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Nylon Model Eve Interview

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Eve is a nylon fetish model based in Europe. She runs several adult fetish sites such as and

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in fetish modeling?

Eve: I had my first photo shoot in 1999. At that time I worked for an internet livecam company making special Latex shows. To advertise in Fetish magazines they needed professional photos and sent me to a great photostudio near Heilbronn/Germany. I just loved those magnificant photos. I enjoyed working with the photographer so much. He rebooked me for one of his own projects. My passion to model was born and I signed up with some internet model agencies and got regular jobs to model. For over 12 years now I have worked as a European internet model for various fetish websites, but also for soft videos, some books and art exhibitions.

Sinical Magazine: When did you first realize you had a nylon fetish?

Eve: Well, hard to say if it was a contingency or my destiny. When I was 16 I was invited to a big carnival party. I went through my mothers costumes and ended up with a costume called "Angelique". It consisted of a tight corset with garters, black seamed stockings and a sexy dress, short in the front with a long train on the back. I guess that was the day, when I felt for the first time sexy and seductive and it was "my evening"! This night, not only did I feel sexy and as a real woman, but I also noticed how it attracts men: to see the women's curves, the legs in stockings and even more when they sneak a peak on one of my clippers. From that time stockings, lingerie and pantyhoses became part of my life and my sexuality.



Sinical Magazine: What is your favorite brand and style of nylons stockings?

Eve: For sure the Vintage Stockings in it's original box. I love the smell of it, to take them out of their soft tissue, knowing to wear something unique and bold! I'm very proud to own one pair of Sophia Loren's stockings including the box with her photo on it!

Sinical Magazine: What is your favorite brand of pantyhose?

Eve: I'm a Wolford fan 100 %!!! I used to travel one's a year to Bregenz Austria to buy directly from the fabric.


Sinical Magazine: What size are your feet?

Eve: My feet size is EU 37/38 and US 7

Sinical Magazine: Do you enjoy nylon foot worship?

Eve: For sure I do! Toes and feet are very sensitive, and feeling a mouth or a tongue on my feets/toes is a big turn on for me!



Sinical Magazine: Some of your photos feature you encased in nylon. Is nylon encasement a fetish if yours?

Eve: Yes, it is. I love to cover my complete body in nylons and pantyhoses and I enjoy it even more, if my partner does the same. Rubbing our bodies on each other feels like electricity. It turns me on, I love the noise of it.

Sinical Magazine: Are you more Dominant or submissive?

Eve: For sure Dominant with men and when I have sex with women it is equal.


Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers of vintage clothing?

Eve:I don't have any favorite designers. I buy what I like but I have my favorite materials or styles. I like satin or mesh material and I like the tight feeling on my body. Thats why I love to wear tight corsets, girdles, belts and of course sexy tight dresses. As I love to show my legs, I preferable buy short clothes or long dresses with sexy slits.

Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about your sites: and

Eve: I started my own website 10 years ago: This is my own project and I show my personal passion and my various styles and acting. I really do love stockings and I will never ever have enough of them, but my real passion are the genuine vintage stockings. I have collected them for many years. Also, I have a site dedicated to vintage stockings, girdles and corsets called: There you will find only rare vintage stockings, mainly also with original lingerie and clothing. I love to be in contact with like-minded people and whenever I find the time, I answer my e-mails in detail. Over the years I received many, many emails. People asking where I bought this, or that and as I kept sending people to various internet shops the idea to run my own shop was born. Last year I found the right partner to start this project Oksana, is a very nice lady from Luxembourg and she is not only as crazy for stockings as me, but she is also a collector with over 10,000 pairs of vintage stockings. We would be pleased if you have a look at our shop and maybe you want to buy something for your love or why not for yourself! We do find men in lingerie, stockings and high heels very seductive too!

Sinical Magazine: How can Sinical readers contact you?

Eve: You are welcome to E-Mail me under This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you send me an nice mail, you can expect a nice answer :-)



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