Friday, 23 June 2017

One man's pursuit to become un-gay

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete uses the scientific method to become straight.

Vice tells it to us straight: "Thanks to religion and the fact that certain people find butt sex “totally gross,” being gay can sometimes be a huge bummer. Due to this, there are some who would like to “leave the lifestyle.” But can this be done? Were we “born this way,” or do we have a choice? I wanted to find out. My original plan was to attend one of those Christian retreats where you stay in the woods for a week and learn how to appreciate vaginas, but they all require super-intense confidentiality agreements, so I wouldn’t have been able to make fun of it in a magazine. After doing some internet research, I (a 5 on the Kinsey scale, slightly less gay than Elton John) decided to spend a month self-administering treatment instead. Here are some popular conversion methods that I tested."

Gay-to-straight bedroom conversion. The 50 Cent poster helped familiarize Jamie with male nudity in a nonsexual context.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: PLAYING IT STRAIGHT - A Month of Giving Up Everything Gay - Vice Magazine


Amazing French Street Artist

I like this new wave of art on the streets. Check out French artist Oakoak.

See the rest of the gallery here:


Old WWII photographs depict a different side of war

Imagine if facebook was around during the war.  These would have been profile pics.

Even Nazis like kittens. "I can haz gas chamber." had this to say : "World War II is a war that one of the biggest loss and is a scar that it is difficult to erase in human memory.  Now, those people in the war – mostly were forced to fight – are considered to be a part of the monster created by the human.  However, as peace gradually dispersed the clouds of war, those people have begun to reveal their existence as individuals, they also have their own memories and personality.  The old photos in this figure show the other side of World War II, showing the people’s lives not only war.  Today they still have tremendous value."

Now that's a smart ass!

See all the photos here.


Coolest. Stage. Ever.

Seriously... this is awesome!

From Twisted Sifter: "Check out this incredible floating stage on Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria. The Bregenzer Festspiele (Bregenz Festival) has become renowned for its unconventional staging of shows. Verdi’s opera, “A Masked Ball” in 1999, featured a giant book being read by a skeleton."

And then Slayer came out and ate everyone's children.


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