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Brittany Andrews Interview

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This intervew and more images are featured in the Fall issue of Sinical.


Sinical Magazine: You've graduated from film school and started your own film production company called: Discipline Filmworks. Can you tell us about your film "Crumble"?

Brittany Andrews: I actually have had a production company for over 15 years. I started producing and directing in 1997. The name of my adult production company is Britco Pictures LLC. I started my mainstream production company Discipline FilmWorks LLC four years ago to umbrella all of my mainstream productions.

Crumble is a gritty tale about a hooker and a Manhattan Upper Eastside trophy wife that develop an unlikely relationship. It’s about two women’s journeys through self-discovery and eventually out of the “boxes” that have imprisoned them for so many years. “Crumble” stars Oksana Lada (The Sopranos) and Steven Bauer (Scarface, Traffic).  With greed, lust, addiction, chaos… the film pays homage to the underworld of New York City and ends with a surprise twist sure to please even the most discerning fan of the genre.


Sinical Magazine: What drew you to the script?

Brittany Andrews: I enjoyed the gritty nature of the script. As a consumer this is the type of films I’m attracted to - very dark artsy and gritty! Also I was interested in the director’s vision that she had wanted cinematically. She was really wanting to create visually wise something similar to Requiem for dream and Spun, which I both love.


Sinical Magazine: What is the most difficult or stressful aspect of producing a mainstream film? 

Brittany Andrews: I would say the most difficult aspect of both producing an adult film and a mainstream film is the exact same thing it = Distribution.


Sinical Magazine: What other film projects are in the works?

Brittany Andrews: At this moment I have quite a few different projects on my plate.  I have a horror film that is doing a small theatrical run right now called Trick of the Witch. (2 Awards) Then I also have another film called Blindfold (2 Awards) that is a drama about 9/11 that is doing a run  through the film festival circuit right now. I also have a documentary that I produced called Stage Brother that is starting is film Festival submissions.  I also have two reality pilots that I produced and directed that I am pitching to various networks one of them is called My Real Porn Life which won best reality short at NYIFF. I also am working on producing an off-Broadway play called Porning The Planet with Cult Icon Penny Arcade.


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Sinical Magazine: What was your inspiration for becoming a dj and when did you first decide to pursue this interest?

Brittany Andrews: I have a ton of friends that are DJs.  I am a rave chick girl at heart! My first email addy ever was This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . LOL.  One of my dear friends Galena ( who is a DJ) put the idea in my head a few years back and I was not able to get it out of my mind. Then earlier this year I was in Hong Kong at the airport and I just decided- Hey I am going to do this!! I am so happy I did as I am really having fun with it.


Sinical Magazine: Dj Rap spins drum and bass. Dj Portia Surreal spins house-electro. What style of music do you spin?

Brittany Andrews: Dancey, Trancey, Housey Beats.


Sinical Magazine: What were your favorite artists to listen to while growing up?

Brittany Andrews: When I was teenager I was very much into Punk Rock Music. I was into The Exploited, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits, Dead Kennedy, The Accused, Fear, Sex Pistols, Sonic Youth etc etc.



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Sinical Magazine: What is currently in your car cd/mp3 player?

Brittany Andrews: Being I live in Manhattan I do not have a car so lol…  mostly right now I am listening to a little bit of everything that I am working on to create new mixes.  Also with Amy Winehouse passing recently, been listening to Back to Black. So sad as she was so talented.


Sinical Magazine: How do you like living in New York?

Brittany Andrews: New York is a very expensive and stressful city.  I am leaving to go to Ibiza tomorrow. Let’s just say I’m pretty happy to be getting out of the city and going to the beach.


Sinical Magazine: Do you prefer it over L.A.? 

Brittany Andrews: No, I definitely prefer Los Angeles over New York to live. I have recently been thinking I may move to Vegas? Who knows.


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Photographer: Justice Howard. 


Sinical Magazine: Besides being an adult film star, you are also a fetishist and dominatrix. Can you tell us about your dominant side?

Brittany Andrews: As I said before since I was a teenager I was a Punk Rock Girl and always wore chains etc and beat boys up!! LOL. So I pretty much  have always been uber dominant. I am a Leo!! Hello!!


Sinical Magazine: What is your obsession with strapons?

Brittany Andrews: I like fucking Men in the Ass. Its Hot!! I like the power and it makes me bust a huge NUT!!! What more can I say.


Sinical Magazine: What are your personal fetishes and other obsessions?

Brittany Andrews: I have lots of fetishes: medical, chrome, rubber, ribcage, asian, foot, etc. However I would have to say that my biggest obsession is work I am a true workaholic!!!


Sinical Magazine: Anything else you would like to tell us and your fans?

Brittany Andrews: Please follow me on Twitter as that is the best way to keep up with all that Miss B is doing.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Miss B.


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