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Interview: Nina de Lianin


Photographer: Moritz Maibaum -  
MUAH: Ophelia Overdose -  
Location: Berlin Dungeon - 

Cover Wardrobe:
Latex straps by Madrubb
Dress/cloak: Schwarzer Reiter
Stockings & Shoes: Fabulously Fetish


Nina de Lianin is a singer, dancer, model, and actress based in Berlin, Germany. This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical #18. Print copies can be purchased here


Sinical Magazine: When where you born and where?

Nina de Lianin: I was born on 23rd July, 1985 in Belgrade (Serbia) where I’ve spent 23 years of my life.

Sinical Magazine: Where are you currently located?

Nina de Lianin: I live in Berlin (Germany) and I love it so much, that I decided about one year ago to make it my base, although I’m traveling a lot.


Latex straps by Madrubb. Dress/cloak: Schwarzer Reiter. Stockings & Shoes: Fabulously Fetish.


Sinical Magazine: What was the first fetish magazine or book that you came across?

Nina de Lianin: Back then in Serbia the only source of information for real avant-garde was internet. I collected artworks and fashion photos I liked and somehow I came across to some fetish artworks. My first magazine was Marquis and now I can proudly say that I adorned their cover (#59) and two of their fashion covers Marquis Style (#60 and #62).

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in fetish modeling?

Nina de Lianin: I became aware of some at that time popular alternative models and I decided to try it myself. In Serbia it wasn’t that easy, because the market is pretty concentrated on mainstream culture, but as soon as I moved to Germany, a whole new world opened up to me. However I don’t see myself as alternative model, but as a fashion model with an avant-garde twist. Funny enough, my agencies represent me as commercial model, but I like to say for myself that I’m a character model.



Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand apart from others?

Nina de Lianin: Just being who you are, that’s the best you can do. Personality and character is all that matters today.

Sinical Magazine: How do you think the alt/fetish scene has evolved since you started modeling?

Nina de Lianin: Absolutely a lot! The last few years in mainstream fashion were inspired by alternative subcultures, so newcomer models and creatives from subscenes can find in fashion magazines a huge moodboard and endless inspiration. We started inspiring each other, which is great!



Sinical Magazine: From a model’s perspective, what do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Nina de Lianin: I don’t see pictures only as a model, to me it is about everything – about the concept, the composition, the lighting and also of course, that I look good. This consciousness came from my interest for art, it is not (only) about me looking skinny or sexy… So there is one piece of advice I always like to give to aspiring models and newcomers: for a model it is important to try out as many poses and looks and to see what works for her/him the best. Once you become aware of your body and facial expressions, you can totally relax and trust in the good taste of the photographer who you’re working with (if you don’t completely trust in his/her taste, then don’t accept to collaborate) – nobody wants to publish un unflattering photo, so relax and enjoy the shoot. We live in a digital world, not analog, so mistakes are totally legitimate and you can even learn something from them. And moreover - the more experience you gather, the less mistakes you’ll make.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what are your fetishes and why?

Nina de Lianin: I really love to emphasize my small waist and that’s why I have many waist-belts. I also like to wear very tight, but elegant and classy clothes (sometimes businessinpired with a little twist). All in all I like it when I look strict and powerful. High heels are a must, but slowly I’m starting to wear also lower heels like riding inspired boots etc. Things like casual and sporty exist for me only when I’m ill or do sports.



Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Nina de Lianin: I am 172cm tall, 85-59-89cm.

Sinical Magazine: What is your shoe size?

Nina de Lianin: It depends, it’s usually between 37 and 38 EU, UK5, US7.

Sinical Magazine: You have hosted three Dominatrix events, Fetish Evolution and have performed at German Fetish Ball. Can you talk about your experience with these fetish events?

Nina de Lianin: Fetish scene in Germany is very classy and style oriented. A lot is about fetish fashion and I really love that. It makes me feel majestic to stand on stage in front of these super chic people! On the other hand, Dutch are more into partying and I also like working at such events, because they are a very welcoming and warm crowd. They are not so “serious” about it, they just want to have fun. This year I already worked in Miami (“Von Gutenberg Fashion Ball”) and I experienced that the US scene is super mixed, including so many different subcultures, which is pretty cool, in April I’m hosting and/or performing at Fetish Evolution (GER) and Wasteland (NL), then in May at Kinky Kingdom (GER) and in June at German Fetish Ball (GER).



Sinical Magazine: You are also a singer and performer. Can you talk about this aspect of your art?

Nina de Lianin: That is my full time profession (musical theater – singing, dancing and acting). Currently I work in a horror theater “Berlin Dungeon” as actress and it’s a very nice job. I have enough time for my freelance jobs and I can say, as a person who has turned all her hobbies into her profession, I consider myself to be a very lucky person and I’m very grateful for that, although it surely wasn’t an easy path.

Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about your band In Strict Confidence?

Nina de Lianin: Work with ISC has been such an inspiration for me! Great people, great music! That’s also the first time that I tried myself out in songwriting and it is very fulfilling! We have a very loyal audience and every time we perform live for them gives us so much energy, it’s unexplainable, you just have to experience that! It’s totally different from my theater and solo work! Last year during our tour in Germany, I realized I could really do that forever.




Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Nina de Lianin: I really hate this question. I used to be very “true” and I mostly listened to rock and metal in my teenage years, but today it’s really about a song I’m listening to, not about the genre. For years I declined to listen to Madonna and other pop musicians, nowadays I realize – she has good songs! So yes, I listen to everything and everyone as long as I like the song. The only genre that I can say has something very special for me is trip-hop (like Recoil, Massive Attack, etc), but I also need to be in the mood for it.

Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about your work with Manfred Thierry Mugler?

Nina de Lianin: Mr Mugler created and directed the latest show at infamous “Palast Berlin” aka “Friedrichstadtpalast” called “The WYLD”. It’s like Las Vegas in Berlin and they have the biggest stage in the world. I had the honor of modeling for one video he directed for that show and also I gave my singing voice for one “catlady” dancer. However my collaboration continues both with Palast and with Mr Mugler, but as far as it comes to talking about the future projects with Mr Mugler, I’d like to wait until the time is right.



Sinical Magazine: Besides modeling, performing, acting and singing, what do you like to do for fun?

Nina de Lianin: I like traveling and learning about other countries and cultures, I like to be inspired by other artist’s exhibitions, performances and shows, maybe read a good book or learn a new language. Not that I manage to do everything, but certainly I try.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your favorite books and who are some of your favorite authors?

Nina de Lianin: I am a big fan of dark romantics, both in literature and painting. I find myself more in prose than in poetry. There is one novel by my favorite Serbian surreal writer, that I always give as a present to people I like, it’s called: Dictionary Of The Khazars by Milorad Pavic. It combines history and religion with dark romantics and surrealism. To make it even crazier the surreal part shows also in the interaction with the reader – you can start reading the book wherever you want. You can read it even backwards.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to mention?

Nina de Lianin: Next to my solo shows and emceeing I already mentioned for the first half of this year, I’d like to mention that my band will be performing this year at M’era Luna festival, which is one of my favorite ones! Next to ISC and many others, one of my favorite bands from my teenage years will be this year’s headliner - Nightwish. Also we’re working on our new album this year. And just like last year, I’ll be performing with my one-hour gala solo show (accompanied by my pianist Bijan Azadian) for about one month until Christmas, every night at Palast Berlin. This year will be a good year and that is what I wish to all of you who are reading this! |


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