Thursday, 18 January 2018

World's Smallest Postal Service

Tiny stuff is great.  It makes me feel like a giant.  If only junk mail came this small.

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Out of the San Fran Bay.

Check out their full array of services here : WSPS

I dumped my last girlfriend via facebook.  The next one will receive a tiny letter.


New Birth Control for Men That Actually Works

New 10 year birth control for men that works.  If they had this ten years ago, I might still have friends to hang out with.

DVice inserts the tip : "When it comes to birth control, it's a lot harder figuring out how to stop a bajillion little sperm than one little egg, but a scientist in India has managed to develop an injection for men that has so far proven to be 100% effective and completely reversible with no side effects. Sign me up.

The injection is called RISUG, which stands for "reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance." Let's just get the uncomfortable bit out of the way first: you can't just be injected anywhere, the doctor has to stick a needle into your scrotum. Twice. Yeah, bad times, but you'll deal, and here's why: after two tiny injections taking all of 15 minutes, study after study has shown that the injection is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. You won't suffer any side effects at all, it lasts a minimum of 10 years, and it's completely reversible with another few injections."

Now why we don't have it yet in the U.S. (the conspiracy) -

"So why is this not available yet? Well, not to go all conspiracy theory on you, but drug companies aren't especially interested in RISUG because they wouldn't make any money on it. The injection lasts a decade and the syringe would likely end up costing more than what's inside, so unlike male hormonal birth control (which they've been working on for years), patients wouldn't need to keep paying for more medication every month.

Luckily, there's a private foundation that's working to get RISUG approved here in the US, although they have to start more or less from scratch to do it. The company is called Parsemus, and they recently got $100k from the Gates Foundation to see if RISUG might work on women, too."

Read the whole story here.

A little pain in my balls now for a lot less in my life later... deal.




Just a Reminder of How Insignificant Humans Are.

Living in the city, I think people often forget how many stars are actually in the sky above.  Here's a nice reminder.

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Plains Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

Wired opens our eyes :   "Far from starscape-dulling city lights, farmer and photographer Randy Halverson spent three weeks creating a new video of the spinning night sky.

Shot from his central South Dakota farm, the video (above) features the Milky Way, which appears to our eyes as a fuzzy band but is actually an an edge-on view of dust lit by billions of stars. Summer is the prime season for North Americans to catch the Milky Way."

Reminds me of the time I ate mushrooms in the Arizona desert, only without the penguin.

Read the whole story here.


The Evolution of Teledildonics

Wikipedia defines teledildonics as "electronic sex toys that can be controlled by a computer."  They also state that, "In its original conception, this technology was to have been used for remote sex (or, at least, remote mutual masturbation), where the physical sensations of touch could be transmitted over a data link between the participants."

I seriously couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to.  Wikipedia states that the term was coined in the seventies.  That means the concept was around long before the technology existed.  I've heard about it.  Then I saw this:

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Motherboard gives us a reach around : "In 2000, Time magazine’s Joel Stein tried – and failed – to do the nasty with a porn star using an Internet-operated sex toy. How far we’ve come. Or have we?

“There are two fields in which I’m anxious to see technology improve: medicine and hard-core pornography. And since I’m not sick yet, I’m pretty focused on the porn thing,” Stein wrote in his 2000 article about the burgeoning cybersex industry."

Read the whole story here.



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