Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bondi Holly Interview

Photo, Hair/Make-up by: Miss Missy Photography.

Name: Bondi Holly.

Birthplace: Texas.

Current Location: Dallas Texas.

Height: 5'5.

Measurements: 34 24 35.

Shoe Size: 6 1/2.

Ethnicity: American mutt.

Eye Color: Blue.

Current Hair Color: Blonde.


LC: Laura Clemons

BH: Bondi Holly


LC: How did you become interested in pin-up modeling?


BH: I was approached my a cutie by the name of Katie DeCarlo. I was at the neighborhood iHop and she kept looking at me and by the time we were done, I agreed to model for her. I had just started cosmetology school and that it would be fun to trade. She was my very first shoot and it just evolved into whatever it is now.


LC: Who is your favorite model and who is your favorite photographer?

BH: I don't have a favorite model. There are too many to admire! I certainly love working with Miss Missy. Shannon Brooke and Viva Van Story are on the top of my list. I like the ladies.


LC: Have you ever bad experience with a photographer?

BH: Not recently.


LC: What is your favorite outfit?

BH: Anything that involves killer heels.


LC: What magazines have we seen you in?  

BH: Milkcow (Dec. issue cover)... Retro Lovely #2... Pinup Perfection #2... Pin Curl Spotlight (June 2010 and April 2010)... Rebel Rodz #20.


LC: What are your hobbies?

BH: Rock n roll! I like to have a good time.


Photo, Hair/Make-up by: Miss Missy Photogaphy.


LC: What are your obbessions?

BH: Hair, perfume, jewlery. You know the usual classy lady things. Good live music. My favorite thing to do is cut loose at a show.


LC: The staff's favorite drink is Absinthe, What do you like to drink?

BH: Right now... whiskey sour.


(This or That)

LC: Stockings or Pantyhose?

BH: Stockings.


LC: Leather or Satin?

BH: Leather.


LC: Heels or Boots?

BH: Heels.


LC: Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe?

BH: Marilyn.


LC: Do you have a website? If so tell us about it.

BH: Not at the moment. I hate doing internet things but I promise I am trying! You can follow me at or stalk my fan page on facebook:!/pages/Bondi-Holly/129870007053032


LC: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

BH: Thank you for getting me to where I'm going! I would not have gotten to this point without a support system. Much to love and it's incredible to see so much of it! Keep it up!


- Laura Clemons
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