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Noise Noire Interview

 noise noire 06

Photo by Aki Moosmann.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alternative modeling?

Noise Noire: I never planned to model regularly or at least on a professional base. It all started when I was around 12 or 13 years old...I was wearing different cosplay at events and did some photoshoots there - though it was more fun at this time. But then I got some positive responses to my photos and a few invites from more professional photographers and I thought  "Why not giving this a try?" and so everything started.

Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Noise Noire: People are always surprised when hearing this because I look much taller on photos because I'm so thin: I'm only 161cm high! My measurements are 85 - 63 - 85 cm.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

Noise Noire: As a model you need to be creative - you should bring in your own ideas at shootings and also the clothes are important. You should own some clothes offside the masses and should be able to present yourself in a unique way (for example with outstanding makeups, hairs, etc.) - but much more important: You should be open minded to many differnt things! A manifold portfolio with different sets is always more interesting than photos which have been there hundred times before.


noise noire 04


Sinical Magazine: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a model?

Noise Noire: I'm always flattered when people tell me "I've seen you live and I actually waited for this moment already a long time!". I still can't really believe that anyone could be interested that much in me because I just do what I love. And I'm also always flattered when designers want to start a cooperation with me because they like my work - often I'm a little bit shy and I'm not often asking designers myself for cooperations because I think that they're already working with fantastic models!

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you've worked with and who are some you would like to work with?

Noise Noire: One of my favorite photographers is "Catherine Lee Mason" - I work with him a lot because he's open minded to every of my ideas and I can also suggest my ideas for the retouches. I also like to work with "Fairytales-Art" in Germany and "Katja Piolka" - they're doing all very different kinds of works but every photo is really unique and creative! I'd also love to work with some great photograpehrs, f. e. Erik von Gutenberg and Jamari Lior. But there are far too many to mention everyone!

Sinical Magazine: who is more of an influence: Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese?

Noise Noire: I love Dita for her burlesque and Bettie for staying so natural - but both of them are still true to themselves. And I like the fact that Bettie was curvy. I think thats important when beeing in public: Still looking like yourself and not as others may want you!


noise noire 03


Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

Noise Noire: Oh, there are so many great alt-models! At least Sister Sinister, Ophelia Overdose, Ulorin Vex and Kato. And - if this counts - I like Viktoria Modesta!

Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5. alt. photographers, currently?

Noise Noire: I guess Natalie Shau is one as well as Silent View, Pierre Leszczyk/EmpireArt, Josefine Jonsson ans Erik von Gutenberg again.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

Noise Noire: I'd definately say latex clothing. I love the material - the feeling on the skin and at least the smell, too.


noise noire 05

Piolka Photography


Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Noise Noire: Okay - far too many but I'll try and just mention a few: I love Westward Bound and Brigitte More for their{jcomments on} latex designs, as well as V-Couture, Bibian Blue and Royal Black for their works and at least for their wonderful corsets. And I like Posh Fairytale much for her lovely headdresses!

Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Noise Noire: I like many different types of music depending on my mood. I like futurepop a lot as well as "old" stuff like Sisters of Mercy. But I'm also listening to normal charts (yes you're allowed to beat me now!), metal music, japanese stuff, alternative rock music, "vocal trance", etc.

Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

Noise Noire: Hard to say this but: I think it's not what it has been 8 to 10 years ago and I also think the scene is also not very active here anymore (I don't exactly know the reason). I think many people are doing things on "their own" but there are no bigger events or something though it's a big city. So I'm traveling often greater distances to get to some great events.


noise noire 07

Photo by Aki Moosman.


Sinical Magazine: Where can Sinical readers see more of your work?

Noise Noire:


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SaphirNoir Interview

saphirnoir  sinical 01

© Paulien van Popta


SaphirNoir is a Netherlands-based alt/gothic model. 


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alternative modelling?

SaphirNoir: A few years ago I met a photographer who was looking for alternative girls. He asked me to model for him, so I did and I really enjoyed it. He gave me a few tips where I could meet other models and photographers. I’ve received lots of requests and I never thought of quitting ever since.

Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

SaphirNoir: I’m 1,72 m tall and I’m measuring: 88-64-88 cm.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

SaphirNoir:  I guess the model has to be creative and has to try lots of new things. There are lots of themes, outfits and locations that have been shot a hundred times before. I guess you stand out when you keep amazing people with your newest artworks.


saphirnoir sinical 02

© Rennbus


Sinical Magazine: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a model?

SaphirNoir:  I’m very flattered every time a company asks me to model for them. When I’ve just started modelling I was asked by Attitude Holland to model for them. This was a dream coming true. Attitude is one of the biggest alternative webshops in the Netherlands, and to see my face in their catalogues, on their flyers and on their website was just awesome. I still work for them every once in a while and I do it with pride.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you've worked with and who are some you would like to work with?

SaphirNoir: I’ve worked with lots of different Photographers until now. A few of my favourites are: Black Fascination, der Zacko, Ernst Hartwich and Phillostar. I have a big list when it comes to photographers I still want to work with. Too many to mention actually.


saphirnoir sinical 03


Sinical Magazine: who is more of an influence: Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese?

SaphirNoir:  That is Dita Von Teese. I consider her more stylish than Bettie.

Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

SaphirNoir:  That is a hard question. But I can give you the models that inspire me the most. Those are Nephania, Strawberry Synthetic, Ophelia Overdose, Princesse Pudding and Lola Lisiy Xvost.

Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5. alt. photographers, currently?

SaphirNoir: In my opinion are the top photographers Candylust, Darkminded Angels, Marco Ribbe Photography, Hexistenz and AbArt-Photographie. Last year I had the chance to work with Darkminded Angels for the first time. Hopefully I will get the chance to work with the other photographers in the future!


saphirnoir sinical 04


Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

SaphirNoir: Corsets! No doubt about that. I just love the tiny waist they give you. I have them in all colours and styles. In my opinion they just complete alternative outfits. My outfit ideas usually start with a corset. All the other items are added later.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favourite designers?

SaphirNoir: I’m a big corset fan, so my favourite designers are: Cyberesque, AMF Corsets, Royal Black, Bibian Blue and Miss Overdose. I also love the corsets from Deadlygirlz a lot. Sadly enough they don’t make alternative corsets anymore. But I’m glad that I own quite a few!

Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

SaphirNoir: I listen to many different styles, but mostly EBM, industrial, new wave and dark wave.

saphirnoir sinical 05

© Rennbus


Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

SaphirNoir: I live in Arnhem in the Netherlands. We used to have a bigger scene years ago, but somehow the scene in my city and even in my country gets smaller all the time. That’s why I usually party in Germany. I live near the border and I just love the parties in Germany. Also the German festivals are awesome.

Sinical Magazine: Where can Sinical readers see more of your work?

SaphirNoir: You can find some more here:

My website:
My facebook account:


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Fräulein Kafka Interview

fraulein kafka

Model: Fräulein Kafka
Photo & Retouch: Imago Artifex
Make Up & Styling: Fräulein Kafka


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alternative modeling?

Fräulein Kafka: I got started when a friend of mine told me about websites such as "" and "". My wardrobe was full of extraordinary dresses, corsets and shoes, so I decided to look for photographers who wanted to present some of my stuff in the proper light - with me as a model, of course. And then lots of photo shoots followed.

Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Fräulein Kafka: My measurements are 34 - 26 - 36, and I'm 5'5". Not what you would expect from a typical model, but I'm happy the way I am - most of the days.

Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

Fräulein Kafka: Difficult question... I think it helps to be communicative and curious about trying new things! Of course people expect you to look good, but attractiveness is such a subjective thing - I think it's most important to have fun presenting yourself and being creative, no matter what people say!


kafka sinical 02

Foto & Bearbeitung: Rainer Brinkschulte
Make Up & Styling: Fräulein Kafka


{jcomments on}Sinical Magazine: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a model?

Fräulein Kafka: After a fashion show at a very small Alternative Music Festival in eastern Germany, a shy man walked towards me and said nervously: "I'm a fan of yours on Facebook, and I came here only to see you on the catwalk. It's so great to see you in real life!". I was quite shocked to have such an enthusiastic fan and didn't really know what to say.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you've worked with and who are some you would like to work with?

Fräulein Kafka: I don't know if Sinical Magazine Readers know lots of German Photographers ;) ... I worked e.g. with Nightshadow Photoart who does great goth and alternative stuff, but also with Martin Strauß who does very creative lifestyle, fashion and erotic art. I'd like to work with Moritz Maibaum or Alex Blyg ... Maybe this dream will come true some day.

Sinical Magazine: who is more of an influence: Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese?

Fräulein Kafka: That's a tricky one! I have to say that Dita von Teese is more of an influence to me, but perhaps that's only because she shares my love for waist reducing corsets.


kafka sinical 03

Photo & Retouch: Sepixxx
Make Up & Styling: Fräulein Kafka


Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

Fräulein Kafka: I think Ophelia Overdose, Razor Candi and La Esmeralda are very inspiring. And of course Rick Genest did an amazing career last year.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

Fräulein Kafka: I love plateau boots / heels and corsets! Of course I often dress in PVC, but I also like historical costumes and styles that are like japanese lolita girls.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Fräulein Kafka: V-Couture Corsets - the designer is absolutely amazing! One day I will ask her to create my bridal gown... :) I also love Bibian Blue and Royal Black Corsetry.


kafka sinical 04

 Foto & Bearbeitung: LichtZeichnungen
Make Up & Styling: Fräulein Kafka


Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Fräulein Kafka: Please don't laugh at me: My favourite music is kind of 80s discostyle ... Electropop and stuff. ^^

Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

Fräulein Kafka: I'm from Chemnitz (Saxony) - fortunately Leipzig is very near. "Wave Gothik Treffen" takes place there every year and there are also some cool clubs where you can listen to alternative styles of music.

Sinical Magazine: Where can Sinical readers see more of your work?

Fräulein Kafka:


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Sister Sinister Interview

sister sinister 01

Photo by
Latex by


This interview was featured in Sinical 07.


Sinical Magazine: How did you come up with the name 'Sister Sinister'?

Sister Sinister: Actually I wasn't the one that came up with the name. A friend of mine, Ronnie, who also designed my first logo, came up with the name during a photoshoot we were doing. He was doing really cool body paint on me for a Sin City themed shoot, and laughed and said that we should call me Sister Sinister from now on. And so we did.

Sinical Magazine: What motivated you to start modeling?

Sister Sinister: I never really planned to start modelling, it just happened by chance. I had kind of a camera fobia actually, I was really uncomfortable in front of the camera. So it started as some kind of personal development thing, I decided to do a shoot with a friend/phototographer of mine to try to get get over my fears. I actually had heaps of fun during the shoot and the photos turned out alright. After that I did another shoot and created a profile on a community site for models and photographers here in Sweden, and after that I got requests from local photographers and it just kept on going. Since it went so well while just having fun I decided to put more effort in it and see where it could go. And I'm still having fun!

sister sinister 02

Photo: Black Sands
Latex: Pandora Deluxe
Eyeshadows by Mua Australia


Sinical Magazine: What attracts you to fetish modeling?

Sister Sinister: Of course the outfits and the sexy heels and all those things that I love. But mostly the creativ freedom it gives. There's no boundaries and right's and wrong's in this kind of modelling. You're just free to do what ever you feel like and it doesn't break any "rules". Also I'm free to be as curvy as I want, which is good because I love chocolate.

Sinical Magazine: What is the most important aspect of a photo to you?

Sister Sinister: That's hard to say. It depends on what kind of shoot it is. But it's very important that it's got some kind of 'hook'. Same as with all really good songs! Something that makes it special or catches my eye. Could be a really great composition, a color that pops or just a great general color tone that makes the image special. Or a great expression. Also the genera quality of the photo. I prefer a nice slick image with not too much things in the picture that distracts.

Sinical Magazine: What has been your favorite fetish or pinup outfit that you've worn for a shoot?

Sister Sinister: That's a really tough question.. I have worn so many amazing outfits! And so many different styles..from really crazy spikey catsuits to gorgeous gowns and plain lingerie. I like the more advanced outfits, with lots of different parts and that is some kind of character based outfit or has a theme. I like to be a litte bit theatrical and become someone else of a fiction figure during my shoots. But one of my absolute favourite outfits is something just as simple as a black bra and thong together with smokey grey stockings and long gloves from Latexa. I got that outfit in 2008 I think when I did my first product shooting for them and it has been a favourite since then.


sister sinister 03

Photo: Nikdesign
Model, makeup, edit: Sister Sinister
Assistant: Joakim Ljungquist


Sinical Magazine: You've modeled for many different companies. Who is your favorite designer?

Sister Sinister: Another hard question to answer. ha ha. I like so many of them for different reasons. They all have their special style and great quality. I really love Westward Bound which is a brand I have been working with for years now, and are still doing shoots for. They have a huge range of both men's and women's latex and corsets. My other favourites are HMS latex from Paris. For their gorgeous designs and color choises and great sense of style. I also have to mention House of Harlot for their flawless work and crazy and well fitting designs. As well as Inner Sanctum and Sweden's own Naucler Design of course.
And the people behind these companies are even lovelier than their products, so that makes the choises a  little bit easier.

Sinical Magazine: what was your first magazine publication and which publication are you most proud of?

Sister Sinister: I actually got two publications at the same time and they were my first ones. Two covers of two magazines in March 2008. I was pretty excited I remember.  One was the cover of a Swedish lifestyle magazine called 'Inspiration'. I was wearing a crazy head piece that the makeup artist, Jessica Lundberg, had made out of wire and old stay ups. Cool and very different! Not to mention heavy.  The other publication was a cover and feature in Bizarre magazine, which of course was super cool!  I'm very proud of all my publications and very grateful. One that has been very special to me and that I have worked hard to get is my cover and feature in Marquis Magazine. I got it last year (2011) in June and it really means a lot to me because that was one of the goals I put up for myself when I started modelling. I am very grateful to everyone I have worked with to get that.
And I'm super proud of this feature in Sinical Magazine!

Sinical Magazine: You're from Australia. What's it like there?

Sister Sinister: I have only been in Australia for a year and have seen far from everything I would like to see. It's an amazing country with lovely people and nature. They have heaps of amazing birds that are social and great surf. It's also really easy being healthy there because of the nature and all the things they can grow locally. Not as good if you're in the fetish scene or trying to model latex. It's sooo hot!


sister sinister 04a

Edit, Mua, hair: Sister Sinister
Latex top by Westward Bound
Latex braces by


Sinical Magazine: What is the fetish and pinup scene like there?

Sister Sinister: I actually didn't explore that very much when I was there. I wanted a total cultural change for a while and focused on surfing and beach stuff instead. It doesn't seem to be veeery much going on tho. The only thing that I noticed without having to look for it is that they have a large burlesque scene. That is something I've never really gotten into tho. But it was nice to see! Also there is an area called King's Cross where there is some shops that sells fetish gear and so on. But I haven't heard of any bigger parties or anything. At least not in Sydney where I spent most of my time. But then again, I didn't look for it either. If anyone else knows, please inform me!

Sinical Magazine: You are originally from Sweden. Why did you move from Sweden to Australia?

Sister Sinister: I had always wanted to visit Australia. I mean, who wouldn't? It's an amazing country! Then I got the opportunity to take a year off from work in Sweden, so I decided to get a working/holiday visa for a year and go explore Australia. Who knows when the chance would come again? If ever.

Sinical Magazine: where is your dream location for a photo shoot?

Sister Sinister: I would love to shoot in a huge old style english mansion. With lots of land and stables and lovely gardens. And horses! Or a beautiful tropical paradise. There's many different locations I'd love to shoot in. Most of the places don't even exist other than in my fantasy.

sister sinister 05

 Photo: Maxime Avet.


Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you would like to work with someday and why?

Sister Sinister: Ohh tough question! They are too many! I'd love to work with Allan Amato someday soon. He's a fantastic and creative photographer and also a great and super funny person. Viva van story is and amazing female photographer that I'd love to work with. She know's how to make a perfect pin up picture in a erotic and sexy but never tacky way. Another photographer I'd love to work with is Jeffrey Scott. For his obvious epicness.

Sinical Magazine: You look amazing. How do you stay in shape?

Sister Sinister: I'm asking myself the same question everyday. I'm not as good at being healthy as I could be! I know how to be it's just so hard to stick to it since I'm a mad ice cream addict. Jokes aside.. I just eat healthy, meaning mostly fruit and veggies and nuts and things like that. Trying to avoid dairy, gluten and processed foods, and drinking as much water as I possibly can. I make sure to sleep propery and excercise as often as I can. That's it!  I'm kind of being 80% good and 20% bad. Gotta live a litte and treat myself now and then with some Ben & Jerry's.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Sister Sinister: Oh yes. I think I have to count my Ben & Jerry's addiction to that. I just love my ice cream.
Also..I like to listen to Within Temptation when I'm at home cleaning. Don't tell anyone.

Sinical Magazine: Are you more dominant or submissive?

Sister Sinister: In my day to day life and how I handle things I'm more dominant. I like to take control and tell people what to do and how when it comes to many things. But when it comes to 'other things' I'm more submissive.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your fetishes?

Sister Sinister: Something I was fascinated with really early and what kind of got me to end up in this business, bondage. High heels and wearing latex.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have a website?

Sister Sinister: I do! Hopefully I can get a new website going soon or at least make the one I've got more stylish and functional. But please visit for a latex fix.

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