Tuesday, 25 April 2017

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Sinical Magazine is an alternative/fetish modeling & photography magazine. Recent issues have featured: Dita Von Teese, Bianca Beauchamp, Masuimi Max, Chas Ray Krider, Steve Diet Goedde, and more. 


Model: Dita Von Teese

"Sinical Magazine looks great." - Dita Von Teese - www.dita.net

Model: Bianca Beauchamp - Photo by Martin Perreault

"Sinical, clearly a labour of love and a celebration of diversity, is yet one more reason we should all support print media in the fetish scene." - Bianca Beauchamp - www.biancabeauchamp.com


Model: Masuimi Max. Photo by Morat.

"There are so many alternative lifestyle magazines out there, but Sinical magazines stands out from the rest. High quality interviews and features, packaged in a beautiful magazine. Order a physical copy to really enjoy the top notch printing, these are mags you'll keep forever!" - Masuimi Max - www.iamtrouble.com

Model: Elisanth. Photo by Alex Zatsepin.

"Sinical Magazine looks great and I'm honored to be a part of it." - Elisanth

Model: Anastasia Volodina.

"High quality printing and great design makes Sinical conspicuous. I'm very glad to see myself on pages of this magazine." - Anastasia Volodina


Model: Romanie Smith. Doll House Photography. Make-up artist: Zanett. 

"One of the most visually stunning magazine's I've ever seen. Thank you Sinical Magazine. I'm so proud to be your cover girl." - Romanie Smith

Model: Angela Ryan

Model: Miss Miranda

"The issue looks great. I'm so pleased with it!" - Miss Miranda


"The design and attention to detail is beautiful. I'm honored to be in such a slick publication. Good job!" - Ed Fox

"Sinical strives to interview the best in the business, and focuses on the darker side of the pinup world.  The magazine holds a high end, sexier side of pinup and it sets such a beautiful tone.  Any issue is just timeless, and could be a coffee table book in it's sturdy quality." - Shannon Brooke

"Color is a means to seducing the eye of the viewer. In that regard, quality reproduction is everything.  Sinical understands the necessity of preserving the lushness of an image on the printed page... Sinical Magazine delivers." - Chas Ray Krider


Alchemy of England

Marquis Brothel

Mistress Daria

Sinical Magazine

Sinical March/April - Alexandra Snow cover

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Sinical March/April - Sister Sinister cover

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Danny Stygion - Ten Years

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