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Nephania Interview

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Nephania is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based alternative & gothic model.


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alternative modeling?

Nephania: I've always like to express myself in creative ways. While I was studying photography I got asked to be part of a project portraying alternative styles and it was a lot of fun. Just a short while later I found myself modeling clothing for Odium Clothing (this was back in 2005) and I got contacted by the agency that I still am with, Nocturnal Agency.

Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?
Nephania: I'm just 166 cm tall (that's what platform boots and stilettos are for, right?;) measuring 91-68-90.


nephania 02

Latex: Maebelle Latex.


Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

Nephania: Uniqueness, a bit of fun and a dash of flair. Doing something new! The whole point of doing alternative modeling for me is to not just copy what's already been done, I like to do different genres, styles and try new ones to avoid getting stuck in one particular look. I think if you like doing what you're doing, it shows.

Sinical Magazine: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a model?

Nephania: I get to meet a lot of very nice and interesting like-minded people. I enjoy being surrounded by creativity. Oh, one time I actually got suspended from Facebook because they thought I was a faker of myself. I had to prove my identity by sending them a copy of my ID. I believe that is model related.


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Latex: Maebelle Latex.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you've worked with and who are some you would like to work with?

Nephania: I've worked with Iesus, Elin Strigå, Joakim Karlsson and Ryan Garrison to name a few. Would love to do some work with Josefine Jönsson :)


Sinical Magazine: Who is more of an influence: Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese?

Nephania: I'll have to go for Dita.


nephania 04

Photo by Iesus.

Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

Nephania: It's hard to pick, there are so many beautiful and talented people out there. But to name some fellow Swedes, Elegy Ellem and Sister Sinister are both absolutely stunning.

Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5. alt. photographers, currently?

Nephania: Again, it's impossible to pick. I've worked with many very talented photographers, and I recently discovered Moritz Maibaum who I think is amazing.


nephania 05Photo and corset: Antoxica.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

Nephania: Hmmm... that's a tough one, I'll have to go with lingerie, haha. I always find myself purchasing more lingerie than I actually need. (or have the time to wear) And corsets of course!

Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Nephania: Currently I'm into Antoxica corsets and Maebelle Latex, which both I've had the pleasure to work with.

Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Nephania: It's quite a mix ranging from classic rock to metal as well as swedish and international pop music, but the genre that describes my taste the most is without a doubt gothic metal!

Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

Nephania: There are quite a few options club wise actually which is really fun! Sweden has surprisingly much to offer considering how small of a country it is (and let's be honest, we're only 9.5 million people living here.


Sinical Magazine: Where can Sinical readers see more of your work?

Nephania: I'm still working regularly with Odium, ( and also Maebelle Latex and Antoxica as mentioned above ( and Apart from that I can be found on my website as well on my facebook page:

Nephania's Official Facebook

Nephania's ModelMayhem


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