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Wanilianna Interview


This article was feature in issue 09 of Sinical. Print copies can be purchased here

Sinical Magazine: When did you first discover you were into kink?

Wanilianna: Well, I have always been weird for so called "normal people". The development of internet technologies allowed me to share my passions using my blog, established in 2010.

Sinical Magazine: When did you realize you had a nylon fetish?

WaniliannaWhen I got my first pair of nylon stockings in 2006. It was a love at first sight and total eclipse oth the heart... leg:-)

Sinical Magazine: What is it about nylons that appeals to you?

WaniliannaNylon stockings got that special something that makes every woman feel more feminine and sex appealing.

Sinical Magazine: What is your favorite brand of stockings?

WaniliannaFully fashioned nylons with havana or cuban heel.

Sinical Magazine: What size are your feet?

Wanilianna: It's european size 36.


inical Magazine: Where do you buy your stockings from?

Wanilianna: I value the most nylons by Secrets in Lace, Touchable, Cervin, Christel and Gio. I love to wear nylons stocking, regardless of their producer.

Sinical Magazine: What is a nylon fantasy of yours?

WaniliannaTo have a common kinky photo shoot/film scene with other fetish model in nylons... including femdom and bondage scenes with nylons stockings in the leading role:-)

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in fetish modeling?

WaniliannaSince I've started up with my blog ( in 2010 I begun also my modeling. I never wanted to use the photos taken from internet, I just needed to show something fresh, something different from the routine of other blogs.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some pinup/fetish models that have inspired you?

Wanilianna: Bettie Page, Modell T.

Sinical Magazine: What is the fetish scene like in Poland?

Wanilianna:  It's a small scene, but I noticed that it was still growing up. Most girls/women don't want to be fetish models due to the unreadiness of the retarded society...

Sinical Magazine: You also do bondage and latex themed shoots. What are some of your
favorite items to wear/use for photo shoots?

Wanilianna: I prefer big ballgags, tight rope-work and latex hoods/masks. It's a hard job totie the woman up not hurting her. It's almost art - good and professional bondage service:-)


Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about your Vintage and Fetish Show & how is Secrets in Lace involved?

Wanilianna: March 1 st 201 2, the very first edition of Vintage & Fetish Show took place. The host club was "W Starym Kinie" in Poznan. The two organizers of the event were two polish fetish models - me and Carrie Diamond. The Show has been the very first event of this kind in Poznan and Poland, appeared to be a great success and gathered a large audience. The place could not enter all the people, because there were to many of them. Those lucky ones who got in, unanimously declared they will readily return for the second edition of the show.And I, along with Carrie Diamond, we work day and night in order to set everything up properly - to provide the best entertainment for our fans. The upcoming show will take place on March the 2nd 2013 in BLUE NOTE club, Poznan, Poland. We will keep you posted about upcoming news and updates on our blogs and facebook fanpage. I need to remind that our main sponsor is Secrets in Lace . They are about to provide their best lingerie outfits for me, Carrie and performing models.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some other greats models in Poland?

Wanilianna: I can say about those with whom I have worked before. There aren't many of them in Poland. There are girls and women who call themself "fetish models", but they're in fact totally wrong. Putting the rope around you thights and ankles and making "sad" facial expression does not make you fetish or bondage model. It is something that you have in you, that certain feature that make you appealing while you're for instance hogtied or ballgagged.  Yes, there are fetish model in Poland, for they really and truly love to wear and perform in nylon stockings. According to me, that makes them the fetish models. My friend Carrie Diamond - she looks gorgeous while she's modelling in her black fully fashioned nylons. And her fringe - this makes most men crazy:-). She's beautiful and "unavailable" as real diamond, that's why she's called Carrie Diamond.  Kasia aka Cubalibre - always reliable, always good looking and always naughty. I adore working with her.  Pin Up Candy - fetish model, but most of all - the best polish burlesque dancer. I'm telling you - she will become world-famous soon.

 Photo by Monochrome Set Photography.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers that you've worked with?

Wanilianna: I have worked with many, but three of them are my truehearted and abiding photographers. My husband and manager, whose photos feature rawness and present my "kinkier" side. They remind me sometimes the photos by Elmer Batters or Irving Claw. Sequined Sun - his art is based on soft-fetish and soft-bondage photography. He's also perfect as glamour and pin up photographer. He's a man with sophisticaded taste, he's a great stylist, actually I could say that he's making the paintings with the use of his camera. He definitely is the best photographer portraying my feminity...and he is my best frind of course!  Monochrome Set - nylon stockings admirer, very gifted, friendly and reliable person. No one is able to beat him in photographing of nyloned legs and gagged mouth...;-)

Sinical Magazine: What's next for you?

Wanilianna: Conquest of the United States Of America :-)
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Sinical Summer 2013 Cover

Photo by Eric Razo.

Sinical #10 (Coming: July 1st).

Featuring: legendary fetish model and performer: EmilyMarilyn (Skin Two, Marquis, Secret, Bizarre), Monochrome Set Photography, Therése Rosier, Chas Ray Krider, Hollis Ireland, Crystal Pieper, Isabel Perez, Kristen Eve, Pretty and Inked, Scott Tauser.

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Gear review: LumiQuest Softbox III

1/125 @ f/2.8 @ 100 ISO - 50mm

Model: Crystal Piper

The LumiQuest III Softbox is a flash-mountable softbox. The front of the softbox is 8x9 inches and it folds flat so it can easily fit in most bags. The softbox III is made out of vinyl and attaches to your speedlight with velcro straps or to a speed strap.

After several photo shoots with this light modifier, I've found I like using it best off camera with a sync cord attached to my flash so I can utilize TTL. I will hold the flash with softbox in my left hand and the camera in my right hand. I use a CTO gel to warm up the light. This softbox is best at close range - about 2.5 feet away from your subject. 

In a recent shoot with Crystal Pieper I had her face away from the sun, so the harsh sun was the backlight. The softbox was held to the left of the camera just slightly above her head at a 45 degree angle. The softbox produced nice, soft light.

The softbox is not very useful for full length shots. For that I would use a shoot through umbrella. The Softbox III is best suited for close-up portrait work. The Softbox III retails for under $40. I've been using it a lot, so it was worth the purchase. If you need a portable light modifier, I recommend picking this up. ~ Danny Stygion

1/125 @ f/2.8 @ 100 ISO - 50mm

Shoot through umbrella (left), reflector/diffuser (right)


Find out more info at LumiQuest's official website here. Sinical Magazine has no affiliation with LumiQuest.


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Gear Review: Hoodman HoodEYE eyecup


I just got this camera accessory called the Hoodman HoodEYE. The Hoodman HoodEYE is designed for people who wear eyeglasses. It helps you get your eye close to the viewfinder without scratching your lenses and it helps keep out ambient light.

The rotating eyecup slides over your eyepiece mounting rails. The eyecup is made out of silicon rubber and completely covers your eye and DOES keep out light. The large eyecup also covers part of your LCD screen. You must tilt your camera slightly downwards to see the full screen, which is a minor nuisance.

I recommend this eyecup for bespectacled photographers. Check out the official Hoodman HoodEYE page here.


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