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Jake Childs Interview

Jake Childs Interview



I first met Jake Childs almost a decade ago when he was in Houston. He has come a long way with his music in 10 years. Jake Childs is a tech-house producer and DJ. He currently resides in Austin, Texas. He is producing a new project: 11:11. You can peep the tracks at: I love their eerie sound!


DS: Danny Stygion

JC: Jake Childs


DS:  When did you become interested in electronic music?

JC: I'm thinking I got into more industrial stuff around 97-98... then it seemed to progressively move toward techno around 98 or so.


DS: When did you start djing?

JC: I just recently started DJing. I have always messed around about starting and I took it seriously this past year... but before that I always did live PA.



DS: Who are some of your influences?

JC: First and foremost my father and mother for pushing me to be anything I wanted to be. As for music... there are way too many people to mention. :)


DS: Who is your favorite producer?

JC: I really don't have one there are just so many different types of music that I enjoy, and each producer has there own flavor that I enjoy.


DS: Do you prefer djing or producing songs?

JC: I definitely enjoy both but I lean toward producing songs. Something about conjuring something out of nothing and creating your own piece of work just gets me off. Lol.


DS:  What made you decide on your current living location?

JC: I have lived all over the world but I wanted to be close to my parents as they are getting up there in age and always family comes first in my life... so I chose a place that I really enjoy and that is closest to them so naturally Austin, Texas is the choice for me right now.


DS: What is the music scene like in Austin?

JC: Well... I have seen both sides the band circuit and the dj circuit and I definitely have to say its ALIVE and Kickin :)


DS: You have played all over the world (Switzerland, London, Russia, etc)... what was your favorite location?

JC: I really enjoyed Switzerland. It was just jaw droppingly beautiful. But I love every place that I have played... every place has its own flavor and unique culture.


DS:  Can you tell us more about 11:11 and what you are working on now?

JC: Well long ago... I say about 4 years ago I had envisioned my life with a woman that sang and we'd play all over as a couple of artists and bam here it is. We definitely incorporated EDM into it... very synthy based beats... a little on the darker edge but her singing totally counter balances it... it’s like the perfect match. Our influences are: adult., Kap Bambino, Joy Division, The Golden Filter, Blondie, New Order. You can check us out at  We have just signed an EP with world famous Record label Bush Records (home of Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Woddy Mcbride, etc). We just started the project but its been one hell of a journey so far!



DS: What are your goals for 2011?

JC: To enjoy music life and just to have fun with all the doors that have opened up for us.


- Danny Stygion
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