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Magazines: Selling Back Issues As A Digital Bundle


Sample of How to Create and Sell a Digital Magazine by Danny Stygion. 


In the mid 2000’s I would submit my fetish photography work to various publications. My work was published in several publications, but one publisher in particular would consistently reject my work. 10+ years later, the same publisher contacted me asking for help on how to sell his back catalog of print issues in digital format. He had no idea how to do that. I gave him the following instructions on how I do it.

Portable File Document -

In follow up posts I will discuss magazine design and editing in more detail. PDF's are the best way for your readers to view your content on computers and tablet devices. There are many ways to create a PDF, but I use Adobe InDesign. It is a program that is used by professional designers for laying out print and digital designs. You can even make a PDF interactive. Once you have created and exported a PDF, or scanned print issues for a PDF, you can move on to the next step.

Setting up your web site/sales page - 

Screenshot from - subscription box.

Domain name - 

You need to choose a domain name. A lot of domains are taken, so sometimes you have to get creative. Sinical is a play on the words sin and cynical which fits in with the alt/fetish modeling and photography community.

Hosting - 

There are many hosting options available. I use (this is my affliliate link for for 

WordPress -

Once you've registered a domain and set up hosting, you can install WordPress from your control panel. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system, that is the most popular system on the web, supporting more than 60 million web sites as of 2017. It makes it easy to set up a website or blog with a customizable theme. Premium themes are available for a price with more complex designs and features. I've worked with Joomla in the past (for, but now prefer WordPress. 

The landing page and the sales page -

Screenshot of sales page.


The two most important pages on your website are your landing page and your sales page. Your landing page is designed to help capture e-mail subscribers and build up your e-mail list. Your sales page is where you will be selling your product(s).

To capture e-mails you typically have to give away something like a free issue. I would suggest giving away one of your best issues. My favorite e-mail list management service is AWeber.


The E-junkie shopping cart - 

Screenshot from 


There are many online shopping cart options available, but is my favorite. It is easy to use, the fee is reasonable at $18.00 a month to host my back catalog of digital issues of Sinical Magazine, and it works with payment options like PayPal, among others. 

Once you've set up an account with, you upload your digital product. Once you've filled out the details, it will give you a code that you can put on your website. 

It also gives you the option of setting up a affliliate program so others can help promote and sell your product and earn a commission percentage that you decide. 

Magazine Launch

Screenshot of e-mail campaign creator tool on's website.

I like to launch e-mails at 9:00am Central Time on Tuesdays. Besides the U.S., Sinical Magazine has a lot of readers in the Europe I feel this is the best time to reach the most people around the world. Once I've set up the sales page, I create the e-mail campaign newsletter on a site like AWeber's, then send it out. 

It is common to lose subscribers (for whatever reason) after a newsletter, which is why you have to consistently push to gain new subscribers. 

Social Media

Your e-mail list is your best tool for getting news of your product out there to your followers. Social media can also be effective for getting people to visit your site. There they can sign up for your mailing list and search your website for information. 

I noticed a huge difference when it came to my e-mail sign ups when I started promoting more heavily on three social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instead of posting an image or article link once a day or every couple of days, I started promoting 5-8 times a day. Within each post there would be a call to action (CTA) to sign up for an e-mail list to receive free content. 


The Sinical Magazine Digital Archive is the best way to show readers the history of the magazine, and continues to generate passive income for the magazine. 

~ Danny Stygion - 


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Book review: Retro Glamour by Mark Anthony Lacy


Schiffer Publishing Ltd. is a family-owned publisher of nonfiction books. Based in Atglen, Pennsylvania.

Schiffer's release is a hardcover book. The book is 160 pages and features 274 color and B/W images. The dimensions of the book are 9.3 x 0.7 x 12.1 inches.

After an introduction, the book is divided into four sections: Bodacious Blondes, Brazen Brunettes, Ravishing Redheads, and Exciting Erotiques. An index listing the credits for the models is featured at the end of the book. 



In the introduction, Mark Anthony Lacy talks about how he got started with pinup photography. He met a a curvaceous and cute girl on a subway in New York in the 90's and knew he had to photograph her. She happened to be a Bettie Page fanatic. His new muse gave him an education on her idol and the photographic work of Irving Klaw and Bunny Yeager. Lacy delved deeper into the genre of retro glamour and snatched up books and vintage magazines. He also began to collect vintage lingerie and shoes since most of his models would not have their own retro wardrobe. His approach to doing pinup/retro glamour photopgraphy is to imagine himself as a photographer in the mid 1900's and to work with the props and wardrobe that he would have had back then.



The models in the book wear vintage stockings, girdles, bullet bras, corsets, panties, gloves, and high heels. Props such as jewelry (pearls are seen often) and cigarette holders with cigarettes appear in different photos. The make-up and hair work definitely has a retro stylized look. In the sets, we see retro furniture, carpets, lamps, framed pictures, and other items. A lot of work and detail when into these compositions. The subjects are well lit with good use of shadow in the background. Some photos have a noirish feel to them. The poses and facial expressions of the models are primarily very seductive and sultry.



My favorite photos are on pages 35 (Alexandra Vino), 46  (Carla Pereira), 102-103 (Jessamyne Rose), and 151 (Kysn). This is one of the best photo books I've seen and I recommend this book to fans of retro pinup/fetish glamour photograpy. 

~ Danny Stygion


Publisher: Schiffer Publishing.

Purchase a copy here.

ISBN-13: 978-0764352485.

Mark Anthony Lacy:


Sinical May/June 2017 is now available!

Model: Donna Hood
Photography by Richard Marz
Assist by Mathew Leland
MUAH by Kira Von Sutra
Styling by Angela Ryan
Corset by Puimond

Sinical May/June 2017 issue. Featuring: Donna Hood, Lexy Lu, Holly Harlott, Gabbi Lace, and Lilly Loca.



Click here to purchase a copy.



Click here to purchase a copy.


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Model: Lexy Lu
Photography by: Black Rose


Photographer: Objektiv Photography
Model/MUA: Holly Harlott
Hair: Samantha Wilson
Latex: House of Etiquette
Leather accessories: Uncuffed Leather


Model: Gabbi Lace
Photography by: John Johnson of GT6 Photography


Model: Lilly Loca
Photography by: Mike Froger


Interview: Alexandra Snow (2017)

Model: Alexandra Snow
Photo by Laura Dark


This interview was featured in the March/April issue of Sinical. Print and digital copies can be purchased here.


Sinical Magazine: When did you first realize you were dominant?

Alexandra Snow: I’m not certain that I had a really good reference point for what dominant meant. I do know that I began to identify as a dominant female at 16, when I had my first female submissive who brought me a book called “Screw the Roses, Send Me The Thorns.” I didn’t really agree with most of the kink operations inside the book. It all seemed like needless nonsense. Why can’t I just spank you when you’re bad? I guess that was the first time I had verbage for it. I was putting little boys in dog crates when I was in elementary school. I had my first kiss by shoving some girl in the tack room when I was riding horses. That was certainly very consensual, she didn’t seem to mind, but I supposed that was a very dominant thing to do too.

Sinical Magazine: How did this lead to becoming a professional dominant?

Alexandra Snow: I had a very succesful white collar job. I was the marketing director for an accounting firm in Baltimore. I was a lifestyler, and I played a lot in the scene. I didn’t have a very high opinion of most professional dommes. Mostly because the women that I met seemed to not have chosen it as a vocation, but really chosen it as a not very good solution for their economic problems, so they were former escorts or phone sex workers and felt like professional domination was an easy out. I was later introduced to some professional dommes that were amazing and I definitely had to change my perception of it. It was not until I left the firm that I was working for and I was no longer bound to the morality clause in my contract that allowed me to be able to put my face and pictures online and begin to play with people, and found that it was an utterly fascinating and wonderful thing to do. The real turning point for me as a professional was when a gentlemen bought me a $500 pair of boots. I was only playing for fun and I wasn’t playing professionally. I remember looking at these boots and thinking that I can’t eat these. I don’t know why I have these. I would never buy $500 boots for myself. The boots had a receipt and I took them back and got the cash for it. I kind of sat there thinking to myself that I was missing a very vaulable thing here. I think I can turn this into a very profitable and satisfying vocation. I was meeting all these interesting people and I was getting to have all these iteresting experiences. It was a very conscious decision after that to research the industry and I took all my business acumen and all my background in psychology and decided that I would do things very differently than everyone else did.



Sinical Magazine: What stands out as some of your favorite things to do during a session?

Alexandra Snow: My favorite thing to do is to get inside someone’s head, and since everyone’s head is a very different playground, it’s a very interesting to navigate the twists and turns. There are certainly activites that I can do regardless. I’m a huge rope bondage fan, I love foot worship, and I have a huge nylons fetish. I can enjoy those things without the dynamic of the play. It’s way better if that person is really into those things than I’m satisfying two needs at once.

Sinical Magazine: What does the term subspace mean to you?

Alexandra Snow: Someone who does a lot of hypnosis can tell you that subspace is an altered mental state where the brain is flooded with enough chemicals and adrenaline and they are experiencing an essentially a mild altered state. It can be very good for the person to bond, it could be very good for them to experience catharsis, it could be very good for them to experience a wide range of sensations, but it also comes with a bit of responsibility from the dominant to be able to care for that person in essentially a fragile state.



Sinical Magazine: recently shut down their adult section. How do you think this will affect people’s ability to advertise?

Alexandra Snow: For the sex industry in general, the options for advertising have dried up like an African drought. I find this to be really dangerous, because the less safe options that sex workers have, the more they have to go to places that aren’t well managed and that can be very dangerious. It becomes very difficult to screen clients when you’re having to go through back channels. It also means that people will resort to basic code and they’ll resort to things that don’t allow for good honest client communication.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your favorite platforms to promote your photos and video work on?

Alexandra Snow: is my own membership site. It obviously has the lion’s share of my content.,, and are very good. recently treated myself and many other dommes like royalty at the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas. I was really impressed with them. It’s a really killer group of people. When I say they treated us like royalty, I mean they took us out to dinner, they took us out to shows, and they gave us wonderful places inside the show for booth signings. That is definitely my go to now for platforms, because I have a really great relationship with them now.



Sinical Magazine: When did you first start doing fetish video work?

Alexandra Snow: The first femdom videos I ever did was for and I want to say that was done in 2004 or 2005.

Sinical Magazine: How much preparation goes into the videos that you create?

Alexandra Snow: It takes approximately 2 hours of prep for each 15 minute video, between make-up, setting up all the lighting, doing all the costuming, doing all the scripting, etc. Sometimes I can get that down to 1 hour and a half, but about 2 hours is about average.



Sinical Magazine: What type of content seems to be the most popular for you?

Alexandra Snow: My femdom hypnosis is incredibly popular, but I would say that all my content is popular because I only produce popular content. Masturbation instruction and orgasm control is very popular. I do a lot of slave training. This is more like role-playing slave training. The person can obviously turn off the video at any time, so there is not a real world dynamic there, but as far as role-play it’s pretty effective.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become interested in using hypnosis for your video work?

Alexandra Snow: I have a background in psychology and hypnosis came along with that. I did some hypnosis work in my in person sessions. Although, I found it to be interesting, I didn’t find it to be particularly useful, because I’m very good at many NLP techniques, which are every similar to hypnosis. So to get someone into a slightly more disadvatage state is very easy to do in person, but you can’t really do that in videos, because the feedback loop isn’t there. I think I did a custom hypnosis video that was so well received that I was just inundated with requests for it, and I said I will keep trying that.



Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us what type of content is on your website?

Alexandra Snow: All the content on my website is female domination oriented. There are 6 updates a week. 5 of those updates are either solo or occasionally with another domme, and 1 update a week is always with either a male or female submissive. I usually do 2 photo sets a month on average. It all ranges from very tame types of sensual femdom to obviously more hardcore with male and female submissives.

Sinical Magazine: My last question is about your documentary project that you are working on. Can you elaborate on this?

Alexandra Snow: I was contacted by a female filmmaker out of Canada. She really wanted to portray the female domination industry without sensation, and wanted to do it very authentically and with a very positive light. I’m kind of gathering this group and collective of female business owners who are strong and powerful and very feminist from her perspective. We continued conversations and negotiations, and one of the big things that I did was I told them I would happily participate in this project, but you need to give me veto power over any scene to make sure it’s not taken out of context. The project focuses on the online world of female domination where it intersects with the in person sessions world and uses me as the guide to essentially introduce all these amazing people, but also focuses a lot on my life and what I’ve built with my dungeon in Columbus, Ohio, and all the videos that I’ve done, and all the unique creations I’ve made in the industry that weren’t previously there. The biggest part of this documentary was being able to show women and men that they didn’t have to be afraid of their proclivities and sexual desires and that they’re other people like them out there. We’re not the kind of weirdoes that everyone thinks we are. | 


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