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Sinical #9 featuring Ludella Hahn is now available!


Sinical #9 (2 Year Annversary issue) is now available. This issue features: 

Ludella Hahn, Obscuri, ProTone Pedals, and Siouxsie Monroe.

Alt models: Roxy Vandiver and Amber DeVille.

Columnists: Hollis Ireland and Chase Merkley.

Comic art: Scott Tauser.


Buy print or digital copies online here

Print copies are also available at The Haunted Heel shop located in Kemah, Texas.

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The Best Lens for Portrait Photography?

What is the best lens or focal length suited for alt/glamour portrait photography? There is no one definite answer. For fun we've asked several top photographers we admire: 

What is your favorite lens (or focal length) for portraits and why?


Model: Samantha Acampora. Photo by Ed Fox.



"My immediate textbook response was "85mm 1.8" because it's just a given to use a longer than 'normal' lens for portraiture. BUT depends on your subject. The last few unique looking models I shot were purposely shot using a 50mm to distort and accentuate their unique characteristics."




 Photo by Laura Dark.


"I like the 50mm prime lens. I like the depth of field I can achieve with it. I love that I can use it in just about any lighting, studio, outside, concerts, etc. It's really my main "go-to" lens."


Model: Sabrina Sin. Photo by Damian Hevia.


"85mm and up. 200-300mm even better. 105mm is classic. This is assuming 35mm size sensor. There's a lot to this topic but it gets technical. Sensor size is an issue in determining the actual focal length you are using. An 80mm lens on a DX sensor is not the same if the same lens is on an FX sensor. it's called the lens factor. Bottom line though, a "portrait" lens is like 85mm and higher. With some fashion looks, the lens can be pretty long to get the feel. More like 300-400. Of course, you have to have the room to get back and get your subject in the frame."



Model: Jessica Garza. Photo by Pretty and Inked.


"I use a variety of lenses for my shoots. Primarily the Canon 50mm 1.2 and the 85mm 1.2."


Photo by Lorenzo Chuca.


"My all time favorite is my 85mm, great quality up close."


Model: Angela Ryan. Photo by Obscuri.



"My lens of choice is the Nikon 24-70 2.8 a close second is the 70-200 2.8."



Model: Annabelle Lee. Photo by Peter Gonzales



"My workhorse has been the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS  for the last few years. Many photogs prefer the 24-70 from Canon, but since I almost always shoot handheld from weird angles, the extra focal length of the 70-200 really allows me to stay in my shooting spot and create a number of different compositions. And with the 70-200 being an IS lens, it offers me a built in safety factor when shooting handheld to reduce camera blur from moving around. Since I work mostly in studio, the Minimum f/2.8 Aperture of the 70-200 is more than sufficient for my shooting style."



Model: Elisanth. Photo by Zatsepin Alex.


"I usually use Canon 24-70mm or 24-105mm due to versatile focal lenght. L series offers great quality. I also like manual 85mm 1.4 Samyang for nice bokeh and aperture ratio. Besides, I can use it with continuous lighting."



Model: Tressa Louise
Makeup/hair: Jennifer Corona



"My Favorite lens is a 28-80 nikkor, so that I can have a wider angle for shooting cars, and a good normal lens for 3/4 crop to headshots of my models."



If you are a professional photographer and have your own opinion on the matter, please let us know in the comments. What lens do you like to use?


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Suzi Rubbish Interview


Photo: Obscuri
Spfx Blood: Derek Mick


Sinical Magazine: What was the first pinup, fetish, or alternative magazine you came across?

Suzi Rubbish:  The first fetish/alt magazine I saw was ages ago, it was an issue of Bizarre Magazine. At the time I was really starting to explore fetishism and alternative subcultures that were different from my own. I was blown away and inspired by the magazine’s content. I decided to start modeling for fun shortly after that. I took a long break after I had my daughter, but found new inspiration in horror rag Gore Noir Magazine in early 2012. I have been shooting everything from artistic portraits to gory horror keeping my shooting schedule booked up ever since.

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in alternative modeling?

Suzi Rubbish: I got my start when my best friend got her camera. She quickly grew tired of shooting scenery and still life and wanted to move onto models. I agreed to pose for her and became her muse. Sadly she and her husband were relocated due to his job and I haven’t gotten the chance to shoot with her in years. Shortly after her move another friend who had also just begun her photography career asked me to model some vintage lingerie for her Ebay store. After that experience I was hooked and started getting offers for small modeling jobs fairly frequently.


suzi 2

Photo: Matthew Garth Photography


Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Suzi Rubbish: I’m a proud curvy girl! Bust: 34C/D, Waist: 25.5”, Hips: 38.5”, Height 5’6”


Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand out from others?

Suzi Rubbish: I think there is a lot to be said for models who are creative do it yourselfers. It’s easier to just show up and get pampered than it is to be involved in the creative process, but I am so much more impressed by girls who can contribute by doing their own hair, makeup, and/or wardrobe! Ophelia Overdose is an extreme example of a model who can do it all and she does it sickeningly well! I also think a positive attitude and a little humility go a long way. No one likes to work with snotty bitches and unfortunately there are a lot of them out there! As far as looks that stand out to me, I’m a huge fan slightly awkward or unconventionally beautiful models who find their own brand of beauty and have the courage to show it to the world. Who wants to look just like every other alternative model out there?


suzi 3

Photo: Obscuri
Latex: Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets
MUA: Creeping Beauty Inc.


Sinical Magazine: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a model?

Suzi Rubbish: I don’t know that there has been any one instance that stands out as being especially interesting. I like to get a little thrill now and then and do not usually ask permission when using abandoned locations. I have been caught trespassing before, but haven’t been arrested for it yet. *knocks on wood* I’m super clumsy too which makes shooting with me rather amusing. I fall at least once or twice during a typical shoot, that number can greatly increase based on location and shoes though! I warn every photographer I work with about my lack of grace and ask them to try and catch me in the act! So far no one has succeeded, my falls are sneaky!


Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you've worked with and who are some you would like to work with?

Suzi Rubbish: I’ve had the honor of working with some truly incredible photographers! Some of my favorites include; Redrum Collaboration, Obscuri, Raven Red, and Vanessa Velazquez. I would love to get the opportunity to work with Le Mew Photography, 666 Photography, Laura Dark, Falt Photographics, Chris Visual, and (my not so secret photographer crush) Dangerously Dolly!


suzi 4

Photo: Vipsanius


Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

Suzi Rubbish: Zlata, Ofelia Overdose, Mosh, Razor Candi, and Greta Macabre are my 5 faves!


Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5. alt. photographers, currently?

Suzi Rubbish: Oh my goodness, it’s so hard to pick just 5! Ummmmm… Fairy-Tales-Photography, Redrum Collaboration, Laura Dark, Falt Photographics, Le Mew Photography.


Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

Suzi Rubbish: It’s totally a toss up, I am addicted to shoes! I have an extensive shoe collection that is constantly growing! Shoes, particularly heels are so sexy! I also love corsets! There’s nothing more sensual in the world than a beautifully crafted corset, and the best part is they have the power to make every woman regardless of shape or size feel like the goddess she is!


suzi 5

Photo by Vanessa Velazquez Photography

MUA: Creeping Beauty Inc.


Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Suzi Rubbish: I love couture fashion as well as alternative fashion so my taste in designers is eclectic! Some alt faves include; Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets and Cinched Tight Corsets (both of which also happen to make latex that is divine), Abigail Greydanus, Azreal’s Accomplice, Creepig Beauty Inc., Crypt Keeper Creations, Rockin’ Bones, and Iron Fist. Couture/Runway faves include; Alexander McQueen, Chanel (suits especially), Mikailee Alton, Christian Louboutin, and Jean Paul Gaultier.


Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Suzi Rubbish: I love music! I’ve always loved to sing and even studied vocal performance and opera in college. The amazing thing about music regardless of genre, is that it’s a universal language. I’ve spoken to musicians who have toured the world playing music and they’re amazed when they go to countries where people don’t speak a word of English and yet the entire crowd is singing along word for word. There are so many talented musicians all over the world who just want to be heard! Support live music wherever you are, you won’t be sorry! That said, I am a punk girl all the way! Some of my favorite bands are The Vandals, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, Propagandhi, NOFX, Rancid, Black Flag, and The Casualties! There’s something about angry boys playing impossibly fast music that makes my heart happy!


Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

Suzi Rubbish: I’m from San Antonio, TX which is the 3rd largest city in the state. The weird thing is that for a city with well over 1 million people, it’s got a pretty small town feel. Most of the people in the alternative scene here know each other regardless of the subculture they identify themselves with. If you know one of us, you pretty much know us all! There is a decent live music scene here, but the fetish, horror, and burlesque scenes are still pretty small and slow growing. Luckily we are close enough to Austin, TX to commute for shows and other alt events that pop up through out the year!


Sinical Magazine: Where can Sinical readers see more of your work?

Suzi Rubbish:







Model Mayhem:



Ink Freakz:



Rebel Vixens

www.therebelvixens.com/#!suzi-rubbish/c9fh{jcomments on} 



Elerinna Von Wittelsbach Interview

Photo by Gérard Gouet


 Elerinna Von Wittelsbach is a France-based alternative model.

Sinical Magazine: What was the first alternative or fetish magazine you came across?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I actually got one publication in a magzine and one interview on a photographer's blog. My publication in the magazine digitalustmagazine was at my beginning in the modelling so I was so glad and grateful to appear in my first magazine. Then I made an interview for the photographer's blog Art TF, a great photographer with a beautiful imagination.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become an alternative model?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: My mother was a model when she was young, she transmitted her passion to me. More over I'm a student in history of art and archology so art and particulary photography is an expression of emotions for me. Then I have a proposition by a photographer in 2010 in south of France and I did it.

Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I'm not very tall and skinny but I'm proud of my forms and this is what people like in me. So, I measure 163 cm for 56 kg, 90 breast, 71 waist, and 95 hip (in centimeters).


Photo by Laurent Ducruit



Sinical Magazine: What was the most interesting thing that has happened during a photo shoot?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I have made a shoot with the great Nath Sakura and her "student" Sebastien Aublanc, so I have learn many things about photography's techniques, but I'm not a photographer I'm just a model but it's interesting to know some things about the techniques.

Sinical Magazine: Who is more of an influence: Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I love both but I have a preference for Dita, she is elegant and she has a wonderful body. She really represents the woman's beauty.

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers you've worked with and who are some you would like to work with?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I've worked with Seregwen pix (she was a model before but she decided to reconvert as a photographer and she has a beautiful talent for that), Daniel Fabre Demercoeur a great photographer and my first photographer, Nath Sakura and Sébastien Aublanc two exceptional photographers and many others with are all talented. I would like to work with Christophe Mourthé, a talented photographer who worked with Dita Von Teese and Mylène Farmer (a French singer), and for Fairy-Tales-Photography than I admire.


Sébastien Aublanc with artistic's direction of Nath Sakura


Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5 alt. models, currently?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: My wonderful friend Comtesse Léa, her photographies are spectacular and she is adorable, sometimes I making shoots with her and she help me to trust in me and to be proud of what I am. An other French model I love is Mad'Moiselle Lelaya, she is charismatic and has a universe execpetionnel. Then I love Ophelia Overdose, La Esmeralda and Seraphine Strange, three wonderful german's model, they have differents universes but I love to lost me in their photographies.

Sinical Magazine: Who are the top 5. alt. photographers, currently?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: There is so many photographers I appreciate... Christophe Mourthé, Nath-Sakura, Fairy-Tales-Photography (Delphine Ayache), Viona-Art, Pierre Leszczyk EmpireArt.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what is your main fetish?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I like corsets and lace, and I like latex, it puts the body in harmony.


Photo by Gérard Gouet


Sinical Magazine: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: Mlle Illo a Fench latex designer, Pandora Deluxe Latex, Westward Bound, Royal Black Couture & Corsetry and Serindë Corsets.

Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: Differents types of metal, but essentially symphonic metal and black metal. But I have an open mind so I can listen classical music sometimes or pop music sometimes.

Sinical Magazine: What is the alt/fetish scene like in your city?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: I came from south of France (in little town) so there is not scene like that. In Paris I have heard about "Nuit Elastique" and I hope to go here.

Sinical Magazine: Where can Sinical readers see more of your work?

Elerinna Von Wittelsbach: The Sinical's readers can follow my work on my fan page :


And for those who doesn't have Facebook there is my book on bookspace :


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