other publications.


Laura Clemons: Is there a certain photographer or designer you would love to work with?

Chevvy Piston: I'm very interested in working Steve Diet Goedde. Steve is someone whom I've admired for a time, especially his early fetish work. I feel lucky to have built relationships with great photographers like Shimona Henry and Viva, people who continue to inspire me and push me in a direction of growth.




Photo: Simona Henry.


Laura Clemons: If you could live anywhere in the world, Where would it be at?

Chevvy Piston: I would live in Long Beach California. I would run on the beach every morning. It would be a beautiful life.


Laura Clemons: What do you think makes a photographer or model legitimate?

Chevvy Piston: I believe in professionality above all. I never say I'm going to do something, if I don't plan to do it. I always arrive prepared and exactly as I've been asked to arrive. I bring my best 100% of the time. I think that versatility is big as well. Photographers who only wish to shoot one style of imagery or models who are only interested in posing in the same ways become very boring after a time. The constant act of growth from passion is what separates artists from people who are wishing for fame or fortune.


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