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Vesmedinia Interview

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Vesmedinia is a Murcia, Spain-based alternative & gothic model.


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alternative modeling?

Vesmedinia: My first boyfriend was a photographer and he introduced me to this world about 5 years ago. Having an alternative taste in fashion made it the only kind of modeling I was interested in at the time. Now I'm a fan of other styles too, such as fashion and fetish.


Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Vesmedinia: In inches: 34" 24" 35" and I'm 5'3" tall.


vesmedinia 02

Photo: Criogenia



Sinical Magazine: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a model?

Vesmedinia: The most interesting thing is the comments I get when I shoot outdoors, people freak out even if I'm wearing casual clothes. I think they're not used to cameras where I live. But the best thing is I can meet people I wouldn't be able to meet otherwise. I've made a lot of lovely friends thanks to this work.


Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers and designers that you've worked with?

Vesmedinia: Regarding photographers I've recently worked with Rebeca Saray and Joaquin Sanchez.  Regarding designers: Antonio Bordera, UK Custom Plugs and the german brand Value Merch. I'd also like to mention Marisa Ceba make up artist, her work is amazing.


vesmedinia 03


Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

Vesmedinia: I can't decide! I love high heels and boots, I have a huge collection at home, but I also adore corsets and shiny clothes, specially latex.


Sinical Magazine: In your opinion, Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

Vesmedinia: Mosh, Ulorin Vex, Starfucked, Below Dark Water and Nephania. I think Twiggx deserves to be mentioned too even though she's not active now.


vesmedinia 04


Sinical Magazine: And Who are the top 5. alt. photographers, currently?

Vesmedinia: Marco Ribbe, Rebeca Saray, Thomas Bak, Natalie Shau and Brian Ziff.


Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Vesmedinia: Everything from post-punk and darkwave to ebm and indutrial. I also like some alternative rock. Some bands I've been listening to a lot lately are Linea Aspera, New Order, Bauhaus and The Eternal Fall.


vesmedinia 05


Sinical Magazine: Your photo sets have a dark and gothic themes. Have you always been drawn to gothic culture?

Vesmedinia: I could say so. Since an early age, I was obsessed with vampires and the occult in general. I swear I was the Addams Family's biggest fan as a kid. But I just had a penchand for dark things,  I did not know what goth was until some years later. As I grew up I discovered the music that was associated with the scene and at about 10 I started dressing all in black. And well, you know the rest!


Sinical Magazine: Outside of modeling, what are some of your interests?

Vesmedinia: I'm almost only atracted to art, from music to photography or drawing. I have a music project for which I started writting some songs last year, but I think I'm the least constant person when it comes to composing because I haven't completed anything yet. Time will say if I finally finish and upload some of that (This will go to my New Year's resolutions!).


Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in Murcia, Spain?

Vesmedinia: I would describe it as non-existing. There's nowhere to go and only a couple of good shows from time to time. I recently had the pleasure to see The Eternal Fall live, they were amazing!. But apart from that, there's little to do here.


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