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Mistress Irene Boss Interview

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This interview was featured in the Summer issue of Sinical Magazine.

Mistress Irene Boss is a world renowned, award-winning professional dominatrix. Her 3 story 6000 square foot Compound is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has produced 142+ hours of educational FemDom videos. 


Sinical Magazine: How long have you been a professional dominant?

Mistress Irene Boss: I began practicing as an Independent on October 5th 1994.



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Sinical Magazine: How did you become a dominant?

Mistress Irene Boss: Having always been a kinky top in my personal relationships, the decision to become a professional Dom was one I worried about at first - wondering if I had enough skill and enough equipment, which of course came due in time. I started out with a chair, a piece of rope, a desk and a few small implements and my collection has since grown to the size of Jupiter, with custom made and personally designed furniture as well as a custom wardrobe. My pursuit of perfection in all that I do inspired me to become and self label as "a Dom". A Dom is one who has control over their surroundings, the atmosphere, the setting, the supplicant and others surrounding them, the timing and the activities that will occur. It is something a controlling "type A" personality like mine clearly relishes. I endeavor to make a scene experience perfect for an individual in offering a professional domination experience to them. As a lifestyle Dom I enjoy being served and only to my whim and not many people can handle that for l ng, and those who attempt it have often told me it was nothing like they thought it would be. I have been told that I am like Everest (the mountain), so there are those who wish the ride but often cannot complete the journey.



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Sinical Magazine: What are the types of services you offer?

Mistress Irene Boss: What I do I view as more of a vocation than a service. Since I am a primarily a bondage Top, I attract people who desire physical and psychological restraint. I have a lot of equipment that has to do with this. My main play room is more equipped than most BDSM fetish stores. I am a collector of devises. People know I am a gadget freak, and often send me emails and letters to talk about equipment. I encourage this because I get new ideas for activities and films.

Here is a breakdown of what I enjoy doing:
Bondage - I relish placing people in predicaments, suspension, body bags, rope (hemp, jute, cotton and nylon), confinements, straight jackets, bondage mitts, hoods, blindfold and gag (sensory deprivation) kidnapping scenarios, encasements, mummifications, and sensory overload. Bondage with nipple play and/or CBT, electric CBT (tens, rimba, Eros tech, pleasure tech, medtronic, voice activated), Nova Pro, Venus 2000, and various *fun machines. I define as a Bondage Top and Sensual Sadist.

Discipline - I enjoy administering Strict and sensuous corporal scenarios (bamboo, rattan, acrylic, carbonite, martinet or metal), bullwhipping (nylon and leather whips of 12, 18 and 24 plait), signal whipping - 18 plait (not "single tail" - it's different), flogging, OTK hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, paddling, tawsing and strapping. There are many different styles of benches in my domestic boudoir, as well as a bed and hard back chair for Domestic CP style scenes. There are 2 opulent play rooms where CP scenes are possible - a plush boudoir and an Industrial style dungeon. I began in this vocation as a Domestic Disciplinarian.

Sadism - I enjoy inflicting various sensations via nipple torture, CBT, CP (Corporal) Paddles, slappers, lashes, single tail whipping, bull whipping, buggy whipping, signal whipping, cropping, and caning (custom bondage devices) I engage in chastity play, dt, deportment (slave training - postures, commands, etiquette - also part of D/s), and Bastinado (foot torture). The following are possible - Mummification, Nova Pro, and play piercing as decoration, and/or for predicament. *Intense sensations are fully negotiated before playtime commences.

Role Play - I enjoy enacting Teacher Irene, Irene the Tickle Top, Auntie Irene, Irene as Harriet Marwood, Dr. Irene Boss, and Guardess Irene (OWK style play).

Humiliation - I get off on placing people in embarrassing postures and issuing commands, as well as tying and teasing to distraction. Possibilities include chastity and exams. Sweat, smelly foot and / or shoe worship, and arm pit worship are possible.

Fetishes - As a Dominant Fetishist I may wear fetish clothing and also enforce a fetish bottom to wear corsets or boots (cross dressing). There may be worship of gloves, boots and/or shoes. As a Medical Fetish Dominant I may wear rubber and use infusions, sounds, examinations, inspections, and electro play. As a Dominant Makeover Artist I may enjoy forcing feminine transformation. As a Dominant Tickle Top I may enjoy forcing tickle torture.

I am a complex person. Many interests, styles, and fantasies overlap and intertwine and some things are repeated to emphasize this point. I wear Suits, Costumes, Uniforms, Rubber, Corsets, Leather, pantyhose, stockings, boots and high heels. As an Internationally acclaimed Domina and BDSM Fem Dom filmmaker I have traveled extensively on an International level to learn new techniques and different ideologies concerning Fem Dom. Play is consensual and players usually identify as one or more of the following: bondage bottom, submissive spanking enthusiast, submissive fetishist, submissive cross dresser, submissive role play psycho dramatist, submissive masochist or slave, etc. Kinksters, dominant males and/or switch males enjoy visiting Me occasionally too for a change of pace to experience the other side of the coin. Mark my word that you will get everything you negotiate in a complete role reversal and power exchange, as I do not project a negative attitude and call that female domination. Domination is about control. My play partners are mature, educated and articulate, much like myself. I am easy to get along with outside of scene play, yet I am extremely controlling in scene with a sharp wit, a firm hand and a great sense of humor. Intelligence rules the roost. CMU grad here (with some post level graduate education as well) who will always endeavor to be 5 steps ahead of you: A Dominant Kinky Female perfectionist Who is seriously Discipline minded with a wink and a sly grin. Sadist with a smile at your service. My satisfaction is your goal. My involvement in Fem Dom BDSM includes scenes at my discretion, films, select custom videos, public appearances at various events, a FemDom community message board, and a membership website. I have been active in this vocation since 1994. My studio is an extremely well equipped indoor play space containing 2 opulent theme rooms with custom built equipment to My exacting specifications and custom Mistress costumes. Expect dedicated play spaces, rarified atmosphere, ambience, incense, mirrors, and an outstanding sound system. I began making films and producing websites in 1996.


Sinical Magazine: What is your specialty?

Mistress Irene Boss: Bondage in conjunction with sensory play and other activities and sadean with the right person who is masochistic.



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Sinical Magazine: What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

Mistress Irene Boss: It is different for each individual. There are spanking enthusiasts, bondage bottoms, medical patients, masochists, sissy girls, various types of slaves and prisoners, fetishists and role players. I enjoy many different types of individuals. Often someone can be 3 or more of these things. The key is to understanding how the mind works. I am a woman who sets her own rules and genuinely enjoys being in charge. I have a lot of charisma and sexual energy. I have a good sense of humor, and can re-present a scene in a different way each time that is more exciting than the last. I am full of surprises and creativity. People contact me to 'make a connection' with this energy.

There are 4 main reasons people want BDSM.

a). To face their facts (therapy)
b). To 'not be in charge' for a change (to trust Someone Else to be)
c). Catharsis (through the discipline, bondage, spanking, whipping ect...)
d). Eroticism (experience fantasies and get off)

This is not simply a sexual thing, though it is somewhat sexual. Sex is not the crux of it. I don’t have sex in these explorations. I enact mind boggling scenarios. I shake people up, send lightening bolts up and down their spines, take them on roller coaster rides, make them think, laugh, cry, and feel previously bottled up emotions.


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Sinical Magazine: What are your limits and have you ended a session abruptly?

Mistress Irene Boss: The following activities are not facilitated: direct sexual contact of any kind, smoking, inhalants, drugs or alcohol, ball busting (permanent damage), wrestling, martial arts, FTT or BS, enemas, underage individuals, bondage abandonment, castration, insects or animals, male or female slaves, male dominants, switch sessions, GFE or escort, massage, modeling, casting calls for video slaves, trades or bartering, personal slavery, employment opportunities, space rentals.

My communication strategy pre-scene is very good, so I rarely ever have a mishap and have even been able to turn people around to a more positive experience who were not headed in the right direction in their scene. If I am truly not compatible with a person then I have been known to refer them to someone they will have a better fit with at a later time (post scene). It's the professional thing to do.



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Sinical Magazine: Is S&M a form of psychotherapy?

Mistress Irene Boss: It can be if the participants are conscious of what they are doing and what they want to achieve, much in the same way that art can be cathartic and therapeutic when consciously used in this way. The acting out of repressed sexual fantasies can be freeing and healing to ones identity overall - for example for help in overcoming a fear of something specific or of a certain phobia. Humiliation scenes can be very empowering for someone who has actually been non consensually humiliated in real life for example, because in a professional session the person is in control this time, and they can have an actual cathartic emotional experience and effectively put the past in it's place. Is it possible to experience personal growth with BDSM? Yes I feel it is. Is it also possible to be extremely negative with BDSM? Yes unfortunately that goes on too as people are playing who have very bad self esteem and they feel the knocking around of their ego somehow makes it right (what they are doing) as they feel so poorly about themselves. These are people who are conscious but don't want to get better. I believe the scat fetishists (which I view as a psychiatric parafilia) fall into this group and I therefor do not play in that scene as I believe it to be too damaging and dangerous for the participants, but as they say in BDSM to each their own and we all have a right to choose what we do.



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