Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Nicotine Interview

Photo by: Dastardly Dave Photography.


Name: Nicotine

Birthplace: Fort Leavenworth, KA.

Current Location: Harrisburg, PA.

Height: 5'5”.

Measurements: 32DD-24-37.

Shoe Size: 6.5.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Eye Color: Hazel.

Current Hair Color: Brown.



LC: Laura Clemons

N: Nicotine



LC: How did you become interested in pin-up/fetish modeling?

N: I was really into the Goth scene in high school and university.  Then, a friend introduced me to the pin-up, fetish, and bdsm subcultures and I was absolutely hooked by the fashion and the lifestyle.


LC: Who is your favorite photographer?

N: I don't want to leave anyone out by naming names. I have a long list of photographers I love and with whom I work frequently and another long list of people with whom I would love to work someday.


LC: Have you ever bad experience with a photographer?

N: I have had a few but fortunately, they've been few and far between. Usually, the people I work with are very professional.


LC: What is your favorite pin-up or fetish outfit?

N: I love walking around the house in high-heeled slippers, a long black satin robe, lingerie, and a corset. It makes me feel extremely sexy and confident. 

LC: You were on the cover of DDI (Domination Directory International). Do you have a dominant side to you?

N: I rarely show anything but my dominant side.  I find that Dominant women tend to command more respect in social settings.


LC: What other magazines have we seen you in?

N: I've been featured in Time Out New York, Marquis Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Black Belt Magazine, Zoo Weekly, and Xbiz Premiere, among others.


LC: What are your hobbies?

N: I like to read, mostly classics but I also follow websites like Laughing Squid, The Frisky, Jezebel, and io9.  I love visiting museums, watching BBC, and loving on my six cats.


LC: What are your obsessions?

N: Chocolate, oysters, black leather, and alcohol.


LC: The staff's favorite drink is Absinthe. What do you like to drink?

N: I love absinthe but it has led to the occasional painful drinking injury. I also like wine, margaritas (on the rocks), and I'll mix bourbon with almost anything.

Photo by: Dastardly Dave Photography.


(This or That)

LC: Stockings or Pantyhose?

N: Always stockings.  Pantyhose are always uncomfortable. 


LC: Leather or Satin?

N: Leather

LC: Heels or Boots?

N: Heeled boots


LC: Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe?

N: Bettie Page


LC: Do you have a website? If so tell us about it.

My website is


LC: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

I have some really amazing things coming up this year that I can't wait to share with everyone. Stay tuned!


- Laura Clemons
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