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Interview: Miss Miranda (2015)


This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical #17. Print copies can be purchased here

Images by
Corset: Deadly Girls
Lingerie: Agent Provocateur
Gloves: Lux Tenebrae


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alt modeling?

Miss Miranda: Since a very young age I’ve been drawn to fetish style and was really into goth / fetish fashion when I was 12, 13 years old. I loved models like Masuimi Max and Emily Marilyn and dreamed about doing what they do one day. After I started performing burlesque at 17, I started getting asked to model for retro brands like What Katie Did, and soon after that I was contacted by Lady Lucie Latex. Obviously I was already very interested in latex (though I hadn’t had many opportunities to wear it since I couldn’t afford to buy it back then!) so I was really excited she wanted to work with me. We had a lot of fun shooting, and not long after she asked me to model in a catwalk show at Torture Garden, and everything grew from there!

Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers of fetish clothing?

Miss Miranda: Atsuko Kudo for latex, Puimond for corsetry, and Fabulously Fetish for heels would probably be my top three!



Sinical Magazine: The theme of this shoot is nylon fetish. What do you think the appeal of nylons is?

Miss Miranda: For me, it’s the way they emphasise the contours of the leg. Fully fashioned nylons in particular - they’re tailored to fit the curves of the leg so perfectly, and the delicate details of seam, heel, welt and keyhole really draw the eye in. And the way they feel against the skin is endlessly alluring, of course! Stockings are so suggestive too, that tantalising nudity where the stocking stops at the top of the leg and the rest begins...

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your favorite brands of nylons?

Miss Miranda: Eleganti and Gio for classic fully fashioneds, and Cervin for their fabulous ‘Swing Time’ fully fashioneds and their contrast 15 denier seamed stockings - I use these on stage for my burlesque performances.



Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about your fascination with extreme high heels and your collaboration with Fabulously Fetish?

Miss Miranda: I’ve been fascinated by high heels for as long as I can remember, really. One of my earliest childhood idols was Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman - I first saw her at age 8 and instantly fell in love with her. I’m a very visual person, and since I was a tiny child I was drawing, making masks, and my favourite thing to play with was my face paints. I’ve always been fascinated by costumes and makeup and their ability to transform a person’s character. I loved how Selina Kyle transformed from a frightened, uptight secretary into this formidable, powerful creature, unashamed to express her sexuality and her raw emotions. The fetish aesthetic of her look was extremely attractive to me, but on top of that it is symbolic of that transformation, which is so powerful. High heels embody that transformation to me - they completely change a person’s posture and often their mood and self perception too. I instantly feel powerful when I put on heels - and the combination of that feeling of power with the elegant feminine silhouette of the heels is irresistible to me.

I first saw Fabulously Fetish’s heels in an image on Tumblr. I’d been searching literally years for the perfect fetish pump (a la John Willie’s iconic illustrations) and when I saw this image, I’d found it! I contacted them right away about borrowing items to shoot, and the rest is history really. As soon as I wore their shoes, I didn’t want to use any others for shoots so now they make everything for me. I do have a beautiful pair of Louboutins, but other than those, I only shoot in FF!

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in performing burlesque?

Miss Miranda: About 11 years ago I heard about a new burlesque club open in London called The Whoopee! Club. At the time it was one of only two burlesque clubs in town - it was a tiny, underground scene back then. I was very interested in theatre, vintage style and costuming, and was making many of my own clothes too so an event like this was very appealing. I was a bit of an out cast at the time and didn’t really know anyone into the same things as I was, so I went alone. It was incredible - I felt I’d finally found a place I fit in and where people were interested in me and appreciated my unique style - the producers and performers seemed intrigued by me and were so welcoming. They sort of took me under their wings, I went to every show and soon they were letting me in free and encouraging me to start putting together my own acts which I took to with a passion, and never looked back.



Sinical Magazine: What inspired some of your current burlesque routines?

Miss Miranda: All sorts of things! Often ideas come from hearing the music. I hear it and think ‘I have to perform to this’ and my mind starts constructing a character and a theme around the mood of the music, and the colour scheme and costume grow from there. Occasionally I’ll have a very visual idea for a character and costume pop into my head, and I have to figure out what music would work best for her. The process varies each time really!

Sinical Magazine: How much preparation goes into your burlesque routines?

Miss Miranda: Inspiration can strike very quickly, but I usually spend a long time figuring out exactly how I want to realise a new act idea - it can take as much as a year to figure out all the details of music, costume, choreography and props! I generally have several act ideas percolating in the back of my mind at once. I make my costumes myself too so put a lot of time into creating and embellishing them - that’s something I’m extremely passionate about.



Sinical Magazine: Who are some burlesque performers that inspired you in the beginning?

Miss Miranda: One of the first burlesque shows I saw was Dita von Teese performing at a Marilyn Manson album launch party in London. It was the first time I’d seen a feather fan dance and I found it absolutely enthralling. Immodesty Blaize performed at The Whoopee! Club when I started working there and she was a big inspiration to me too, definitely. More recently, since starting to do shows in the US I’ve absolutely loved working with Elle Dorado, Medianoche and Hazel Honeysuckle who are all fantastic performers, and being asked by Roxi D’Lite to be a part of Theatre Bizarre in Detroit around Halloween was a huge honour - I admire her immensely!

Sinical Magazine: Which venue has been your favorite to perform at?

Miss Miranda: Theatre Bizarre was certainly a highlight of this year! The event took place in the Detroit Masonic Temple, and the whole place was decked out with incredible artwork and light up signage. The stage I performed on was built in the shape of the Devil’s face with a catwalk forming his tongue that we danced down after entering through his mouth - so amazing! Another of my favourite venues is The House of Blues in New Orleans where I perform regularly for Bustout Burlesque, accompanied by a live jazz band. It’s one of my most favourite shows to perform in - it has such a fantastic atmosphere!



Sinical Magazine: What do you like to do for fun when not modeling or performing?

Miss Miranda: One of the things I enjoy the most is travelling and exploring new places, so I’m extremely happy that I get to do that as part of my work. Whenever I go to a new place I always try to make sure I have time free to find interesting art galleries and museums, and local bars and restaurants... Not just work! I love nightlife and being in clubs but since I do that for my work so much, when I have some down time I actually really love to stay in! I have friends round to my place and cook, make cocktails and watch great movies. I’m a huge film fan. That’s one of my favourite ways to relax. I also really love yoga and working out - obviously they’re great to keep me fit but the best thing is how much they help reduce stress. I have to juggle a lot being my own boss, so if I couldn’t unwind at the gym I’d probably go insane!

Sinical Magazine: You are planning to relocate to Los Angeles next year. Can you talk about this move?

Miss Miranda: I have been planning to move to the U.S. for a couple of years, and got myself a visa last year - there are far more exciting performance opportunities for me in America than there are in the UK. It was amazing for me in 2013 to be invited to perform in a major casino production (The Burlesque Show at The Borgata casino in Atlantic City) - we just don’t have burlesque productions on this scale in the UK, and it really opened my eyes to new opportunities. After visiting LA in April I just fell in love with the atmosphere - it’s full of creative people like me and seems like the perfect place to pursue both the performance and modelling sides of my career. And I absolutely love the climate too!



Sinical Magazine: You recently released a calendar. Can you talk about your collaboration with photographer Richard Marz?

Miss Miranda: I met Richard back in April when I visited LA for the first time. We discovered within minutes of meeting that we were on the same wavelength creatively, so it was very exciting and rewarding collaborating on shoots! We created some wonderful images and had such fun working with each other, it made perfect sense to do my calendar project together too. I came back to LA in June and we shot the whole calendar on location around the city and in the Mojave dessert too - it was a real adventure, and these are truly some of the best images I’ve ever shot, I’m so proud of what we’ve done! :)

Sinical Magazine: Are there any projects or upcoming events you would like to mention?

Miss Miranda: My 2015 calendar is available to buy now through my Bigcartel store and Etsy, and I’ll be signing and selling copies in person at The Grand National Roadster show in California this January, and at Viva Las Vegas in April. Later next year I’ll be performing in The Burlesque Show in Atlantic City again, dates to be confirmed soon. For more info please visit my website and social media! |

2015 calendar available now at:


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