R.I.P. Leg Show Magazine

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I recently suggested to a fetish model that she contact the people at Leg Show Magazine about publishing her nylon fetish photos and she replied that the magazine no longer exists.

I started doing my own research and found that their last printed issue was in August 2012. Their website (http://www.legshowmag.com) is down and was not renewed. There is also a "The End" message on the German Leg Show magazine website (http://www.leg-show.de). The owners of Leg Show Magazine is the Mavety Media Group. Their site is also down (http://www.mmgmagazines.com). Some people with subscriptions have stated in forums that they stopped receiving issues and never received any notice about the magazine shutting down.


ludella hahn legshowA


Leg Show Magazine was an adult fetish magazine which specialized in photographs of women in nylons, corsets, and high heels. The magazine achieved great success under editor Dian Hanson in the 1990's. Hanson departed Leg Show and is now the Sexy Book Editor at Taschen Publishing. The original owner of Leg Show was George W. Mavety, who died in 2000. Dita Von Teese, Aria Giovanni, Angela Ryan, Sylvia Saint, and Ludella Hahn are some of the models that have graced the covers of the magazine.


sylvia saint


I don't know much about the behind the scenes business side of Leg Show, but the magazine itself was great at times. R.I.P.


If you know any details about what happened, let us know in the comments.


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0 #18 Leg Man 2014-01-10 15:42
That's a bummer.

Mia Mantis should be in that mag if it was still being published. She's got legs like no other, feminine and muscular.
0 #17 Jonny 2013-12-18 09:15

I have c. 50 odd Leg Show magazine in mint condition, late 90's to mid 00's, email if a collector and interested.
0 #16 Mark Anthony Lacy 2013-12-08 22:42
I'm a photographer who does retro pinup work. I've done a few shoots for Leg Show in the past but created my own digital etro styled pinup mag... UNLIMITED. Check it out at http://lacyunlimited.com/unlimited
+1 #15 peter 2013-11-15 20:10
for Sale
hi, i have 43 Leg Show Magazines from Germany Start ca.1997 - ca.2002 please call me 00491706001004 my Name is Peter
for Sale
0 #14 ronnie james 2013-10-25 15:44
so far the best LEG SHOW replacements are www.sheerpauline.net and bestlegshow.com ....hope they keep going since I NEED it!
0 #13 Paul 2013-09-21 16:09
I have a lot of Leg Show magazines for sale. About every issue from the past 15 years.
+1 #12 Mitchel Smith 2013-07-02 12:14
Havent purchased Leg Show in couple . of years. Went this week for one,saddened that I couldn't find any. Then I saw "Temtress". Not the same but bad either. Good luck Dian we'll miss you.(p.s.check out docu. on R.C.Crumb)
0 #11 D.A.Bunten 2013-06-09 00:06
:roll: I miss Leg Show, but contacted Pauline, & e/mailed Ludella Hahn, turned onto Temptress Magazine, nice Retro type of Rag...
-2 #10 RG Ewing 2013-05-24 11:45
Dianne Hanson was the heart and soul/sole of Leg Show . I shall never forget her beauty gracing the "ed" page although she only revealed her face one time. When her sincerity left so did the quality.
+4 #9 BukuModels Webmaster 2013-05-24 06:52
That sucks.. They looked like a successful mag, so why ATP now? :/

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