Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Mistress Lexine Interview


Sinical Magazine: How long have you been a professional dominant?

Mistress Lexine: I have been a Pro Domme for a couple of years now but prior to that I was lifestyle.


Sinical Magazine: How did you become a dominant?

Mistress Lexine: I had a photoshoot coming up and the photographer would send me texts like “you would be a hot little Domme”. I never thought anything of it until I got to the shoot, I had my thigh highs on and was putting on my heels then the photographer got on his knees and said “can I help you put on your shoes?” I said sure, but then he started to graze my stockings with his hand and something in me just clicked so naturally. I went into full Domme mode and had him worship me from that point on.


Sinical Magazine: What are the types of services you offer?

Mistress Lexine: Well to list a few I guess I would say Foot/Boot/Shoe/Heel Worship, Leg worship Armpit/Ass worship, Scent/Sweat Play/Worship, CBT/NT/Ballbusting/Trampling Spanking/Crop/Paddle/Flogger, Strapon Worship, Full Toilet Training, Crossdressing/Sissy Play/Feminization, Roleplay (Open to all scenarios) Humiliation/Degradation/Verbal/Public Smothering/Face Sitting Hot Wax/Ashtray Play Chastity Training, Double Domme Sessions, Cam Training/Online Training.



Sinical Magazine: What is your specialty?

Mistress Lexine: My specialties have quite a broad range. I would say that toilet play especially full toilet is a big specialty. I also am very good at humiliation on all levels, smothering/face sitting. I enjoy being sensual so tease and denial comes very easy to me along with strap play. CBT and NT are also fun for me. I guess I have not found anything I don’t enjoy yet.


Sinical Magazine: What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

Mistress Lexine: Someone seeing me for the first time can expect to be dominated by a very experienced sensual Goddess. They will know just by me looking at them who is in control but they will also fell very safe and secure knowing that I will be there for them to push them to places they did not think they could go. I can be very playful, humiliating, degrading, sadistic, creative, sensual, harsh. It really depends on the mood of the session and I am very good at reading people to tailor my style. I also ask what someones interests are to make sure we are a good match.

Sinical Magazine: What are your limits and have you ended a session abruptly?

Mistress Lexine: I don’t really get into serious edge play where someone can potentially get hurt. I have never had to end a session early. I always talk to my client beforehand to make sure we are on the same wave length.



Sinical Magazine: Is S&M a form of psychotherapy?

Mistress Lexine: S&M can definitely can be a form of psychotherapy. It allows someone to push boundaries and be free in who they are. They can lose control and be in a state of mind that exhilarating and refreshing.


Sinical Magazine: What advice would you have for someone who is trying to become a professional dominatrix?

Mistress Lexine: For someone who is trying to be a Pro Domme I would recommend that they contact a Pro Domme and see if they can find someone to take them under their wing and show them the ropes so to speak.


Sinical Magazine: Is there a certain time of year when business slows down?

Mistress Lexine: No not really, everything varies.


Sinical Magazine: What is your favorite fetish outfit to wear?

Mistress Lexine: Anything comfortable that allows me to smother easily. I like skirts that stretch and have give, perhaps with a nice corset or top.


Sinical Magazine: Our staff's favorite alcohol is Absinthe. What do you like to drink?

Mistress Lexine: Champagne.


Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about your web site?

Mistress Lexine: My website: www.arianalexine.com shows people the best of both worlds of me. It shows a playful girl next door side that is very sexy and seductive, then it also shows me as a sensual seductive Domme. I put a lot of time into the website and people can join the website to see all my private photo galleries and videos. I also have a yahoo group that people can join as well as a blog http://mistresslexine.blogspot.com to see what I am up to. And of course a clips4sale store that I love to film for www.clips4sale.com/studio/41368.


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