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Tiffany Ireland Interview

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Model: Lou La Massacre.


Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in photography?

Tiffany Ireland: I had a friend over one day who was miserable. She was having a hard time. In a long term relationship. feeling kind of down and not so pretty or desirable.  I decided after a few glasses of win to doll her up and do a little "pinup" type photoshoot. I didn't know what I was really doing. Just being girls.  It made her so happy she cried. It gave her a new found confidence and it made me feel so wonderful to be able to make someone feel that good about them selves.  I have been making woman feel great about them selves ever since. Its the most amazing feeling in the world.


Sinical Magazine: What is the most important aspect of a composition to you?

Tiffany Ireland: One of the most important things to me is lighting. I didn't realize how important it was until, one day, when my step father was over, he decided to show me how to do it correctly.  It took him 2 years to realize how serious I was about photography to actually take the time to show me. He is a camera man for the news. I am happy he showed me.  It has changed everything about my images. I spend way less time having to edit my images and delete a bunch of unflattering images with terrible hard shadows. I also believe you must know good angles on your subject you will end up with really unflattering photos and an upset model/client.


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Model: Rianne.


Sinical Magazine: There is a theme of darkness to some of your work. Can you elaborate on this?

Tiffany Ireland: I have often had people compare my work to Tim Burton. If its the case that my work really truly resembles his work, I am very flattered.  It must be my use of filters, contrast and concept that hopefully tells a story in my work rather than it just being a pretty photo on the internet.

Sinical Magazine: How much planning goes into a typical shoot?

Tiffany Ireland: Not much actually. I have always been a very last minute spontaneous person. The people I work with also tend to do things more on the fun side of things. If its a concept I have presented, I often offer it as a TFP casting call in which case the models and muahs all collaborate and make it happen. I have fun and meet lots of new people weekly. I really enjoy it.


tiffany ireland 3

Model: Maiwan.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have a favorite lighting setup?

Tiffany Ireland: I often use the two or three lighting set up rule. Its a pretty typical set up for studio work. If outdoors I often prefer to use natural light but will bring along a speedlight to fill in hard shadows. I do not normally have an assistant so its all up to me. 

Sinical Magazine: Who are some photographers that have inspired your work?

Tiffany Ireland: I find I follow LITHIUM PICNIC pretty closely. Right up my alley.


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Models: Crystale B/Rianne/Erin F

Sinical Magazine: What other artists have inspired your work?

Tiffany Ireland: I like to find people know one knows of. I often spend my evenings on a site called DeviantART. I have found and followed so many artists. I couldn't even pick one.  I have noticed a pattern in what I do like, Its often Victorian, dark, gore, emotional like images. Anything that really makes you "feel" the image.

Sinical Magazine: Do you prefer to shoot inside a studio or on location?

Tiffany Ireland: The million dollar question, location by far! Studio work is kind of boring to me as an artist. Yes I could do some digital art and put in some back grounds etc. But to be honest, Id much rather see the entire picture while actually shooting and get excited with the model during the shoot. They don't necessarily know what I am seeing when I shoot in a studio. Only I know what it might look like.


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Model: Crystale B.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your favorite outdoor locations to shoot at?

Tiffany Ireland: I often like old run down buildings, any place with water, or some place with long grass and big trees. I live in a beautiful place so I have lots of options.  I have seen a friend of mine do a music video of a old ship that id like to get my hands on.

Sinical Magazine: Who in your opinion, are the top 5. alt models?

Tiffany Ireland: Mosh, Masuimi Max, Amelia Nightmare, Ophelia Overdose, Ulorin Vex are a few names that come to mind.


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Model: Nikki D.

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to working with models or clients?

Tiffany Ireland: I try to keep a positive attitude during my shoots. I do find it a little difficult if we had a concept to shoot and a model shows up with completely different wardrobe, hair and makeup. I have to recenter and reset up to the appropriate "setting" for the shoot which takes up a bit more time. Same day cancellations, and lastly models who say they are experienced but require a lot of direct. I'd rather they just be honest right away with me as I am a patient person.

Sinical Magazine: What projects are you currently working on?

Tiffany Ireland: I am working on my Tattoo Project for December for the local alt models. I am having a great time meeting some of the local talent and shooting with them.


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Model: Sarah Bergland. MUAH: Megan Hill.

Tiffany Ireland Photography
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