Sunday, 18 February 2018

Brandon McConnell Interview


SINICAL MAGAZINE: How did you become involved in spray paint art? 

BRANDON MCCONNELL: I became involved with spray paint art after seeing a street artist in Tijuana, Mexico. I became instantly interested in the artform and began to practice making my own paintings a few days later.

SINICAL MAGAZINE:  How long did it take for you to perfect your style?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: I dont know if I'll ever perfect my style, but I got good enough to where I could paint live and sell my paintings at local fairs and markets about a year later.
SINICAL MAGAZINE:  Why is space your favorite paint subject?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: Altough I enjoy painting space scenes, space isnt necessarily my favorite subject to paint. The techniques I use lets me easily create rock textures and strange color patterns that look great in a space themed painting. Thats why many of the paintings I make are space themed.

SINICAL MAGAZINE: What other subjects or environments do you like to paint? 

BRANDON MCCONNELL: I also like to paint many types of nature painting such as underwater and ocean scenes. I have painted desert scenes and snow scenes, and abtract paintings. Sometimes I use stencils to incorporate the sillouette of a couple kissing, or different land or sea animals.



SINICAL MAGAZINE: Besides spray paint, what other tools do you use to create your art?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: Some of the other tools I use are different round lids from jars and containers to use as the stencil for my planets. I use duct tape to hold down the posterboard paper I paint on to my board. I use various straight edge tools to create straight lines wherever needed. Glossy pages from a magazine are used to blot layers of paint to create a teztured look. I use a pallette knife to make hightlights and scratch in rock, trees, grass and any fine details I would like.

SINICAL MAGAZINE: Do you wear a mask when you paint?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: Yes I wear a mask, Always remember if you can smell paint, there are already particles going in your lungs. Be sure to use a Resporator or mask face designed to filter paint particles as well as fumes.

SINICAL MAGAZINE: What is the most someone has paid or tipped you for a painting?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: The most I've sold a painting for was $250. The painting you see here:


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Once someone tipped me $20 at a live performance.

SINICAL MAGAZINE: Can you tell us about your website?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: My website is basically a place where people can order my paintings, painting supplies, and instructional DVDs. is also the best place to share your artwork with other spray paint artists and get feedback so you can improve. The message boards have a wealth of information for anyone thinking of starting up this fun and amazing artform. You can also view my featured artist page to check out more great spray paint artists from all over the globe.

SINICAL MAGAZINE: What is next for, Brandon McConnell?

BRANDON MCCONNELL: Ill be painting at the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico sometime in August for the opening of a new part of the cave. After that, the sky is the limit!


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You can see more of McConnell's amazing work at:

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