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Mistress Zena Interview


Mistress Zena is a Nottingham-based Professional Dominatrix. This interview was featured on our sister-publication's site: subspace Magazine.


subspace Magazine: When did you first realize you were into kink?

Mistress Zena: I was doing a photo shoot as a glamour model and there was a local ProDom also shooting in the same studio. She needed some assistance in a scene and I volunteered, did a bit of whipping and humiliation and thought “I like this.”


subspace Magazine: How did you get started in a career in professional Domination?

Mistress Zena: Refer to the answer above. I was asked if I would like to help her out on occasions and accepted. It was fun and easy money. After a while I got my own website and hired a small flat in a block. It didn’t take long for the bookings to start coming in.


subspace Magazine: What do you try and achieve in a first time session with a slave?

Mistress Zena: A good level of trust- vital to getting the most of the session; To instill how vital it is to not be embarrassed or uncomfortable about telling me what’s on his kinky mind, (I’ve heard it all before). A good rapport helps to take sub on his journey in my Facility all the while instilling the protocol, boundaries and what I expect of him.




subspace Magazine: What are some things you like to make a new slave try?

Mistress Zena: Anything he’s never tried before! Especially if it’s because he’s been too scared to, as opposed to simply not having the item to experiment with. I tend to introduce subs to breathplay, catheterization, needle-play, insertable electro play and taking strap-on.


subspace Magazine: What is your favorite piece of BDSM equipment or favorite device?

Mistress Zena: That’s a mean question! Have you seen how much gear I have?  Let’s see... I love my e-stim boxes with all the attachments like the flexi-sound and the ‘live’ gloves. The Rocket-my steel electric strap-on. The Medical bed is just wonderful, super sturdy 1950’s hospital bed. Gyno stirrups at one end, hole at the head end for the face down patients, detachable arms to pin the patient arm out in the lethal injection position. Before I do a thing they are nervous! I’m very proud of the Robojac. A mechanical milking device for the penis. Purchased in America along with various sized suction chambers. It has adjustable stroke length, speed and suction power. All subs wear a condom, so it goes on and sucks away until the sub cums. Or if I feel like it I’ll turn it off when he’s close, over and over.  If I allow sub to climax I might just leave it running so the slightly tender cock is forced to stay hard in the vacuum still getting milked.


subspace Magazine: Can you tell us about your private dungeon "The Facility"?

Mistress Zena: Located a short walk from my home, I have it purely for sessions. An unassuming little domestic frontage however, once in the door it’s a different world. It’s always kept very dark, classical music plays. There’s no domestic furniture apart from the Bosses chair, very comfy for foot worship, and downstairs is single bed with iron framing for the spread-eagled sub.  All other furniture is designed for restraint and ease of access to parts of my critters. Whipping bench, dental chair, medical bed, inverter (where sub is gripped at the ankle and hung upside down to experiment on) It is spotlessly clean, consequently has a unique yet comforting familiar smell.  All equipment is displayed in cabinets or along the work top in the kitchen so I can get to anything instantly  (Also for subs to see something and request its use in session). Downstairs is the bathroom where I enjoy offering a watersports ending to some sessions, and all guests are allowed to take a nice hot shower. This gets them on the road to returning to their regular persona and probably back to work. Many of my subs tell me they pass the Facility on their journey through Nottingham and always smile to themselves, knowing what goes on behind that plain door.



subspace Magazine: What is your favorite type of session play?

Mistress Zena: I love medical play, with lots of restraint incorporating sensory deprivation, electrics and needles. I love wearing lots of latex in session and am more than happy for subs to request  me wearing one of my catsuits. Foot worship is also something I really enjoy. This is the one session where I sit down, and do nothing.  I possess tiny size 2 & half feet; pedicured and smooth so subs who adore the female foot are regular visitors. I don’t direct these much. I look at them as a relaxing sedate time for Mistress and sub to have a nice quiet time of connection. Nice to begin or end a full- on intense session too. I tell him to tend, kiss, caress, massage and love them. As long as there’s no teeth involved, he can’t go far wrong. I’m in heaven.


subspace Magazine: What has been the most interesting roleplay request?

Mistress Zena: I don’t entertain roleplay requests. I find them too restrictive, and in a way the sub is stepping over the boundaries, I control the session not him. He may request things that he enjoys, be it medical, CP, foot worship, etc,  but not a scripted detailed plan on how he wants it to pan out, what he wants me to say, when to say it, how to say it. Learning lines for his enjoyment? I’ve had a script thrust in my hand many moons ago, he sat expectantly waiting for me to memorize what had been in his head all his life, and was now on 2 sheets of paper to be learned by me in 2 minutes!! That is giving him control, and when you give that to a sub you could be in big trouble. P.S. - I have no idea what 2 sheets of paper tastes like or how it digests, I never did bother to contact him again to find out!


subspace Magazine: What was your first time experience like with a foot worshipper?

Mistress Zena: Having had beautiful feet and extreme arches all my adult life previous boyfriends have been in awe of them, and have lightly worshipped them. My husband absolutely loves them and is always kissing them, and I had been married long before I became a Pro-Domme so having my first foot worshipper was nothing new. The novelty was him turning up and handing me a substantial amount of money for the privilege! Bonus! It was and still is lovely to watch, feels so good having my toes sucked and my arches gently massaged.


subspace Magazine: How would you introduce a slave to forced feminization/strap-on training?

Mistress Zena: I don’t believe in “forced feminization”, if a client asks for it that means he wants to try it, so how is that forced! Forced would be a sub turning up for a foot worship or medical session and bending him over my bench and shoving my cock up his ass, which I would never do. Strap-on training however is something I pride myself in being supremely good at. I’d say 8 out of 10 subs come to me for it. They are in a submissive yet relaxed position. On their back preferably no mask so they can look at me as I take them, legs up on the stirrups so ass is exposed yet legs are held up and apart. Starting with a gloved finger, moving on to small butt plugs, then dildos, finally when they are relaxed enough and mentally in a very submissive, trusting place I slip on my harness containing an appropriate sized cock for his level of ability, never any bigger; it’ll just hurt maybe cause micro tears around the anus-not good! Most important....lube!


subspace Magazine: What is proper slave protocol for someone about to session with You?

Mistress Zena: Let’s start at the very beginning...their first point of contact will be seeing my website so it’s not too much to ask to read it before dialing the number and saying ‘can I have details please?’  Do your research, know my tributes, location, services and very important-what I don’t do. By all means email to find out if I’m around on a date (I’m known to take a holiday or 7 each year) keep it short and to the point. Height, looks and career choice are not important. Phone calls are polite..’Hello is that Mistress Zena’ or ‘Hello Mistress, my name is ...., I’ve seen your website fully and I would love to visit you. Are you free today?’ .....Easy! I don’t answer to ‘morning love’ or any over familiar talk. During session I am called Mistress or Goddess at all times, pick one-stick with it. I’m friendly yet firm and my dominant personality is obvious. This is why I never need to raise my voice. Sub is allowed to talk provided permission is sought and it’s pertinent to session. I’m happy to hear ‘your pain is delicious, please deliver more..push me’ etc..I enjoy the feedback from them. I don’t enjoy ‘no talk-no eye contact-sub looking at the floor’ sessions. Compliments are always allowed!


subspace Magazine: Are you more sensual or sadistic as a Mistress?

Mistress Zena: I’m a sadist. I take great enjoyment in delivering pain and suffering. I get satisfaction to the point of getting a rush from inserting needles into penis heads and nailing ball sacks to a bit of wood. Having said that I will lean in nice and close so he can glimpse the cleavage inhale the scent of Me, whisper quietly in his ear ‘this will hurt like fuck, I am going to enjoy every second and you will deal with it because it’s what drives me’ all with a sweet smile on my face and gently, tenderly holding the body part to be mutilated. I’d say a delicious mix of both!



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