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Sinical May/June 2017 is now available!

Model: Donna Hood
Photography by Richard Marz
Assist by Mathew Leland
MUAH by Kira Von Sutra
Styling by Angela Ryan
Corset by Puimond

Sinical May/June 2017 issue. Featuring: Donna Hood, Lexy Lu, Holly Harlott, Gabbi Lace, and Lilly Loca.



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Model: Lexy Lu
Photography by: Black Rose


Photographer: Objektiv Photography
Model/MUA: Holly Harlott
Hair: Samantha Wilson
Latex: House of Etiquette
Leather accessories: Uncuffed Leather


Model: Gabbi Lace
Photography by: John Johnson of GT6 Photography


Model: Lilly Loca
Photography by: Mike Froger


Interview: Alexandra Snow (2017)

Model: Alexandra Snow
Photo by Laura Dark


This interview was featured in the March/April issue of Sinical. Print and digital copies can be purchased here.


Sinical Magazine: When did you first realize you were dominant?

Alexandra Snow: I’m not certain that I had a really good reference point for what dominant meant. I do know that I began to identify as a dominant female at 16, when I had my first female submissive who brought me a book called “Screw the Roses, Send Me The Thorns.” I didn’t really agree with most of the kink operations inside the book. It all seemed like needless nonsense. Why can’t I just spank you when you’re bad? I guess that was the first time I had verbage for it. I was putting little boys in dog crates when I was in elementary school. I had my first kiss by shoving some girl in the tack room when I was riding horses. That was certainly very consensual, she didn’t seem to mind, but I supposed that was a very dominant thing to do too.

Sinical Magazine: How did this lead to becoming a professional dominant?

Alexandra Snow: I had a very succesful white collar job. I was the marketing director for an accounting firm in Baltimore. I was a lifestyler, and I played a lot in the scene. I didn’t have a very high opinion of most professional dommes. Mostly because the women that I met seemed to not have chosen it as a vocation, but really chosen it as a not very good solution for their economic problems, so they were former escorts or phone sex workers and felt like professional domination was an easy out. I was later introduced to some professional dommes that were amazing and I definitely had to change my perception of it. It was not until I left the firm that I was working for and I was no longer bound to the morality clause in my contract that allowed me to be able to put my face and pictures online and begin to play with people, and found that it was an utterly fascinating and wonderful thing to do. The real turning point for me as a professional was when a gentlemen bought me a $500 pair of boots. I was only playing for fun and I wasn’t playing professionally. I remember looking at these boots and thinking that I can’t eat these. I don’t know why I have these. I would never buy $500 boots for myself. The boots had a receipt and I took them back and got the cash for it. I kind of sat there thinking to myself that I was missing a very vaulable thing here. I think I can turn this into a very profitable and satisfying vocation. I was meeting all these interesting people and I was getting to have all these iteresting experiences. It was a very conscious decision after that to research the industry and I took all my business acumen and all my background in psychology and decided that I would do things very differently than everyone else did.



Sinical Magazine: What stands out as some of your favorite things to do during a session?

Alexandra Snow: My favorite thing to do is to get inside someone’s head, and since everyone’s head is a very different playground, it’s a very interesting to navigate the twists and turns. There are certainly activites that I can do regardless. I’m a huge rope bondage fan, I love foot worship, and I have a huge nylons fetish. I can enjoy those things without the dynamic of the play. It’s way better if that person is really into those things than I’m satisfying two needs at once.

Sinical Magazine: What does the term subspace mean to you?

Alexandra Snow: Someone who does a lot of hypnosis can tell you that subspace is an altered mental state where the brain is flooded with enough chemicals and adrenaline and they are experiencing an essentially a mild altered state. It can be very good for the person to bond, it could be very good for them to experience catharsis, it could be very good for them to experience a wide range of sensations, but it also comes with a bit of responsibility from the dominant to be able to care for that person in essentially a fragile state.



Sinical Magazine: Backpage.com recently shut down their adult section. How do you think this will affect people’s ability to advertise?

Alexandra Snow: For the sex industry in general, the options for advertising have dried up like an African drought. I find this to be really dangerous, because the less safe options that sex workers have, the more they have to go to places that aren’t well managed and that can be very dangerious. It becomes very difficult to screen clients when you’re having to go through back channels. It also means that people will resort to basic code and they’ll resort to things that don’t allow for good honest client communication.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your favorite platforms to promote your photos and video work on?

Alexandra Snow: GoddessSnow.com is my own membership site. It obviously has the lion’s share of my content. www.clips4sale.com, www.iWantClips.com, and www.kinkbomb.com are very good. www.iWantClips.com recently treated myself and many other dommes like royalty at the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas. I was really impressed with them. It’s a really killer group of people. When I say they treated us like royalty, I mean they took us out to dinner, they took us out to shows, and they gave us wonderful places inside the show for booth signings. That is definitely my go to now for platforms, because I have a really great relationship with them now.



Sinical Magazine: When did you first start doing fetish video work?

Alexandra Snow: The first femdom videos I ever did was for clubdom.com and I want to say that was done in 2004 or 2005.

Sinical Magazine: How much preparation goes into the videos that you create?

Alexandra Snow: It takes approximately 2 hours of prep for each 15 minute video, between make-up, setting up all the lighting, doing all the costuming, doing all the scripting, etc. Sometimes I can get that down to 1 hour and a half, but about 2 hours is about average.



Sinical Magazine: What type of content seems to be the most popular for you?

Alexandra Snow: My femdom hypnosis is incredibly popular, but I would say that all my content is popular because I only produce popular content. Masturbation instruction and orgasm control is very popular. I do a lot of slave training. This is more like role-playing slave training. The person can obviously turn off the video at any time, so there is not a real world dynamic there, but as far as role-play it’s pretty effective.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become interested in using hypnosis for your video work?

Alexandra Snow: I have a background in psychology and hypnosis came along with that. I did some hypnosis work in my in person sessions. Although, I found it to be interesting, I didn’t find it to be particularly useful, because I’m very good at many NLP techniques, which are every similar to hypnosis. So to get someone into a slightly more disadvatage state is very easy to do in person, but you can’t really do that in videos, because the feedback loop isn’t there. I think I did a custom hypnosis video that was so well received that I was just inundated with requests for it, and I said I will keep trying that.



Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us what type of content is on your website?

Alexandra Snow: All the content on my website is female domination oriented. There are 6 updates a week. 5 of those updates are either solo or occasionally with another domme, and 1 update a week is always with either a male or female submissive. I usually do 2 photo sets a month on average. It all ranges from very tame types of sensual femdom to obviously more hardcore with male and female submissives.

Sinical Magazine: My last question is about your documentary project that you are working on. Can you elaborate on this?

Alexandra Snow: I was contacted by a female filmmaker out of Canada. She really wanted to portray the female domination industry without sensation, and wanted to do it very authentically and with a very positive light. I’m kind of gathering this group and collective of female business owners who are strong and powerful and very feminist from her perspective. We continued conversations and negotiations, and one of the big things that I did was I told them I would happily participate in this project, but you need to give me veto power over any scene to make sure it’s not taken out of context. The project focuses on the online world of female domination where it intersects with the in person sessions world and uses me as the guide to essentially introduce all these amazing people, but also focuses a lot on my life and what I’ve built with my dungeon in Columbus, Ohio, and all the videos that I’ve done, and all the unique creations I’ve made in the industry that weren’t previously there. The biggest part of this documentary was being able to show women and men that they didn’t have to be afraid of their proclivities and sexual desires and that they’re other people like them out there. We’re not the kind of weirdoes that everyone thinks we are. |



Interview: Sister Sinister (2017)

Model: Sister Sinister
Photo by Terminal F
Outfit by Kaori’s Latex Dreams and Lost in Wonderland
Corset: Westward Bound

This interview was featured in the March/April issue of Sinical. Print and digital copies can be purchased here.


Sinical Magazine: This is your third set and cover for Sinical. Can you talk about this photo series?

Sister Sinister: Yes! It’s very cool that this will be my third cover of Sinical Magazine. Thank you for having me again. These photos are actually taken in a corner of my office. We have this amazing old vinyl player/radio and I always wanted to take some pictures including it. I chose to layer a few pieces for this shoot, combining both latex, sheer fabrics, body harness, choker, corset and of course nylons. I wanted to keep it a little bit dark and moody but still glamorous. There are many many more photos from this set and they will later be up on my website.

Sinical Magazine: Which social media platforms do you like to use to promote your new images?

Sister Sinister: I try to use several platforms to promote new photos and video. I have been using Facebook a lot the last few years but it has become harder and harder to reach out to all the followers there since they changed their “system”, and now you have to pay big money for all your fans to see new posts. So I also post on Instagram and Twitter, where it’s not as restricted. They all have their pros and cons but I think a combination of them all is the best.



Sinical Magazine: You’ve relocated from Sweden to Germany. What caused this relocation?

Sister Sinister: I was in Germany for a photo shoot and by accident met a person who I got along with very well and that has a lot of experience in marketing, artist, and business development. We decided to go in to business together and as I have more work in Germany than in Sweden it just made sense to relocate to where I have better opportunities for work and also it would be easier for us to build up our company together. Other than that Germany is pretty great in general! Especially if you like beer, which I do.

Sinical Magazine: Aside from modeling, you are also a photographer. Can you talk about how you became interested in this?

Sister Sinister: That’s right. I actually do a fair bit of photography and also video these days. Especially for my company but also other clients. I was helping out a lot as a light assistant in the beginning of my modelling career which helped me understand that part of photography pretty well from the beginning. I would often also edit my own photos that I shot with my in house photographer at the time so to take the step to explore more of the photography side just came naturally to me. There was also many times that I had ideas I wanted to try or a specific image in my head I wanted to create and didn’t have someone around who could help me, so I ended up starting with self-portraits to make my ideas come to life and learned a lot that way. After that as I was working with designers to take product pictures for their web shops and promotion material and so on I would usually end up shooting that myself as well. It was just quicker, more convenient and I could make sure to deliver the material on time. Then I started shooting other models now and then, mostly friends who were patient and we already had a good relationship and were comfortable with each other. That helped me grow my confidence on the other side of the lens and now I really enjoy doing photography work of all sorts.



Sinical Magazine: What type of equipment and lighting do you like to use?

Sister Sinister: When I started I didn’t really have so much equipment to play with so I learnt how to get good pictures with not so many lights and my first camera was a Canon 1000D. I still prefer to keep it fairly simple and I love to shoot outside and use natural light when i can. These days I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. I use my old trusted Elinchrome flashes, and I could never live with out my beauty dish!

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any influences photography-wise?

Sister Sinister: There are many photographers who I look up to and that have inspired me during the years. I wouldn’t say that my work is in any way like theirs and you couldn’t look at my pictures and think “Aaah, that’s inspired by THAT photographer”. But I admire the work of for example Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, David LaChapelle, and I often return to admire the work of Nicolas Guerin. But there are so many talented people out there and so many gorgeous images to be inspired by.



Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about Terminal F? What inspired this project?

Sister Sinister: Well basically Terminal F is just a part of my company. But Terminal F was created partly because many models, like the ones we feature on Terminal F have a lot of great content and massive amounts of people following and admiring their work. But there was not really a good platform for them to display it so we wanted to create a place online were people can get so much more to see from their favourite models. And of course this will also help them finance their continuing modelling work as they work really hard and we want them to get something more out of it that can help them create more great art. Anyone can join Terminal F for free, but you can also choose get unlimited access to your favourite models content by getting a subscription to support them. We have our main models that have their personal zones on the site, like Starfucked, Psylocke, Kay Morgan, Lotte Groeneweg, MadMoiselle Peachy, and of course myself. But we also want to open up new and more possibilities for other models and even photographers, so therefore we have a guest section were we regularly feature the work of both models and photographers from all around the world. Whenever I spoke to models about the role of a model in our business in general, it turned out, that almost everybody is very passionate about shooting pictures and promoting themselves. We as models and also photographers invest a lot of time and money in our art. Some models even have hundred thousands if not millions of fans. Of course, companies like to advertise their products by using photos and names of models. But unfortunately I very often hear that models, although they work really hard, don’t make any profit. This is why I have my company designed to be an agency. Together with copyright-law professionals we want to raise awareness that every artistic person, model or photographer, always have rights to the art they create. We have during the last year created strategies that will help models and photographers to get a share of the profit that is made with their images without the danger of loosing customers. Besides this, there are many media companies that just use model’s material without having the permission to do so. We want to raise awareness and change this for a more fair future. Again I want to invite anybody interested to get in touch with us, I am sure that we can support a lot of artists out there.

Sinical Magazine: How much content is on the Terminal F website?

Sister Sinister: There is already quite a lot! The site has been online for a little under a month now, but already we have over 800 exclusive high quality photos online, over 30 minutes of HD video entertainment and a whole lot of exclusive private pictures from our models. And there will be so much more. We are very happy to be able to update the site almost daily with new material. And we have so many plans for the future of really cool stuff to add to the site. Like VR photos and video for example. You don’t want to miss that! 

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any other projects you would like to mention?

Sister Sinister: Other than Terminal F and the agency I have a few other projects going as well. From designing my own fashion to building my own new photography and film studio. These are very exciting and time consuming things. I also have some exciting photo jobs coming up both as a model and photographer, and even some of them abroad in nice warm countries. I will keep you updated on my projects and show you when I have some finished results. Don’t hesitate to contact me, anyone who would like to work with Terminal F, or book me for your own projects. Thanks for having me Sinical Magazine! |






Book review: Young Exotic Beauties by Richard Lopez


Goliath Books is a publisher of art and photography books. Founded in 1997, and specializing in publishing daring photography and art books.

Goliath's release Young Exotic Beauties is a small hardcover book. The book is 144 pages and features 140 color photos. The dimensions of the book are 5.5” x 8.5” - 14,5 x 21,5 cm.

The introduction is presented in several languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.



In the introduction, Doc Goliath discusses how at age 16, Richard Lopez, shot his cousin Ariana in a tiny bikini. This caused a scandal in the Lopez family. Today and many years later, he still photographs beautiful women in South America, wearing tight bikinis. He photographs them in an unconventional and almost "amateurish" way.


The locations in the book are primarily beach settings, poolsides, and other outdoor settings near the water. Some shots were taken around dusk, while others were shot during the daytime at outdoor locations. The lighting is naturalistic with some flash fill. The flash lighting is more noticeable in the dusk photos. The models wear bikinis, then appear topless, and fully nude in later photos in an individual series. There is a mixture of friendly facial expressions where the model is smiling and more sultry, sexy looks. There is good use of shallow depth of field and background seperation. 



My favorite photo sets are on pages 90-95 (Stefi), 102-107 (Verunka), and 134-139 (Denisse).


Publisher: GOLIATH.

Purchase a copy of the here.

ISBN: 978-3-95730-005-8


Page 4 of 133


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