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Eco-Friendly Mushroom Burial Suit

Parrot blog resume in 3..., 2..., 1.  Well, this is actually a pretty smart and interesting idea.  Unlike the "most useless Japanese inventions," which I still totally want.  This may be the answer to some of the postmortem issues that we face.

No. This chick is not a raver.

Disinfo makes a certain plumber wonder :

Someday the lifeless bodies of all of us may be laid into the cold earth zipped snugly in the outfit at right. Artist Jae Rhim Lee designed her mushroom burial suit to address how we part with the dead — “By trying to preserve the body we poison the living.” The garment is embedded with spores of toxin-cleaning, flesh-eating mushrooms that will consume the corpse wearing it, leaving the earth cleansed and renewed as we make our exit:

The first prototype of the Infinity Burial Suit is a body suit embroidered with thread infused with mushroom spores. The embroidery pattern resembles the dendritic growth of mushroom mycelium. The Suit is accompanied by an Alternative Embalming Fluid, a liquid spore slurry, and Decompiculture Makeup, a two-part makeup consisting of a mixture of dry mineral makeup and dried mushroom spores and a separate liquid culture medium. Combining the two parts and applying them to the body activates the mushroom spores to develop and grow.

Check out more here : Infinity Burial Project


Columnist Joel Jackson Reflects On The BET Awards Of 2011

Chief Editor of Gladiator's Magazine of Houston and guest columnist Joel Jackson looks back on this year's BET Awards.  Real journalism is always a nice break from Parrot Blogging.

I don't think that light is the end of the tunnel.


YEARS ago, Black Entertainment Television (BET) was considered the pinnacle of entertainment for African-Americans. It was a cable network created by us, for us, and to us. Primarily, the initial focus was on music, then onto news, original movies, and television shows.

Initially, "Video Soul" hosted by Donnie Simpson, then later on the addition of Sherry Carter as co-host, would seemingly overtake iconic show "Soul Train" as the destination for black performers to achieve "made it" status. I still remember video premiers of artists like R. Kelly, RuPaul; Tony, Toni, Tone, and even established artists such as Prince and Michael Jackson sitting on the couch in BET Studios talking about their music, hopes, and goals for the future. Bill Cosby wasn't the only person wearing $400 sweaters, as Donnie Simpson was known for also wearing them, along with his processed hair that looked like it belonged on a poster.

A spinoff of "Video Soul" was "Rap City," which specialized in all things hip-hop. Unlike MTV's "Yo! MTV Raps," "Rap City" focused on up & coming artists. They would also have popular MC's on, but the main objective was to play music that couldn't/wouldn't be played on MTV.

BET founders Bob & Sheila Johnson created and managed a masterpiece. It was culturally a success, and financially a gold mine. It was the gold mine aspect that led Viacom to spend $3 billion to purchase the network. Now, with BET President Debra Lee running the show, this channel has gone from a pillar of black pride, to a matter of a cultural abyss, and there is no larger example of this abyss than the BET Awards.

The BET Awards are designed to be an annual showcase of African-American achievement in music, television, and film. But watch for just a few minutes and one will see not a showcase, but a cacophony of "hood rich" gumbo designed to be an extravaganza. If you have never seen the BET Awards, thank whatever God you worship for retaining your brain cells. But if you have, try picking up a book to restore your sanity.

This year's monstrosity held in Los Angeles was hosted by comedian Kevin Hart, who still has not made me laugh. He commonly likes to make jokes about his 5 ft frame, which is appropriate seeing as though the rest of the normal sized "entertainers" at this year's version made his lame jokes easier to overlook.

I'm short... now laugh.

For the "performances," they featured Rick Ross walking around half naked (Please do not Google "Rick Ross" unless you are blind and reading the Braille version of this), Kelly Rowland who basically copied & pasted Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation tour & lip synched worse than Ashlee Simpson, Trey Songz who has no ability to sing live or on record for that matter, and Beyonce who was apparently too dignified to not appear in LA, instead e-mailing a YouTube clip of a show she did in lovely Glastonbury. I didn't mention the woman beater, Chris Brown, but at the same time, no need to mention the suburbs of Nagasaki circa 1945 to know that is was just as screwed as the main city.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, BET President Debra Lee came out and said some mumbo jumbo about blah, blah, blah, which in middle English translated was "Look at all of the buffoonery I am placing before you, and you people will continue to watch it and like it." And, as is tradition of any public appearance of Debra Lee, her wardrobe was designed by the House of Helen Keller.

I'm wearing Helen Keller tonight.

It is difficult to argue with the ratings, with teeny boppers eating up every minute of Lil' Wayne rapping about his bling and how he bangs hot chicks (still one of life's greatest mysteries, along with the Bermuda triangle and how Paris Hilton is relevant). This is what saddens me the most.

People watch this stuff. Apparently I did too, but thanks to the power of YouTube. I told myself I would not watch, but I heard so much from friends and colleagues on twitter and text that I just HAD to watch later on. This is also why BET will never be the same. All of the hundred dollar millionaires dream of one day gracing/polluting the stages of 106 & Park and walking the red carpet with blunt in mouth and big booty bitches on his/her side. The awards show is a  reflection of the hip-hop/r&b scene on the whole, where talented artists like  Foreign Exchange and Avery Sunshine must relinquish radio play to Lil' Bad Azz and Keri Hilson.

At the end of the day, the sun will still rise, water will still run down the Mississippi River, and there will be another BET Awards. These BET Awards will still be sponsored by such fine companies like Citi Trends (I wish I made that up), and there will plenty of people criticizing them. But that all important demographic will tune in like it is the Grammys, and BET will continue to swim in the cash. Do not think for one minute that controversy does not create cash. Critics will watch alongside middle & high school kids, and there will be a buzz that will make this show not go away, rather get bigger. And, unless I finally complete translating the Dead Sea Scrolls by this time next year, I guess I will continue to allow my brain cells to disintegrate. After all, I am always looking for more material.


Joel Jackson

Joel Jackson has been with Gladiators magazine since its inception in 2010. Joel began as a writer and assumed duties of Chief Editor late that year. He is also a member of the Football Writers Association of America. Contact Joel : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gladiators Magazine


Hacker Group Lulzsec Strikes Rupert Murdoch

Adding insult to injury, Rupert Murdoch was falsely reported dead by one of his own newspapers.  Not that he hasn't already had his hands full with trials and investigations on two continents.  Lulzsec... I would like to high five you guys and buy you a taco.

Wired wikileaks the story :

By Kevin Poulsen

They’re back. The hacker gang LulzSec, after declaring retirement last month, cracked the Rupert Murdoch–owned New Times on Monday and used it to host a fake news story declaring that the embattled media mogul had been found dead at his home.

The web defacement took the form of a mock article from Murdock’s The Sun, with the headline “Media moguls body discoverd” [sic]. The text goes on to claim falsely that Murdoch “ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden late last night.”

“We have owned Sun/News of the World – that story is simply phase 1 – expect the lulz to flow in coming days,” the group announced on its Twitter feed.

At the same time, some visitors were redirected from The Sun’s home page to the fake story, which appeared to have been blocked within an hour.

Murdoch’s news empire has been badly shaken in the last month by a massive voice-mail hacking scandal involving reporters at the UK-based News of the World, which Murdoch recently shuttered.

In May, LulzSec made news for the the first time with a similar attack against the website of PBS Newshour, in which it posted a false news story announcing that deceased rapper Tupac Shakur had been found “alive and well” in New Zealand. By then the gang had already hacked Sony’s Japanese website, and before that, where the group stole and posted 363 employee passwords, the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of 73,000 people who had signed up for audition information for the Fox talent show The X-Factor.

This makes me wish that I spent more time learning about hacking then just staring at Angelina Jolie's breasts in Hackers.  Read the complete article here.


Beavis And Butthead Slated To Make A Comeback

It's true!  One of the most beloved pop duos of the nineties returns to trash talk TV once again.  Thank whomever the popular deity in your region is that someone is bringing toilet humor back to the youth.

Expect convenience store nacho sales to increase again.

Daily Mail wants t.p. for it's bunghole :


Hit 90s cartoon Beavis and Butt-head is set to return to our screens in October, creator Mike Judge announced yesterday.

Judge was appearing at the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego when he announced the return, and also treated fans to a sneak peek of the new show.

In the clip, the two teenagers, still wearing their much-loved AC/DC and Metallica shirts, poke fun at shows including MTV's Jersey Shore and Teen Cribs.

'They're also watching UFC fights,' Judge said.

Asked why he had decided to bring back the programme after all this time, Judge replied: 'I felt like TV was getting too smart!'

Beavis and Butt-head ran from 1993 to 1997 when it made the jump to the silver screen in Beavis and Butt-head Do America.

Judge, 48, who also voices many of his characters, says that besides Beavis and Butt-head, he hopes to tackle live-action dramas in his creative future.

The duo will now show their more sophisticated side.

Billboard keeps whhacking off in the shed :

by AP

Judge came to Comic-Con to talk about the reboot of his beloved animated characters and offer a peek at the new season, which is set to premiere in October.

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Beavis and Butthead riff on The Jersey Shore


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