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Hollis Ireland Interview

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This interview was featured in our Winter Issue of Sinical Magazine.

The lovely model, Hollis Ireland, took time out from her Texas tour to shoot and speak with Sinical at Houston's Avant Garden located on 411 Westheimer. Hair & Make-up was provided by: Monica Lucereo & Cerlin Miranda.


Danny Stygion: How did you get started in modeling? 

Hollis Ireland: I started with a very typical dream for an early twenty-something who loved alternative culture and eclectic beauty: I wanted to be a SuicideGirl. I had a couple local photographers shoot some photos sets for submission to the site. After seeing the nightmare that was/is the inner workings of SuicideGirls, I decided to post the photos on instead. I wasn't even serious about taking gigs until I booked my first, paid shoot on a whim. I modeled part-time in college to supplement my income as an adult boutique clerk, and then decided to go full-time once I saw the state of the economy after graduation.


Danny Stygion: How long have you been modeling professionally?

Hollis Ireland: I've been modeling for about 5 years, and I have always approached my gigs with a professional mind set. I'm not sure when, if ever, I officially crossed from "amateur" to "professional." I'm still not sure if I can really be considered a "professional!" I never expected to be doing this as a full-time job, but I love the opportunity to be responsible for my own reputation and network with interesting, intelligent individuals.


Danny Stygion: What is your taste in photography?

Hollis Ireland: I like just about anything that scares/offends/horrifies the masses. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie when it comes to my taste in photos. I need something more to capture my attention and get my heart pounding. I do a lot of mainstream work because I like to keep a diverse portfolio, but my true interests lie in the macabre and taboo.



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Danny Stygion: What would be a dream shoot for you?

Hollis Ireland: I can't paint a perfect picture of what my dream shoot would entail, but it would probably include some and/or all of the following: taxidermy mounts, blood, gothic lace, Bordello shoes, a knife, and a corset. This shoot would take place in an abandoned, and hopefully haunted,1920s-style parlor.


Danny Stygion: You have worked with many great photographers, such as Chas Ray Krider and Holly Randall. Is there a  particular shoot that stands out in your mind?

Hollis Ireland: Holly and Chas were both wonderful. Chas is ridiculously creative, even if he isn't initially wowed by a concept. I think he was a bit skeptical about the shoot concept I brought forth for our Hustler's Taboo spread in the May 2010 issue, but he gave my concept a life force I never could have created on my own. Holly was a true pro. She was very accommodating and treated her talent with respect. It was wonderful to shoot with a producer who understood the business side of the porn industry.


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Danny Stygion: What was it like working with Chas Ray Krider?

Hollis Ireland: Chas never stops seeing things with the eyes of an artist. He details each individual shot like a painter, stopping here and there to change the position of a glass or re-arrange the lay-out of some bondage rope. He puts so much of himself into his work, which is why he can take any concept and turn it into something incredible.


Danny Stygion: There is a fetish video of you with Kendra James on that you have recently promoted. How did you get involved in adult fetish site work?

Hollis Ireland: I've been doing fetish work since the day I began modeling. I booked a bondage shoot the first month I started accepting gigs on ModelMayhem! The photographers/producers were a husband and wife team, and they were very friendly, fun, and professional. They have become two of my favorite industry friends. My first experience doing fetish/bondage was so positive that I kept accepting more of these gigs. Fetish producers are usually great people with whom to work.



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Danny Stygion: What are your fetishes?

Hollis Ireland: There isn't any one fetish that I find more of a turn-on than another. I've dabbled in bondage, role play, sex with women, and strap-ons, to name a few. Toys are probably my favorite, though. I have a huge collection of vibrators from the time I spent working at an adult boutique in college. I'm obsessed with keeping up with the latest developments in the adult toy industry.


Danny Stygion: You have mentioned that you're into Chuck Palahniuk on your profile. Which of his books is your favorite and why?

Hollis Ireland: My favorite Chuck story is his short, "Guts." It really doesn't get any more Chuck than this! When I heard that it had made some readers puke, I knew I had to get my hands on this little delicacy.



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Danny Stygion: Did you get the name Hollis from one of his books?

Hollis Ireland: Hollis actually came from one of my favorite bands, Rasputina. The lead singer named her first daughter Hollis, which is technically a boys' name or a last name. I had never heard it before, and found it very vintage-like and interesting.


Danny Stygion: You are relocating from St. Petersburg, Florida to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this November. Can you tell us about the move?

Hollis Ireland: I loved the time I spent in Florida because I am very much into outdoor activities, but the social scene ultimately bored me. Philly is home to the girl who I've called my best friend since I was seven, and that is a big part of why I'm moving there. She showed me the amazing heart of Philadelphia. I've only stayed there for a total of 3 months, but I already have more friends in Philly than I do in Florida!



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Danny Stygion: How did your tour of Texas go?

Hollis Ireland: I never could have expected my first, solo tour to turn out so perfectly! Usually my boyfriend helps share the long-distance driving and keeps me company in the hotel rooms, but I had to fly solo after he returned to grad school this Fall. It was exhausting, but satisfying and fun. I love getting into my work-a-holic mode. I met a lot of influential, talented photographers, and made some great friends.


Danny Stygion: What's up next for, Hollis Ireland?

Hollis Ireland: I hope to be able to use my college degree in event planning at some point in the near future. I'd love to pursue an interesting internship and get my foot in the door to what is behind-the-scenes of the alternative culture industry. I've interned with HorrorHound Magazine's Indianapolis convention as well as FetishCon in 2010, and I adore my job at an adult boutique as an undergrad. If I could find a career to put me deep in the heart of the horror and/or porn business as a woman in a suit, I'd die happy.


Check out Hollis on: ModelMayhem


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