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Loulou von Brochwitz Interview

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Loulou von Brochwitz is high-fashion contortion model based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This interview was featured in issue #6 of Sinical Magazine.

Photographer: Jerry Fill – Lucky Stars Media

Make-Up: Lina Mourey

Hair: Lexy Mourey

Styling/ Outfit: Black Room Las Vegas (Latex)


Sinical Magazine: Loulou, you were born in Switzerland. How did you end up living in Las Vegas?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I fell in love with the desert and the American society!


Sinical Magazine: How do you like living in the city of Sin?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I love it! Everything that I need is covered: my Stepford Wives suburb, sin city is only 15 minutes away, 3-4 hours to Los Angeles plus superb hot and sunny weather.


loulou 2


Sinical Magazine: When did you start modeling and how did that evolve into pinup modeling?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I started at 13, but I actually began professionally at the age of 14 with my modeling and was very fortunate to be supervised by an established modeling agency. I was mainly booked for mainstream and classic jobs. My agency was responsible for my career and also my success. I eventually found myself more or less waiting for more exciting and creative jobs. I discovered that as an agency model I was not allowed to be too creative myself. I had to do what the stylist, photographer and the creative director was always telling me to do. It seemed that it was less about my personality, and more about my compliance and looks. I always disliked the somewhat snooty attitude which is a pervasive part of the modeling industry. Furthermore, I recognized that there are so very many girls that believe that they can also become models, which makes being a conventional model rather “exchangeable. That's why I decided to create a much more special look and to reveal my personality.


Sinical Magazine: What is it about the pinup world that fascinates you?

Loulou von Brochwitz: Women were more sexy then. They knew how to seduce men. Thus it’s very important to me to recreate this image. And secondly it offers me a very personal platform to express myself as an artist passionate about the 1950’s!


loulou 3


Sinical Magazine: What has been one of your obstacles in modeling and how did you overcome it?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I am only 5’9” and this is considered to be just the minimum height for a model. Nevertheless I was booked as a runway model at Fashion Week, but I always have to defend my height. But since I am more popular now in the fashion industry they are more interested in my personality and brand and do not focus solely on my height.


Sinical Magazine: What inspires you?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I am inspired by everyday life. There are many alleged normal things that overwhelm me.


loulou 4


Sinical Magazine: For the "Jetsream" photo shoot you had to wear latex while in various contortion poses. How do you feel about wearing latex outfits?

Loulou on Brochwitz: I do love latex! However, I do not like the old fashioned porn latex outfits, but the ones with a modern twist: colorful, bows, patterns. Modern latex designs become more sophisticated and high fashion!


Sinical Magazine: Where did you learn contortion?

Loulou von Brochwitz: Actually, I am naturally flexible. Most of my life I considered my natural flexibility to be normal and didn't realize that it was such a unique talent. Then after one photo shoot my photographer expressed that he was flabbergasted at the extreme degree of my contortion skills. To further my flexibility skills even more, now I engage in regular contortion training.


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Sinical Magazine: Can you tell us about the reality tv show you did "Loulou Goes to Vegas"?

Loulou von Brochwitz: Reality TV shows are always challenging! On the one hand you can show who you and your personality are, and tell people your point of view. People somewhat expect you to be more or less a genuine person on TV. But very often reality TV shows are scripted in advance and the protagonist is not allowed to be real, but has to act as a character. This can be a major problem when a person is collaborating with a TV Company. I always try not to pretend to be someone else. Nevertheless it can sometimes happen that you could end up looking a little silly or foolish because of post production and producers trying to impress audiences.


Sinical Magazine: You are earning your Master's Degree in Mathematics in Berlin. Can you explain why you chose to study math?

Loulou von Brochwitz: My parents are both scientists and my father is a physicist and mathematician. Already as I child I could see his fascination and passion for math. Later, in high school, I discovered that mathematics is able to explain the world we live in. It was the only discipline that could give me answers to my questions about life, time and death. Mathematics is so much more than numbers and rules. Mathematics is the matrix of our world. I was driven by thirst for knowledge and I immediately knew that I want to understand the rules of mathematics!


loulou 6 

Sinical Magazine: Math, contortion, and modeling... what is something else you wish to learn and master?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I am still in the early stages with modeling, mathematics and contortion. So I will rather master those skills first before targeting new ones. For instance, I would love to work on my PhD in mathematics and work as a research fellow in science.


Sinical Magazine: What other projects are you currently working on?

Loulou von Brochwitz: I would eventually like to use my contortion not only for my modeling but also for a High Fashion Contortion performance – something highly unique, that no one has done. I am currently working on the concept.





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